Mar 14 2014
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Mar 14 2014
by Dave Swanson

Photo by Paul Kane, Getty Images

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley says he felt “betrayed” when bandmate Gene Simmons diverted his attention from the group in favor of side projects such as film acting and record producing during the ’80s.

In the April 2014 issue of Mojo, Stanley is very forthcoming, delivering gut-level answers on a variety of topics. Promoting his forthcoming autobiography, ‘Face the Music: A Life Exposed,’ he pulls no punches about Simmons, his partner-in-crime for the past 40 years and counting.

When talking about the state of the band during the ’80s, Stanley said, “There was a lot of anger and resentment at everybody’s lack of focus. But, ultimately I felt a sense of betrayal by Gene. The other people I could understand, but Gene was the person I depended on for ethics and commitments and as far as I was concerned he betrayed me and the band.” Stanley goes on to say how Simmons went off making “questionable decisions involving questionable projects” and bluntly states, “His sense of entitlement was bulls— and it was beyond annoying to me…It was such a slap in the face.”

He also humorously recalled the first time meeting Simmons. “He was overbearing and very much enamored with himself, and I wasn’t quite sure why.” When asked if Gene has read his book, he replied, “No. I’m going to get him a copy,” adding, “Everybody who has read it has said that I went easy on him. I believe that ultimately this book will make us closer.” He does note that the two have never gotten on better than they do today.

The Starchild also talked about attending the High School Of Music with classmates Laura Nyro and Janis Ian, and in remembering the bands formative days, gives much due respect to Ace Frehley, saying, “the capper to it all was Ace. I have to say, that when he came in and the four of us played ‘Deuce,’ it had a sonic gravitas to it.”

‘Face the Music: A Life Exposed’ is due out in April.
Mar 14 2014
By Dalton Ross

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be having its next induction ceremony on April 10 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, but do not expect new inductees KISS to be performing. Founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have decided against it to protest the Hall’s decision of inducting only the original line-up of the group (which includes departed members Peter “Catman” Criss and Ace “Space Ace” Frehley) while ignoring other longtime (and current) bandmates like Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. I asked Simmons about his decision when he called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to chat about his appearance tonight on CBS’ CSI (where he will be playing himself).

“Paul and I got on the phone and called Ace and Peter,” Simmons explained of what happened right when they found out about the induction. “‘Hey, congratulations. It was an honor to stand alongside you then and we’ll be proud to stand alongside of you at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to accept the award.’ And they were gracious and happy and God bless, and all of that, and we went off our separate ways. And then we found out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will only be honoring the original lineup with Ace, Peter, Paul and myself, and we said, ‘Oh okay, then we won’t be playing there. We’ll just accept the award. Thank you very much.’ And they go, ‘What are you talking about?’ and I said, ‘Well, you have a group like the Eagles who continue to be our contemporaries…and every member that has even been in the Eagles has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But you’re only gonna honor the first lineup that was together for seven years? We’ve been around forty years. Tommy and Eric have been in the band 20 years — two and a half times longer than Ace and Peter. You’re going to slap them in the face and we’re supposed to get you a sandwich and make sure you burp at 9 o’clock at night and get up on stage and do it? No, that’s not going to happen.’”
Mar 14 2014
Here are a few cool pictures from Vinnie Paul's (Pantera / Hell Yeah) Birthday Bash at The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas. Vinnie is a HUGE KISS fan!

Photos by Christina Vitagliano
Mar 13 2014
Paul Stanley’s autobiography, Face the Music: A Life Exposed, is scheduled for release on April 8. Listen to an excerpt — plus a few words from an interview — from Harper Audio Presents via SoundCloud:

CLICK HERE for more info on Face the Music: A Life Exposed by Paul Stanley
Mar 13 2014
Gene Simmons appeared on last night's episode of CBS's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation titled Long Road Home.

CLICK HERE to view Gene's CSI guest appearance.
Mar 13 2014
Home Game opener - Saturday, April 5th

If you thought our LA KISS team uniforms and helmet were cool...wait until you see our home field at the Honda Center!
Mar 13 2014
Mar 13 2014
Mar 12 2014
“It came to our attention through a variety of different media outlets that a legal proceeding was filed against the band KISS purporting to be on behalf of the ‘The Estate of Eric Carr’ and the ‘late KISS drummer’s heirs.’ This proceeding was filed by a non-related third party without any knowledge, authorization or consent of anyone in the Carr family,” said Mark Abbattista, attorney for the Carr family.

“The filing party’s attorney has been contacted and ordered to cease and desist from any further statements, actions or allusions purporting to be on behalf of, or in any way relating, directly or indirectly, to Eric Carr and/or the Carr family.

"Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons know that Eric’s family is not involved in this matter, however, due to the litigious society in which we live and the unfiltered proliferation of inaccurate online discussion it is imperative to address the matter publicly, set the record straight and let the fans know that we are unified in our response to preserve and protect the honorable and beloved legacy of Eric Carr.”

“We’ve known each other for almost 35 years and we have the highest respect for KISS, to think that we would be involved in something like this is ludicrous” said a family member.
Mar 12 2014
Hi Paul,

This is Eric's sister Loretta, my family and I would like to thank you for coming out so quickly in my families defense.

We were just as shocked as you, When we saw that nonsense article in the paper. I was at a loss, we knew nothing about this.

So thank you for helping to put out the fire and hopefully stopping the negative comments online about my family.

My brother loved KISS and would have never done anything that would hurt the band . We have respected that and will continue to keep his memory with KISS in a positive light.

Congratulations on the Hall of Fame! We know you are trying, to include all, but no matter what may happens, We know Eric is smiling and proud to have been in such a great band)

The Caravello Family
Mar 12 2014

On this day in KISSTORY - March 12, 1996, the KISS MTV Unplugged CD and VHS Video were released in the US. KISS MTV Unplugged was recorded August 9, 1995 at Sony Music Studios in New York City. The majority of the CD/VHS features Paul, Gene, Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. Ace Frehley and Peter Criss join Paul and Gene for '2000 Man' and 'Beth'. All six members close out the CD/VHS with 'Nothin' To Lose' and 'Rock and Roll All Nite'. MTV originally broadcast KISS Unplugged on October 31, 1995.

Comment from Paul on Unplugged:

'Unplugged was a chance for us to celebrate the musical history of the band by stripping, some great songs from different points in our history, down to the bare essence of what makes them great.'


Comin' Home / Plaster Caster / Goin' Blind / Do You Love Me / Domino / Got To Choose / Sure Know Something / A World Without Heroes / Rock Bottom / See You Tonight / I Still Love It / Every Time I Look At You / 2000 Man / Beth / Nothin' To Lose / Rock and Roll All Nite

'Got To Choose' appeared on the VHS and the Vinyl versions of KISS Unplugged but not the US CD.

Mar 12 2014
By JOYCE SMITH / The Kansas City Star

KISS co-founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have signed their first Rock & Brews restaurant franchisee, a Kansas native who plans to open five locations in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Kirk Williams, president of Legacy Restaurant Group LLC in Topeka, currently owns 21 Wendy’s restaurants in Kansas and Missouri, including 11 of the 55 Wendy’s restaurants in the Kansas City area.

Williams has formed Kanbrews LLC to develop, open and operate five Rock & Brews in Kansas and Oklahoma over the next five years. He also has an option to open an additional five units in Missouri and Nebraska. A corporate owned restaurant was planned for Overland Park but it will now be owned by Kanbrews and at least one more Rock & Brews could open in the Kansas City area.

Williams said the concept is “very family and neighborhood friendly.”
Mar 11 2014
KISS Frontman On 'Destructive' Childhood, New Book and Why the Rock Hall Is Like a 'Distorted Bar Mitzvah'

By Gary Graff, Detroit

In April, Stanley embarks on a book tour for his memoir "Face the Music: A Life Exposed"… The rocker talks why he finally put his life on paper, the inaccuracies of Gene Simmons' own book, and what actually went down with the Rock Hall of Fame

Few bands know how to celebrate better than Kiss; it coined the concept "rock and roll all night and party every day," after all. And this is a time of celebration for the group, with this year marking the 40th anniversary of its first two albums, the launch of the Arena Football League's L.A. Kiss and its upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (though not without drama; read on) on April 10 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Best of all for frontman Paul Stanley is the April 8 publication of his autobiography "Face the Music: A Life Exposed," a revealing memoir in which he writes frankly about the travails of his youth and the triumphs and tribulations of both Kiss and his personal life.

Stanley lights out on a six-city book tour that begins April 7 at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble in New York with subsequent stops at the Barnes & Noble in Staten Island (April 8); Bookends in Ridgewood, N.J. (April 9); Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles (April 16); Warwick's in La Jolla, Calif. (April 17); and the San Francisco Jewish Community Center on April 25.

With all that going on, it's not surprising our conversation with the Starman was wide-ranging and characteristically forthright.

You're the last of the original Kiss members with a book of your own. Just a slacker?
It really had nothing to do with the band as far as being first, last, middle. It wasn't with any of that in mind. The truth of the matter is I had sworn for, literally, decades not to write an autobiography. I always go back to George Orwell, who said the autobiography is the most outrageous form of fiction. And I would say 90-plus, 95 percent of the autobiographies by any of my contemporaries would be better suited on a roll of soft paper, so at least you could use it for something, 'cause they're nothing more than self-serving fantasies or delusions or love letters to themselves. They serve no purpose. What I finally came to grips with was the idea that my life could be inspiring to other people... and almost more importantly I wanted something that my children could read when they got older to understand what it took for me to succeed and a better understanding of who I am and perhaps what they need in their lives to move forward. So there was a real purpose to this as opposed to just some sort of bragging rights.
Mar 11 2014
Rick Gomez / Fox Sports

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Leave it to one of the most flamboyant, creative and iconic performers to enter the sports world and bring something unconventional.

Southern California has a new team on the gridiron and it's not your average football team.

From its scorching, liquid metal helmets to the first-ever silver football field that they'll be playing on at the Honda Center, co-owners Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from the rock band Kiss, vow to provide an experience none have ever seen.

Meet the AFL's new expansion team: the Los Angeles KISS.

"Much like KISS (the band) has been pioneers in their 40-year career, doing things that have never been done, not playing by the rules, taking risks -- We're going to do the same things" said team president Schuyler Hoversten.

Simmons added: "It's the 21st century. Welcome. Your dad's and your mom's regular football is a thing of the past."

That was instantly apparent when the KISS uniform and helmet were unveiled. The helmet is comprised of lustrous chrome hue, most notably worn by Oregon, in the back, while the front is filled with flames, including the facemask and the visor. The uniform also sports the flames on the shoulder pads and in the number.

"Nothing subtle here. These guys are superheroes and they're dressed for battle. The battle in the 21st century," Stanley said.
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