Nov 06 2009
Here are some images of the Komplete KISS factory set that will be available in Walmart and Target stores in mid-November.

Komplete KISS is a 180-card factory set that includes the complete KISS Ikons and KISS 360 sets with an electric blue "KISS" parallel (samples below). Similar to the popular blood-spitting and fire-breathing parallels that were inserted into boxes of KISS Ikons and KISS 360, the electric blue "KISS" parallel is a must-have for KISS fans.

Each Komplete KISS factory set also includes a 5-card Komplete KISS foil insert (shown here). Also pictured is the Komplete KISS box.

Nov 06 2009
Here's KISS on the cover of the Spanish magazine Nocturna!

Note, too, that the magazine states that it is "only for adolescents and adults!"
Nov 06 2009
Relive the Music! See last weekend's best Voodoo Experience festival performances featuring KISS. Watch it tonight at 10pm/9c only on Fuse TV. The Best of Voodoo Experience" will air on November 6th at 10:00pm (9:00 Central) on the Fuse network. Fuse is found on DirectTV channel 339 and Dish Network channel 158, or check your local cable listings.
Nov 05 2009
Legendary rockers KISS show their support for wounded warriors and reflect on their 35-year-career with CNN's Naamua Delaney.

Nov 05 2009
KISS rocked the 11th Voodoo Experience

By Keith Spera

Saint most likely to rock and roll all night and party every day: Tight end Jeremy Shockey. And not just because he was down front for KISS, pumping his fist skyward during "Shock Me."

Just so we're all clear on this: A review with the lines "truly great anthem," "in fine voice," and "looked fabulous" is not a negative review. I'm talkin' to you, KISS fans, especially those who reacted badly to the review I posted on over the weekend.

When I wrote "I would have been disappointed if KISS hadn't..." and then enumerated how they in fact did all those things I expected... that's a compliment. Are some KISS songs better than others? It would defy logic to argue otherwise -- even if only debating degrees of greatness.
Nov 05 2009
By Johannes Gernert
Translated from German for KISSonline

Mr. Simmons, your tongue is the most well-known tongue in the world.

The most well-known tongue of the world! Even I met my tongue recently. I was in Mexico for the MTV Latin Awards. Do you know what the award looked like? Like my tongue. At the entrance to the awards stood a giant tongue too, about four feet high. People were taking their pictures with it. It was the craziest thing I had ever seen.

Your makeup is as famous as your tongue. Do you make yourself up or does someone do it for you?

Never! We do it. It takes two hours to do properly. I could probably do it in one, but then the danger exists that it may run. In the beginning when we played in clubs, we could not afford a makeup artist so we'd do it ourselves. Now, I couldn't trust the makeup task to someone else.
Nov 05 2009
Norwegian singer Maria Mena sings her cover of KISS's "I Was Made for Lovin' You" on Dutch television.

Nov 05 2009
Kiss merchandise for hearth, home, and the hereafter

Kiss sweeps into the United Center on Friday on a cloud of hairspray and stage smoke, proving to fans that even in middle-age, its members still know how to rock--and sell some merch. The make-up masked quartet have had its faces and band logo painted, plastered, screen-printed, engraved, and stenciled onto any number of products over the years, but what's out there for the band's more practical fans? (Not everyone's gonna be ready to drop $250 on a "KISS Creatures box set" tableaux.) The A.V. Club sifted through T-shirts, lithographs, and Gene Simmons busts to find seven unexpectedly practical items with Kiss branding.

Kiss pencils
Sure, you could get an ordinary yellow No. 2 pencil with a pink eraser, but why would you ever do that when you could erase while staring at Ace Frehley (he might not be in the band anymore, but his legacy lives on in pencil form)? While not exciting, a Kiss pencil is certainly much more practical than a Kiss pen--because even Kiss know that mistakes happen.
Nov 04 2009

KISS IS EVERYWHERE... Check out Gene in the ESPN screen shot from the IOWA vs INDIANA COLLEGE Football Game!!

Jim Gardner
Nov 04 2009
Check out this news clip of a Texas schoolteacher whose "alter ego" comes out at night after he leaves the classroom...

Nov 04 2009
Check out this great fan-filmed video clip of Gene spitting blood at the Philadelphia show last month. During this show Gene spit blood "old school style..." after flying above the stage!

Nov 04 2009
In celebration of the arrival of the band's first studio album in eleven years, KISS has pushed up the release of their book "Kiss Army Worldwide: The Ultimate Fanzine Phenomenon" to coincide with the group's North American tour.

For the first time in KISS history, KISS fans everywhere will get an inside look and visual history told through concert photos and unique fanzines chronicling the iconic band from their beginnings in the 1970s until today. "Kiss Army Worldwide: The Ultimate Fanzine Phenomenon" includes never-before-released photos, rare fanzine covers, unique and engaging content, and other shared memorabilia from both the fans and the band. This is the ultimate must-have for every KISS fan!

The book features commentary by legendary front men Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, who provide invaluable insight on topics such as the rock and roll DIY aspect of fanzines, how these fanzines greatly contributed to the band's evolution into one of the most epic and legendary bands in music history, as well as the band's appreciation of their adoring fans. In addition, it showcases interviews with members of the KISS Army from all over the world.

With KISS fans giddy with anticipation for the band's first album in over a decade and their North American tour this fall, this book will become an essential item for millions of KISS fans everywhere. Finally, here is THE ultimate book for KISS fanatics!
Nov 04 2009
Monsters of Folk, the "supergroup" consisting of My Morning Jacket's Jim James, Conor Oberst, M. Ward and Mike Mogis, celebrated Halloween at Kentucky's Louisville Palace. The group played its standard mix of originals and individual member solo cuts before taking a twenty-minute break near the end of the night.

The musicians then returned in full KISS costumes and makeup for covers for the glam-rock band's "Detroit Rock City" and "Rock and Roll All Nite!"

Meanwhile, over in New Orleans at the Voodoo Music Festival, the Drive-By Truckers Patterson Hood offered his own nod to KISS by performing in the signature makeup of the Spaceman.

Nov 04 2009
Here's a great KISS feature from the Swiss publication "Le Matin Dimanche!"
Nov 03 2009
Here's a great fan-filmed clip of KISS opening their Voodoo Fest set with "Deuce" on Halloween night in New Orleans!

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