Oct 10 2009
Check out these fan-filmed clips from last night's concert in Uniondale!

Oct 10 2009
Here's KISS getting ready to bow last night at Nassau Coliseum. The band rocked New York with a scorching 2+ hour show. Tonight, KISS returns to a SOLD OUT Madison Square Garden!

Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSONLINE
Oct 10 2009
This is a picture of 10 year old Rheanne from London, Ontario with her Mom, Shenny. This was her first KISS experience & KISS is her favorite band. She was lucky enough to get Paul, Gene & Tommy to autograph her tourbook.

This made her YEAR!


John Hockley

Oct 10 2009
Here's the KISS Army outside the Nassau Coliseum just before last night's KISS Show!

Oct 09 2009
Here's a great fan-filmed clip of "Love Gun" live in Oshawa last night!

Oct 09 2009
By A.D. Amorosi

When you're a member of KISS, you're a demon or a star child from your first cigarette to your last dying day - especially if you're the 36-year-old band's remaining original members, bassist/reality TV star Gene Simmons and guitarist/painter Paul Stanley.

In talking with Stanley, it becomes clear that the passage of time has brought a wealth of subjects to consider. There's the new KISS CD, for example, titled Sonic Boom. But before discussing that, Stanley dwells on the approaching close of elder super-arenas such as the Spectrum, where KISS set many a night aflame. "When I was a kid, those arenas are what I dreamed of playing," he says.

Stanley also jokes about not caring that KISS - never a critics' darling - is finally being considered for entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "KISS' hall was the 80 million people buying our albums," he says. "That said, we've had hard-core fans that fought long and hard to get us in, and if we do get in, we're gratified for them."
Oct 09 2009
Guitarist decides to Kiss and tell about new album and how he wound up in one of the world's biggest rock bands

Tommy Thayer plays guitar like an ace, or like an Ace, rather.

When Ace Frehley quit Kiss for the second time in 2002, Thayer, who had been hired as an assistant to the band, was the obvious choice for a replacement. Thayer had even re-taught Frehley how to play his own parts when the original lineup of the band first reunited in the mid '90s.

"It was actually kind of a fun thing," says Thayer, who sports the spaceman look that Frehley popularized in the 70s. "Through the course of these guys' solo careers in the '80s they maybe meandered off into different directions. You know, they didn't play certain things the way they used to... So it was just about reconnecting with the exact way they were doing it before. So I was able to help."

Lately Thayer has been able to do a lot more than just help. The newest member of Kiss has multiple writing credits on "Sonic Boom," the band's latest release, which came out Tuesday, and he even sings lead on the song "When Lightning Strikes."
Oct 09 2009

We were all shocked to learn of your recent bout with breast cancer, but so relieved to hear that you are now cancer free. Thank you for sharing this personal matter by posting this important message and alerting everyone to breast cancer awareness and the need for early detection.

We're in your corner and wish you continued good health.

Paul, Tommy, Eric and Gene

Message from Peter Criss

In '08, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but with (early detection) my great doctor Alex Swistel & staff and the Lord above, who always looks over me, I am cancer free today!!! I wanted to let you know men get it like women do. Don't be afraid to let someone know if you have a lump. Do the right thing for you and your loved ones and get it checked. Man or woman, there is no discrimination with breast cancer ... we all don't have nine lives.

Love to all of my Fans.

God Bless,
Peter Criss


Oct 08 2009
Lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, 48, grew up a KISS fan in the Portland, Ore., area.

As a child, he dressed up as original KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley for Halloween. A quarter-century later, he replaced Frehley as the band's main ax man.

"I've been a fan of KISS since I was 13 years old," Thayer said in a phone interview. "I discovered KISS when their first record came out in 1974. I hadn't even started playing guitar yet. I saw a feature in a magazine called Circus. I saw some live photos of KISS doing a performance, and I thought, 'These guys look menacing!' They had cool guitars and platform heels. I got my first KISS album for Christmas in 1974, and I was on my way.

"I dressed up a couple of times, like all kids do," Thayer said. "I actually put on Ace Frehley back then. It's kind of ironic, actually. I used to come home from junior high school and play air guitar to KISS Alive!"

Thayer eventually formed a band, Black 'N Blue, and moved to Southern California to hit the Hollywood club scene. In 1985, Black 'N Blue toured with KISS as an opening act.

Thayer formed a friendship with Gene Simmons and asked the KISS co-founder to produce Black 'N Blue’s next record. But it was during that studio work that Thayer became more involved with KISS itself. He wrote songs, recorded demos, managed tours and produced and edited film and video.

Oct 08 2009

Here we are purchasing copies of SONIC BOOM on 10/06/09! What a great day!!! The news station FOX 4 even came out to get coverage of us taking part in this event!

Almost KISS - Kansas City KISS tribute band

Almost KISS on Fox 4 News 10/06/2009

Oct 08 2009
photo by John Hockley

Check out the Oshawa KISS girls ready to rock before last night's SOLD OUT show!
Oct 08 2009
During last night's Jimmy Kimmel show, KISS played "Detroit Rock City" over the end credits as the show ended. Now, here's the FULL performance!

Oct 08 2009
Here's the entire staff of a Sam's Club store in Mansfield, Ohio dressed in KISS gear to celebrate the release of Sonic Boom!

Oct 08 2009
Here's another exclusive Sonic Boom interview with KISS from Roadrunner Records, in conjunction with Classic Rock and Metal Hammer!

Oct 08 2009
Mars Direct Inc., a division of Mars Snackfood US, announced the launch of the MY M&M'S KISS Blend - a rockin' partnership between the beloved candy brand and one of rock's most prolific bands. For a limited time, the KISS Blend will take each of the members' iconic faces and put them on colorful MY M&M'S Chocolate Candies, creating a delicious collector's item for any fan.

"KISS has always been and will continue to be all about the fans," said Paul Stanley of KISS. "We couldn't resist the chance to be the first band to grace the iconic M&M'S candies and continue to spread the KISS empire!"

The MY M&M'S KISS Blend features four customized packages that includes the iconic faces of band members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. The limited edition KISS Blend will be available starting October 6th exclusively at Walmart locations nationwide, coinciding with the launch of KISS' new album, Sonic Boom, also exclusively available at Walmart.

"KISS has some of the most recognizable faces in the world of rock and roll, so it's only natural to put their faces on MY M&M'S," said Jim Cass, vice president and general manager, Mars Direct.
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