Dec 07 2009
The phrase "words can't describe it" has a whole new meaning when talking about a KISS concert. That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to Kiss' Alive 35 Tour which is currently touring around the US, and soon to be invading Europe. Kiss has made more than a career out of being in a rock band, they have made it a lifestyle with a cult following consisting of some of the most adoring and dedicated fans on the planet. Kiss defies exactly what it is to be in a rock band and their live show has always left fans in awe and amazement. From the fireworks and the flames to the spinning drum riser and rising stage sections, it's safe to say that Kiss is back.

To play in one of the biggest rock acts of all time means that you constantly have to be on top of your game at all times. It's easy to say that most players couldn't handle the constant drumming for 2 straight hours, a long drum solo, singing backup vocals on every song (and leads on 4), having explosions and fireworks constantly going off, and 20,000 people watching your every move.

Then again, not everyone can be like Eric Singer.
Dec 07 2009
Starting today, you can register to win one of two Marc Ecko Gene Simmons prize packs! Each pack features a Marc Ecko Gene Simmons hoodie sweatshirt autographed by the Demon himself, as well as a mystery KISS merchandise pack!

Visit to register.
Dec 06 2009
We'd like to remind everyone to remember our troops serving our country this holiday season. If you visit, you can select a free greeting card. Xerox will print it and send it to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq.

We feel it would be amazing if the entire KISS Army did this to support our soldiers! It is free, and it only takes a second. Whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers over there need to know we are behind them, and your small gesture can say so much.

Thanks for taking to time to support our military!
Dec 06 2009
Check out this fan-filmed clip of "Detroit Rock City" at last night's Houston show!

Dec 06 2009
I am BARELY breathing. Even though my heart is POUNDING. I had the BEST experience of my life! I just sat directly next to Gene SIMMONS on the flight home to AUSTIN from El Paso, Texas. My husband Doug & I flew into El Paso on Wednesday afternoon to go to see KISS the "Hottest Band in the World!!!" that night, and were headed home on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009.

I could not get up the nerve to go over to Gene when I first saw him, as we went through the security checkpoint, or even at the gate as we waited.

How did I first see him? I had just walked away from the ticket counter from checking in our bags; Doug was returning the rental car. A lady said, "M'am, can I ask you a question? Is that man over there at the counter, Gene Simmons? I figured you would know or not." (I happened to be wearing a KISS sweatshirt, carrying my KISS jean jacket, and wearing my KISS Rock N' Roll Over Vans). I looked over and said, "YES, it is, that is Gene Simmons!" I began shaking pretty hard, trying to get out my phone to call Doug, my camera to take a picture, and trying to stay calm and standing up at the same time...

Dec 06 2009
By Jennifer Chancellor

KISS lead guitarist Tommy Thayer admits that he's no Ace Frehley.

But, he says, he doesn't doubt that he is the celestial, starry-eyed "Spaceman."

Thayer's journey to replace the KISS co-founder and greasepaint-wearing guitar virtuoso was a long one.

"Being compared to Ace is only natural," said Thayer, who's been the official KISS lead guitarist since 2002, after Frehley left the band for good. "I've lived up to those expectations pretty well. The band just continues to grow."

In fact, its popularity keeps expanding.

With nearly four decades of touring under its belt, KISS isn't just a band. It's a mega-brand that markets bombast and rock and attitude to more than three generations of fans, in things including video games, comic books, soda and its newest studio album release, "Sonic Boom."

"We've never had many fantastic live reviews - ever," said Thayer in a recent telephone interview with the Tulsa World. "We've always been the band that critics love to hate."
Dec 06 2009
Check out this clip of KISS greeting fans (in perfect Spanish!) in a promotional video for their June, 2010 show at the Azkena Rock Festival in Vitoria!

Dec 06 2009
Here's KISS on the cover of the December 2009 issue of the Czech Republic magazine Musikus!
Dec 06 2009
Here's 2-year-old Aylencita getting made up as her favorite member of KISS!

- Emiliano Martin Lopez

Dec 06 2009

My nephew AJ made this Birthday cake for me from scratch. It had Strawberry filling to represent Gene drooling blood. I can't think of a better way to celebrate my day than with a KISS cake.


Carl Clark

Dec 05 2009
"Say Yeah" is the second single from Sonic Boom, and it's being released to radio on December 8th! We're calling on the KISS Army to help out by demanding "Say Yeah" be played on your local rock radio station! More details to follow...
Dec 05 2009
An interview with Gene is featured in the latest issue of Humo, the largest weekly magazine in Belgium. The headline reads It Comes Off The Tongue of: Gene Simmons!
Dec 05 2009

KISS touts itself as the "greatest rock band in the world." Its army of fans agrees.

For more than 35 years, the New York-formed pyrotechnics kings have ruled the roost of combustible rock.

The Demon, Spaceman, Catman and Starchild stomped out their niche in music history with their larger-than-life live act, which included mile-high platform shoes, greasepaint, elaborate costumes, explosions - and loud, loud, loud rock 'n' roll.

The current KISS tour lineup includes Tommy Thayer, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Paul Stanley.

"Fans can expect some iconic KISS 'Alive' classics as well as some hits off our new release, 'Sonic Boom,'" said Stanley in a recent press statement.

RIGHT NOW: Read full KISS fan stories from our readers online. Here's a sample:

"Gene Simmons had written some songs while on tour that he wanted to get recorded and booked some studio time at the studio. Long story short, I ended up in an all night session with Gene." -- Paul Hanewinkel, Broken Arrow

"The first word I learned to spell as a child was 'KISS' complete with lightning bolt S's. The second thing I learned to spell was my own name, complete with lightning bolt S. KISS took priority even over my own name!" -- Steven P. Conrad, Tulsa

Dec 05 2009
TD BankNorth Garden in Boston, MA
October 5, 2009
KISS Live show review By DJ Sterling Golden
KISS Live Photos by Lena Lamoray
Excerpted from Lena Lamoray Magazine

KISS never does anything in moderation. That's not what one expects from the group nicknamed "The Hottest Band In the World". When the KISS ALIVE 35 World Tour recently reached North America after a year and a half of performing to sold-out arenas and stadiums the world over, one had to know it would be one of their biggest, most impressive setups to date. The end result included a massive screen stretching across the wall of the stage like a movie screen that just got outed for steroid use. Said screen was anchored by an endless amount of smaller screens, all neatly wrapped in enough towers of flame and fiery explosions to level a small town.
Dec 05 2009
Guitar tab of "Rock and Roll All Nite" is featured in the January 2010 issue of Guitar Edge magazine! The tab is also viewable online at this link.
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