Dec 04 2009
by Elianne Halbersberg
From the December 2009 issue of Premier Guitar

What do you remember about 1975, if you were around? Inane sitcoms on network television. Gasoline shortage. Recession. The resignation of a corrupt U.S. president. But if music was, and still is, your heart and soul, perhaps what stands out most in your memory is the way your life was changed by a KISS album - their first, self-titled: loud, heavy on the guitars and melodic rock, recorded on tape.

Thirty-five years later, some things haven't changed. Inane network television. Gasoline shortage. Recession. A KISS album - their 19th original studio project and first new album in 11 years, Sonic Boom: loud, heavy on the guitars and melodic rock, recorded on tape.

Thirty-five years is an impressive stretch for any relationship, particularly one that began this way: "He was wearing overalls and he had a beard," Paul Stanley recalls of his first meeting with Gene Simmons. "I didn't like him. Steve [Coronel, friend and co-writer] said, 'Gene, Paul writes songs also.' Gene said, 'Oh yeah? Play one.' I did. He looked at me and went 'Eh.' ... I wasn't crazy about ever seeing him again..."

So much for first impressions. On their second meeting, Stanley and Simmons locked into a groove that has outlasted most marriages. Together, they have survived the best and worst of times: venom from the media, personnel changes, a fragmented and imploding music industry. Through it all, the recording and relentless touring continued, and KISS fans, the loyal millions, never wavered.
Dec 04 2009
Interview: Greg Collins - KISS' Sonic Boom Co-Producer
by Elianne Halbersberg
From the December 2009 issue of Premier Guitar

"If you had asked me when I was a kid if I thought I'd ever work with KISS, I would have told you that you were completely crazy," says Greg Collins, co-producer and engineer of Sonic Boom. "I wouldn't have dared to dream that would happen."

Collins played an integral part in the making of the new album. When Paul Stanley expressed his desire to cut a "classic" KISS record, it was Collins who suggested they do it the "classic" way: on tape. From first rehearsals until final mix, he worked closely with KISS at Conway Recording Studios and his own studio, The Nook. His technical expertise, coupled with an understanding of KISS that can only come from a longtime fan, helped create the album that diehard KISS supporters had clearly been waiting for: Sonic Boom entered the Billboard Rock Albums chart at No. 1 and the Top 200 chart at No. 2.

In an interview with Premier Guitar, Collins described his working relationship with KISS and how he captured that "classic" sound.
Dec 04 2009
Excerpted from Planet Radiocity

With the face paint and costumes, KISS is always recognisable. The band which formed way back in 1972 and has won numerous accolades is back with its eleventh studio album, Sonic Boom. The band's first in over a decade, and their first with drummer Eric Singer.

Gene Simmons, in this interview, talks about their Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame nomination, the KISS army and playing Madison Square Garden for the first time.

KISS was nominated for induction into the Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame this year. Gene says, "It's appreciated, but we don't take it too seriously. Our fans are everything to us. The KISS Army is legendary and has become iconic. It's become its own thing. Every other band in the world knows about the KISS Army, and they'd give their left nut to have it. So, nice to be nominated, but it'd be nice to win. It's not the end all or be all. We do our talking onstage!"
Dec 04 2009

I'm from Russian Federation and I love you and your music!. Thank you for concerts in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg last year!

Check out my photos taken before the concerts for a contest for the best make-up of KISS.


Dec 04 2009
Concert Online is looking for your best pic all about KISS live. Whether it's you and your friends partying hard before or at the concert, the best KISS kostumes, the koolest outfit, or the kraziest fan. The main thing is that your picture deals with your very own KISS live show experience!

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Dec 04 2009
Here are a few photos of the KISS Kids orchestra in Glassheim, Norway. They performed "Rock And Roll All Nite" at a recent Bruce Kulick event.

Thanks to Bruce Kulick for sending KISSONLINE these images!
Dec 04 2009

Me and my girlfriend waited in line for 18 hours outside the ticket office in order to be the first ones to grab our tickets for the upcoming Stockholm show. I was first in line for the 2008 gig and I plan on keeping that tradition alive. The picture is a short article about your upcoming tour. See you soon!

Rock on,
Alex Muller

Dec 03 2009
Essay by M
Photograph by Jessica N. De Santiago (Apples)
Excerpted from EP Culture Beat

"We all came here to escape from the world tonight," yelled Paul Stanley, lead singer of KISS, before the group launched into "Rock and Roll All Night."

KISS brought their fiery rock and roll show to the Don Haskins Center on Wednesday night. The platform shoe wearing rockers played a set consisting of KISS classics like set opener, "Deuce," "Strutter," "Dr. Love," "Love Gun" and "Lick it Up."

KISS is one of those bands that incite weird and very disparate feelings in people. Some say, "f*ck KISS," but other's say, "F*cking Awesome." People that say the latter are either super fans of the group or they were lucky enough to catch the blood and thunder of their theatrical live performances.
Dec 03 2009
Here is a pic of 5-year-old drummer Logan "Robot" backstage with Eric Singer! Thanks Eric for always being so cool to Logan! For Halloween a few weeks ago, Logan dressed up as Eric and we took this video of him playing along to his favorite new Kiss song 'Modern Day Delilah'. As you can tell from the video, Logan has already seen his fair share of Kiss shows - and he'll be seeing a few more this weekend in TEXAS! Enjoy the video!

Kevin Gladden

Dec 03 2009
By Doug Pullen
Excerpted from El Paso Times

It's easy to think of Kiss as a mere branding opportunity. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and company practically pioneered blatant self-promotion in rock 'n' roll, selling everything from underwear to caskets with their distinctive brand on it.

But there's another, more vital role that the men in tights and black-and-white makeup have played in our world these past 36 years.

"We all came here to escape from the world tonight," Stanley announced more than midway through a 2-hour and 15-minute performance Wednesday before a sell-out crowd at UTEP's Don Haskins Center.
Dec 03 2009
KISS at Ripley's Believe It or Not!


My family and I visited the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in London over Thanksgiving. My kids, Chris and Ally, found this unique display of the Demon. Why is it unique? It is made out of Cow Manure!

Raymond Law

Dec 03 2009
By John Dingwall

HALLOWEEN is well past but somebody forgot to tell timeless rockers Kiss as they continue their world tour ... complete with make-up and spandex.

The American rock band, who formed in New York City in 1973, are back on the road and heading to Scotland.

Picture the scene as their fans dig out the six-inch platform boots in a bid to re-live the first time they caught Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons stick out their oversized tongues while noodling on guitar and bass.

Along with musicians Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, the heavy metal gods will wreak controlled havoc at Glasgow's SECC on May 9 next year.
Dec 03 2009
On the second night of the Detroit shows that opened the Alive 35 tour, the historic KISS banner shown on the back cover of KISS Alive! returned to Cobo Hall. Here's KISS holding that banner... 35 years later.

Dec 03 2009
KISS is the featured artist in the December 2009 issue of Kerrang's Gig Guide!
Dec 02 2009
By Larry Rodgers
Photo by Emmanuel Lozano

Kiss sounded better in Glendale than the 35-year-old band has in several years, hinting that the drama-filled exits of two founding members may have benefited things in the long run.

Longtime co-leaders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons kept a healthy-but-not-sold-out crowd at Arena on its feet with two hours of classics and a handful of songs from the band's new "Sonic Boom" album on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

Kiss purists no doubt lamented the absence of guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss, but the band sounded sharper and more energetic as replacements Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer settled into their permanent status with the group.

The band, nominated this year for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, continues to stage one of the most over-the-top shows in rock.

The Glendale crowd, which included a number of children with faces painted to match their parents' heroes, ate up the extra-large helping of pyrotechnics, fireworks and acrobatics by bassist Simmons and singer-guitarist Stanley.

As if anyone needed reminding, master of ceremonies Stanley pointed out that Kiss concerts are all about escaping from the pressure of the outside world for a few hours.
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