Nov 30 2009
Check out these great fan-filmed video clips of "Rock and Roll All Nite" and "Love Gun" from KISS's show at the Pearl!

Nov 30 2009
Here are some photos taken of KISS Army members at the California shows over the past week!

Photos by Hiro Shiga for KISSonline.
Nov 30 2009
Our local newspaper, the Indiana Post Tribune, had a story about a man named Greg Hajduk who celebrates his first kiss with his wife every year in a special way, for 34 years now. Here's a photo from the paper showing how he surprised her one year!


Nov 29 2009
By John Katsilometes
Excerpted from Las Vegas Sun

Paul Stanley said something profound at Pearl Theater at the Palms on Saturday night. It was a pointed comment explaining his lack of onstage profundity.

"If you think a rock and roll band is going to solve the world's problems, you're in the wrong damn place!" he shouted to the sudience. Then the band attacked a robust little number called, "Rock and Roll all Nite."

Solving world hunger or global warning or any of the world's ills is not the objective of KISS, glowered the grease-painted 57-year-old rock icon, whose work attire remains an ensemble of tight black Spandex pants stamped with silver stalls, tall silver heels and a sparkled black vest exposing ample swarthiness.

Stanley's point is well-taken. KISS has never been about anything but rockin' out, escaping from whatever stress reality presents. That's one reason for the fantastic onstage alter-egos - to get away from it all. Some have a stiff drink to knock the edge off; others dial up "Rock and Roll Over."
Nov 29 2009
Check out these incredible photos of Paul airborne during Friday night's show at the San Diego Sports Arena!

Photos by Hiro Shiga for KISSonline.
Nov 29 2009
KISS's concert at Los Angeles' Staples Center was a momentous event in KISStory, as it was also the first KISS show broadcast live to a worldwide audience on the Internet! Check out "Deuce," "Lick It Up," and "Love Gun!"

Nov 29 2009
By Pennman
Excerpted from The Amplifier
Photo by KISSonline

The house was a-rockin' at the Sommet Center (Nashville) as Kiss held court. I think the word of the night was "LOUD" as the amps and PAs were turned up to the max. If you're the type who wants more than just an aural experience at a rock show, this was the place to be. As in the past, Kiss provided plenty of excitement for the eyes as well as the ears. Lights, smoke, pyrotechnics, harnesses (allowing Gene & Paul to fly), big screens, and confetti machines were all employed during the show. All the stops were pulled in this extravaganza. There are only a handful of acts I can think of these days that put on such a stage spectacle; Alice Cooper, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Tubes, AC/DC. None demand more of your full-blown attention as Kiss.

Before the show, I checked out the merchandise stands. Kiss is still the master of marketing as they have been for decades. The atmosphere was more like a carnival than a concert.
Nov 29 2009
Here's an article excerpt from the Australasian Lighting Industry Association trade publication about KISS's Lighting Director, Motley! Motley discusses working with the band, the current stage setup, and many other behind-the-scenes tech details.

Lighting Production News: Motley on the Road with KISS

If any of you are wondering why you haven't seen Australia's renown lighting crew chief Motley recently, it's because he's been living a childhood dream - working for KISS!

"I filled in for Bryan Hartley (KISS's long time Lighting Director)on some KISS shows in the USA and Europe (07 & 08) after doing the Paul Stanley tour as Lighting Director in Australia," Motley explained. "Bryan was / is busy with Aerosmith and Trans Siberian Orchestra so Patrick Whitley sent an email, "Need KISS LD, what you up to for 18 months off and on?". My reply: "touring with KISS, I guess!"
Nov 29 2009
Just want you guys to know that there was a fine Kiss moment in tonight's episode of Swedish Idol when Erik Gronwall performed "Shout it out Loud" before a sold-out Malmoe Arena of 12,000.

Take care and please get on a plane to Sweden for another great show! That will be my 10th Kiss concert.

Stefan Eriksson, Karlstad, Sweden


Nov 29 2009
Check out these great KISS tattoos chronicling many eras of the hottest band in the world. ALL of these tattoos are on the same fan spotted at the San Diego show. He's truly marked for life as a devoted member of the KISS Army!

Photos by Dean Snowden for KISSonline.
Nov 28 2009
Check out this fan-filmed clip of "Detroit Rock City" from last night's show in San Diego!

Nov 28 2009
Excerpted from The Buffalo News

Say what you will about KISS, but even after all these years, the face-painted foursome is still provocative.

This year, the band launched a first-ever fan-routed tour (which drew both praise and complaints) and released "Sonic Boom," its first album in 11 years (which entered the pop charts at No. 2, a career high for KISS).

If you ask Paul Stanley, KISS' co-leader, the band is KISS at its best- with co-leader Gene Simmons at his side, as well as recent additions Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums).

We talked to Stanley about the fan-routed tour, its new album and why critics and multi-generations seem to love KISS these days.
Nov 28 2009
Here are some photos of Eric and Gene on the set of SportCenter. The guys appeared on the show just before their Staples Center concert on Wednesday.

Photos by Gary Reynolds/ESPN.
Nov 28 2009

I was recently married to a wonderful man! I wanted to share a Kiss influenced part of our wedding! In our search for a "Cool" wedding cake topper, we couldn't find anything that really represented us... So I suggested a Kiss cake topper. My husband found appropriate figurines and painted the faces himself.

Thank you for all the years of great Rock and Roll,

Meegan Gerard Wherry

Nov 28 2009
Here's an interview Tommy did to promote the Staples Center Show.

Westlake Village native lives the Kiss dream

By Bill Locey
Lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, an 805 native and "the new guy," discussed the latest, including this impending home game gig.

So evidently, you have the duty. How many phoners do you have to do a day?

Not that many, maybe one or two here and there because everyone in the band does interviews.

So they're not just torturing the new guy?

Naw. Gene and Paul like to talk too much, so they’re not going to let that happen.

How's the Kiss biz treating you?

Well, without sounding typical or cliche, it's going better than we could even imagine.
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