Oct 02 2009
Here's a great fan-filmed clip of "I Stole Your Love" from KISS' Montreal show last night.

Oct 02 2009
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Oct 02 2009
For KISS and frontman Paul Stanley, it's full steam ahead


KISS Army lifers who feared the band would never make another studio album are in good company -- even Paul Stanley had given up on the idea.

Sessions for the band's 1998 reunion album with original guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss went so badly that the star-sporting frontman had no desire to return to the studio.

"What soured me was Psycho Circus," admits a subdued Stanley.

"It was a heartfelt attempt to make a band album where there was no band. It culminated with a lot of delusional people who were talking through attorneys instead of being in the studio, and this weird sense of entitlement from people that they had some sort of birthright to have songs on an album whether or not they're good. When you have bandmembers who see the band as a way to further themselves rather than seeing themselves as a way to further the band, you're in trouble.

"Besides that, it had also reached a point where there were a lot of co-writers outside the band, which means you're not doing your job. Basically, it means you're allowing somebody else to interpret who you are instead of just being who you are.

"So there were a lot of reasons that I didn't want to do another KISS album. I didn't want to make an album that we had to apologize for or had to qualify."
Oct 02 2009
'Gene Simmons Family Jewels," the A&E reality show starring the spidery, fire-breathing, tongue-dangling KISS bassist as a family man, is stuffed with slumber parties, home movies, teen girls saying, "Whatever," and (somewhat randomly) a depressed comedian Carrot Top at a bar. But it doesn't have Paul Stanley. "God knows, he's asked me enough times," says singer and guitarist Stanley, who co-founded the band with Simmons in 1972. "There's nothing that appeals to me less than creating a TV life, as opposed to living my private life. It's just not for me. I also don't like the idea of confusing what Gene does with what KISS does. It's better to keep 'em separate."

For a man who has spent the past 37 years wearing demonic black-and-white makeup and singing "Love Gun" wearing leather pants and no shirt, Stanley, 57, is pointedly serious on the phone. Asked about Casablanca Records, the '70s disco label that broke KISS and was known for its executives' copious cocaine use and excessive behavior, Stanley says he spent little time there. Asked about Ace Frehley, the fellow band founder who spends much of his newfound solo career bashing KISS as sellouts in the press, Stanley says he's just glad the guitarist is clean and sober. Asked what he wants for Christmas, Stanley delivers a mini-lecture about supporting the American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Oct 01 2009
Here's a great fan-filmed clip of "Shout It Out Loud" from KISS' Cleveland show on Monday.

Oct 01 2009
Check out Paul Stanley's interview from earlier today (Thursday, October 1) on the "The Metal File" podcast from Montreal's CHOM-FM.

CLICK HERE to hear Paul's interview.
Oct 01 2009
A tribute to the extremely hard-working crew that makes the KISS stage show possible each night. If you've ever wanted to peek behind the scenes and see exactly what goes into setting up the greatest rock show on the planet... now's your chance!

Oct 01 2009
Written by and photos by JOHN DAVISSON

As a teenager in the late 70's, I began getting into rock music, slowly, by buying an album here and there and listening to records at friends' houses, or maybe borrowing the album. This was long before MySpace and Napster, before iPods and satellite radio. Rock music hit us in shortly before high school and it was new. There was no Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus or Jonas Brothers to draw us into pop music during our elementary school days. Radio was abysmal for my friends and me mostly because disco and oldies dominated. Our mantra was "disco sucks" and although now I can have a nostalgic interest in disco, back then good ass-kicking rock music was the fodder of youth.

Bands like Rush fed our cerebral interests; we would not have heard of Ayn Rand if not for drummer Neil Peart. Queen fed our operatic yearnings, Aerosmith was our roots-rock, Ted Nugent fed our machismo. For sophisticated music, we pulled out the Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer albums. But for many of us disaffected youth, it was Kiss that was the standard bearer. We wanted to rock and roll all night and party every day, and Kiss had the rock anthems for us. We were recruited into the Kiss Army, drawing Kiss logos on our notebooks, jackets and whatever we could get our hands on (this was before rap and the graffiti tagging craze).
Sep 30 2009
Ok, KISS ARMY ...the countdown has begun. Only seven days until the long-awaited new KISS ALBUM, SONIC BOOM is released on Tuesday, October 6th. To get you pumped up for the album's release, we are proud to launch the new KISSONLINE SONIC BOOM page that will feature a new exclusive recording studio video clip each day, beginning today through next Tuesday.

Click here to visit the SONIC BOOM page and view today's clip...ENJOY!
Sep 30 2009
Here's a page of the new Walmart circular promoting KISS' SONIC BOOM. The circular will be released this weekend in newspapers and Walmart stores everywhere! KISS' SONIC BOOM album will be released exclusively at Walmart and Sam's Club Stores on Tuesday, October 6th!
Sep 30 2009
Check out these photos of KISS from their Cleveland show.

Kiss, Cleveland, 09.28.09 from John Soeder on Vimeo.

Sep 30 2009
KISS is featured on the cover of the new BILLBOARD (ISSUE V 121 N 39) Masters of Merch featuring KISS.
Sep 30 2009
CONCERT: The veteran rockers, who first played London way back in 1974, were back and in fine form again last night

Photo by Chris Schwegler

Sweet 35 and still being KISSED like the first time.

Downtown London time-warped back to the 1970s last night when KISS headlined at a sold-out John Labatt Centre.

With 8,682 fans, many of them wearing the facepaint of their heroes jamming the downtown London arena, there was a whole lot of rock and roll all night.

KISS veterans Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are still around from the band that rocked London again and again -- 1974 being the first time when the band was young and visited twice.

The band and the fans knew what to do when it was time for Rock and Roll All Nite, as the spectacular finale to the main set. Spectacular as in Simmons and lead guitarist Tommy Thayer being lofted on huge platforms with stage smoke billowing from them like jet exhaust.

Spectacular as in the fans singing and shouting along because they love the band, the song and what KISS means to them after all these years.
Sep 30 2009
Hey KISSonline,

Just writing to tell you I had an awesome time in Detroit watching KISS blow the roof off of Cobo Hall. Absolutely amazing, especially hearing Modern Day Delilah live for the first time!!!!

The only disappointing part of the trip is that I have to wait until October 6th to get all of the cool items that are supposed to be in the KISS corners at WalMart.

I drove around the Detroit area all day on Sunday looking for the new M&Ms, Mr. Potato Heads, T-shirts, blankets and trading cards and they were all gone!

I even talked to many of the customer services employees to find out why none of the items were in stock and they said they went VERY quickly and that fans bought the stuff in droves. They said KISS fans had been coming in all weekend!

I guess I can be patient just a little longer to get my KISS fix, but I can tell you with the demand so large, I hope I can find it, because I plan on buying it ALL!

Vincent Castellano

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