Nov 21 2009

When I was 15, in 1983, I saw my first concert. KISS, on their Lick It Up tour with Queensryche at Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Ore. I made the 4 hour train ride from Pendleton to Portland alone to meet up with a friend and his older brother, who had a car. The concert, and the weekend really, was a whirlwind of hammering-loud rock music, explosions, and vividly colorful imagery. It changed me as a fan, graduated me to that next level, I could now say that I had experienced KISS in person. And I still have the $20 t-shirt to prove it! I think it also influenced how I was starting to see the world differently; a little bigger, louder, and more exciting than what I'd been used to. In a small, yet profound way, I think seeing KISS back then had a hand in shaping me into the creative I am today. I thought about that quite a bit as I was standing in front of the stage last night waiting for the curtain to go down. It was an odd feeling. We'd all been there together before, just under a slightly different dynamic. Now it was time to get to work, to entertain fans with good music and pretty pictures. I think we all did a fine job.

Chris Ryan
Nov 21 2009
KISS at the Rose Garden in Portland: Where do I even start?

This review is going to be totally biased because this was not my usual concert experience. First of all, I bought side stage (read "expensive") tickets because I was taking my 10 year old son and wanted him to have his mind blown. So our seats were unreal.

Second, my co-guitar player in my Portland band is a long-time friend of the Thayer family (KISS-man Tommy Thayer is from Portland). So long story short, I run into Pat at will call, and he is picking up a pass for a meet and greet. I knew about this and of course had asked if he could find out if he could bring me and my kid, and of course he couldn't. No shock there - but I thought it never hurts to ask.

But lo and behold he gets his envelope and there are five passes in it. He wanted to make sure he didn't mistakenly have someone else's passes so he went in alone and my son and I got settled. Pat then texted me that we could have two of the extra passes. Sweet!

So he comes and gets us and we stroll across the main floor backstage just in time to see the fab four in full makeup and gear walk by to go to the meet and greet. I high five Gene Simmons as he walks by. My life is complete.
Nov 21 2009
Check out this fan-filmed clip of "Rock And Roll All Nite" live in Sacramento!

Nov 20 2009

Kiss is a band that needs no introduction, as the face-painted, pyro-loving, blood-spitting rockers have been at it for more than three decades.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of its February '74 self-titled debut, the ever-popular concert attraction, founded by frontmen Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, has been out on its worldwide KISS Alive/35 Tour, which stops Tuesday at Honda Center in Anaheim and Wednesday at Staples Center in L.A.

It's turning out to be a busy year in Kiss' history. For starters, the current tour coincides with the release of Sonic Boom, the band's well-received first studio effort in 11 years, following 1998's lackluster Psycho Circus, the first album to feature the original Kiss lineup since 1977's Love Gun and Alive II.
Nov 20 2009
Check out this great fan-filmed clip of "Deuce" live in Sacramento!

Screen read "Strutter" but it's actually "Deuce."

Nov 20 2009
Tour supporting new album comes to Save Mart Center.

By Mike Osegueda / The Fresno Bee

Say what you will about KISS, but even after all these years, the face-painted foursome is still provocative.

This year, the band launched a first-ever fan-routed tour and released "Sonic Boom," its first album in 11 years (which entered the pop charts at No. 2, a career high for KISS).

If you ask Paul Stanley, KISS' co-leader, the band that booms into Save Mart Center on Saturday night is KISS at its best -- with co-leader Gene Simmons at his side, as well as recent additions Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums).

We talked to Stanley about the fan-routed tour, its new album and why critics and multigenerations seem to love KISS these days.
Nov 20 2009
Here's KISS with their custom Sacramento Kings jerseys that were presented to them backstage at the Arco Arena last night.
Nov 20 2009
Jonah Rocks was invited by Kiss drummer Eric Singer to be his guest at the Kiss soundcheck and concert. Eric took Jonah up on stage to check out his drum kit. Thank You Eric, Paul, Tommy, and Gene, it was wonderful to meet you guys. Also a big thanks to Kiss management, security, and all of the Kiss crew, you guys are the best. Jonah will never be the same. LOL. Jonah loves you Eric!

CLICK HERE to watch a clip of Jonah playing Eric's drum kit!
Nov 20 2009
KISS is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the most popular Greek Hard Rock & Heavy Metal magazine, ROCK HARD Greece.

This Nov/Dec issue #47 will be at the newsstands Nov. 19th.

Thanks to our German friend Marcel Mueller for sending the image to KOL.
Nov 20 2009
Concert photo stills from Kiss' 11/15/09 Alive 35 Sonic Boom CD tour at Key Arena. "Deuce" live is direct from the Seattle show! I shot these photos in 8 minutes during the songs "Deuce" and "Strutter." I saw Kiss for the first time in this same building nearly 30 years before this date on 11/21/79!

Savoia Photography

Nov 20 2009
Check out these photo of the KISS Army rockin' away on the Alive 35 Tour!

Photos by Spiro Papadatos for KISSOnline.
Nov 20 2009
Check out this great fan-filmed clip of "Detroit Rock City" live in Seattle!

Nov 19 2009
Paul is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the Swedish rock magazine, FUZZ.
Nov 19 2009
Special to The Press-Enterprise

The 1998 Kiss studio CD, "Psycho Circus," looked more like a last gasp than the celebrated event it was intended to be.

The CD was billed as the return of the original Kiss, since it came in the midst of the reunion of guitarist/singer Paul Stanley and bassist/singer Gene Simmons with the two other original members, guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss.

"Psycho Circus," though, ended up being a lackluster effort on a musical level, and far less than advertised when it came to being called a triumphant return of the classic Kiss lineup.

So Kiss had something to prove when the band decided it wanted to make a new studio CD last year. For one thing, this was a new lineup for Kiss, with guitarist Tommy Thayer making his full-fledged debut and drummer Eric Singer, who since 1996 has been the band's drummer whenever Criss wasn't in the lineup, back on board.
Nov 19 2009
Here's the trailer for KISS's first-ever live streaming concert!

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