Oct 30 2009
Hello KISS!

Last night was the best night in the world for me and my new fiance. I had been waiting for Love Gun all night to propose to her, and when it came on, I stood her up on her chair, got on one knee and asked her to marry me. Thank you so much for making this possible for us!! We love you guys so much and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the great years of the best rock in the land.


Collin & Tabitha

Oct 30 2009
The new issue of the Spanish 'HEAVY ROCK' Magazine features KISS on cover, The issue also includes a review of the Madison Square Garden Show and an interview with Tommy Thayer!

Thanks to Javier Rueda for sending this to us!
Oct 30 2009
Check out this great 'Creatures of the Night' inspired poster for the Arkansas Roller Derby's October 17th event.

Thanks to Tom Hale for sending us the poster image.
Oct 29 2009
Check out the KISS Army last night in Nashville!

All photos by Heather Byrd/The Tennessean
Oct 29 2009
Here's a CBS News clip of KISS's visit to the Wounded Warriors in Augusta yesterday!

Oct 29 2009
Here's an NBC news clip with highlights from the band's visit to the Wounded Warriors of Augusta yesterday!

Oct 29 2009

Some months ago, I believe that I may have sent you some photos of a year long project, the KISS Tribute Harley Davidson. The final completion was done two weeks before Sonic Boom came out (what a GREAT CD).

I took the bike to a bike show in Northern California, and it created quite a stir and KISS fans were thrilled to see it, to take pictures of it, and to stand around talking about the band, the tour and the new music. I will be taking it, weather permitting, to Vallejo Ca for a Halloween party at the Harley Dealership, my girlfriend putting on the Cat makeup like she did for a concert in August last year.

In brief, I got the idea when I saw on KOL the Australian bike and thought that we should have one on this side of the pond. After considerable thought, going through design ideas, I came up with the design idea and its proved to be a winner with the fans.

The 'real flames' represent the fire and flames at every concert; the front wheel is a Thunderstar, for the God of Thunder and the Star Child; the black paint is as dark as space for the Spaceman, and all extras have been removed, making it quick as a cat, for the CatMan. The KISS Army logo is on the front fender leading the way, as the fans have done from the beginning; and the license plate says ALIVE35, for the continuing tour. I have tickets for Sacramento and Oakland.

Its merely for my own personal pleasure, and to show it to people who love the band. If the bike show was any indication, wherever I take this, with KISS EVERYWHERE it seems now, it will be photographed and enjoyed by all.


Gary Greenough

Santa Rosa, Ca

Oct 29 2009
By Chris Shearman
Photo by John Davisson

Some listeners may think of the band KISS as a '70s and '80s band, but KISS is perhaps more alive today more than ever. With a new album Sonic Boom and a hungry group of new young fans, KISS pushes on as one of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll and in pop culture in general.

KISS will headline Voodoo Fest on Halloween Day with makeup on and guitar amps cranked. And it seems there is no more fitting time to see KISS, either for the first time or the fiftieth. The crowd should be filled with everything from young fresh KISS fans to the old school loyal devotees.

With the new album Sonic Boom already selling very well and the KISS "Alive 35 Tour" selling successfully, it seems as if KISS is just getting started.
Oct 29 2009
Here's KISS featured on the cover the new issue of the Italian 'ROCK STAR' Magazine.

Thanks to Fabio for sending KOL the image!
Oct 29 2009
Hi there!!!!

I had to share the pic of our son who wanted desperately to be Gene Simmons for Halloween.... His Dad put so much effort in to his costume... and it was very healing for him... It has been a long journey for him. Things have been tough and this allowed him the opportunity to bond with his son, making this costume.... they have spent literally hours making it... together... The finished product is amazing... down to the little details like gems in the eyes of the demons on the boots!!! My husband has been in recovery from addiction for some time now... 2 years clean and sober this last month... and KISS has been an inspiration to him not only musically, but personally as well... he has always looked up to Gene for being so outspoken about not needing drugs or drinking to have a productive and fulfilling life... he also admires the sense of family that is so evident through the entire band..... thank you KISS for being an inspiration to not only musicians, but everyday folks too.... It made our hearts big that our 7 year old WANTED to be Gene... without any coaxing from his KISS fan parents... Take care, and thanks for allowing me to share a bit of our story....

The Danis Family

Oct 29 2009
The big KISS Fan Expo in Kuurne, Belgium takes place this Sunday, November 1. KISS fans from around Europe with gather to celebrate all things KISS! Special guest will be Lydia Criss, who's bringing along an exclusive version of her book 'Sealed with a KISS'. KISS merchandise dealers from around the world will also be attending and selling everything KISS!

KISSONLINE will be attending the EXPO....please stop by our booth and say hello!

- Every fan coming to the expo receives a free color KISS poster

- A Paul Stanley Washburn PS 400 G4 guitar will be given away free at the end of the Expo to one lucky attendee

- Bruce Kulick is doing a video message and 3 new tracks of his upcoming album will be played at the Expo

- Dress up Halloween style and get in free for the evening KISStory concert and the afterparty!

Further information can be found at www.kisstory.be.
Oct 29 2009

My five year old son, Zach, recently attended the Sunrise show in FL. He's been a KISS fan for over a year and wanted to see KISS live. He wanted to be the Catman and asked me to be the Demon for the night. KISS was outstanding and I'm glad it was his first concert.

Thanks for making a memory for life!

Oct 28 2009
Reach Steven Uhles
Photos by John Curry/staff

Although their long locks were far from military muster, members of the iconic rock act KISS were warmly welcomed at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center today.

The band, best known for its overtly theatrical hard rock shows, invited veterans and service members from the Augusta-based Wounded Warrior Projects CSRA program to its Atlanta concert Monday night, and followed up the show with a VA visit Wednesday before jetting to an evening gig in Nashville..

Three members of the band, guitarist Tommy Thayer, drummer Eric Singer and lead singer/guitarist Paul Stanley made the trip. Bass player Gene Simmons was unable to attend due to a prior engagement. Mr. Stanley, a founding member of the nearly 40-year-old act, was clearly touched by the opportunity to share time with the hospital's staff and patients.
Oct 28 2009
Some of Augusta's Wounded Warriors got to go see KISS, in Atlanta, on Monday night, but for those who couldn't, KISS came to see them.

Wednesday, some of the band members stopped by the uptown Augusta V.A. Medical Center, on Wrightsboro Road.

Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer (Gene Simmons had a prior engagement)took photos, signed autographs, and just said 'thank you' to veterans who were injured overseas. It was a big day for those veterans, but Stanley says, it's also a big day for the band.

Oct 28 2009
Rock band Kiss visits Augusta to honor wounded warriors

By Ashley Campbell

Some wounded warriors got a rockin' surprise this afternoon.

Band members from the group Kiss stopped by the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center.

NBC Augusta 26 News was there as fans wanted to "shout it out loud" for their favorite band.

"He's my hero right here, these are the guys, these are the guys, these are the heroes right here," said lead singer of Kiss, Paul Stanley, as he put his arm around a wounded warrior.
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