Oct 18 2009
Good Morning America went behind-the-scenes with KISS at their Nassau Coliseum show! ABC's Kate Snow takes viewers backstage to discuss the band's lengthy career and loyal fan following... and she even tries on Paul's platform boots. Take a look!

Oct 18 2009
Photo by Keysha McGrady

Fans of All Ages Still Flock to Band's High-Energy Concerts

Those grease-painted glam lords of campy metal are at back at it. Thirty-five years after their first album, Kiss has just put out "Sonic Boom," a new studio disc that's being sold exclusively next to the Cheerios and Windex at Walmart stores nationwide.

It has been 11 years since their last album, and despite their age -- singer and bassist Gene Simmons is 60 years old, while singer/guitarist Paul Stanley is 57 -- they are strapping on platform heels, smearing on the makeup and hitting big arenas nationwide for a 47-city tour.

"If the audience really wants you, they keep calling you back," says band co-founder Simmons. "I mean, look at us. I couldn't be in any other band, I'm a misfit. I'm an outsider. I can't be in the [Rolling] Stones or U2. Those little people would get in my way."

Outspoken singer Simmons may capture the spotlight as the fire-breathing face of Kiss, but "Sonic Boom" was the brainchild of Stanley. The two original members are joined by guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer, replacing Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

"I could never imagine that we would be doing this this long, 35 to 40 years later and to be selling out," says Stanley. "I mean I could certainly see some of the guys in the band being in a padded cell thinking they were playing for a big crowd still. But here we are doing this, and it's amazing!"
Oct 18 2009
By Sean Daly

Did Gene Simmons just make a lewd comment about my mom? And did the Demon just call me a woman? And what was that hand gesture by Paul Stanley?

All these neuroses fired in my head as I interviewed - on television, no less -the glam-rock kings in Kiss, who appeared in full makeup for a recent televised press junket. The glam-rockers play the St. Pete Times Forum on Wednesday. They are also promoting a new album, Sonic Boom, their first full-length in 11 years.

In a just-for-fun twist, I pulled on my fancy pants, hopped in an anchor's chair and chatted up bassist Simmons, singer Stanley, guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer via satellite...
Oct 18 2009
Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Eric,

We just wanted to say thanks for performing at the Hampton Coliseum last night. It was classic KISS and the entire concert was awesome! We know you typically play large arenas, but we really appreciate you rockin' Hampton Roads.

All the best,
Sales Family
Chesapeake, Virginia

Oct 18 2009

I'm a French fan, and I would like to congratulate you on SONIC BOOM! This album kicks serious A.S.S and I think it's going to be one of my favorite! Each one of you put your heart in this record and I really can feel it when I listen to this album. Tommy's solo are amazing! Check out the video I made of "When Lightning Strikes!" I put the make-up and picked up my guitar (on my knees and pray...) and recorded it as a tribute to Tommy. I never learned playing the guitar, I'm a left-handed but I always play on a right-handed, so sometimes it sounds a little bit strange (especially during the solos...) But I made that with all my heart. Hope you enjoyed the video, and I hope you'll come back soon touring in Europe. Last year in Paris was amazing!

Rémi from France

My video :

Oct 18 2009
Here's a KISSONLINE EXCLUSIVE video clip of KISS performing "Strutter" live at Madison Square Garden last weekend!

Oct 17 2009
Check out this interview with Tommy from Scotland's Classic Rock station 96.3!

Oct 17 2009
Check out this great fan-filmed video clip of "Detroit Rock City" from last night's Hampton show!

Oct 17 2009
By Mike Doyle

When I was 5 years old, I remember rocking out to KISS downstairs in our family room pretty much every evening before dinner.

My Mom would yell at me to come to the table and sit with the family, but I couldn't. Not until the explosions were finished going off at the end of KISS Alive II would I appear at the dinner table.

I had the makeup kit and the trading cards. I remember applying the small rose tattoo that was included in the Alive II album sleeve to my shoulder, and pretending I was Paul Stanley. KISS was magical to kids back in the 70s.

On Friday night, I was reminded of that magic. The "Hottest Band In The World" made a stop at Hampton Coliseum on Friday night, as KISS returned to Hampton Roads.
Oct 17 2009
By Mike Kernels

From the mind of Freddie Hamm:

KISS concert. T-minus several hours and anxiously counting.

KISS T-shirt. Check.

KISS belt buckle. Check.

KISS body spray. Seriously. "It actually smells good." Make that a big check.

KISS face paint. Ready to be applied. Estimated time: 45 minutes - minimum.

"I'm that fanatical," says Hamm, 18, of Virginia Beach.

And he's not alone. For a legion of KISS fans, painting their faces for a concert is like an American Express card: You don't leave home without it.

"Just throwing it on is not an option. If you're a diehard fan, you want to do it just like them. Attention to detail is important."

Because the makeup of KISS singer Paul Stanley, for instance, consists of only a white face and a black star over one eye, it's an easy 20 minutes for Hamm.

Guitarist Tommy Thayer? That's 45 minutes.

Frontman Gene Simmons? Also 45. "Unless you're doing his hair," Hamm says.

To get drummer Eric Singer right for Friday's show, Hamm will use a combination of white, black, silver and green creams, lipstick and something that doesn't come with a bar code: patience.

"It is," he admits, "a pain... to put on."
Oct 17 2009

I've been a major KISS fan since I was a little kid, when my dad bought me Double Platinum. After that, KISS music was part of my life. Now as a 38 year old father, one of my dreams came true, and I got to take my family to a KISS concert. We were center stage, 13th row on the floor in Philly, and my kids loved every second of it. I love this picture because it reminds me of many great KISS album covers.

Thanks KISS!!

Pete Rahtjen

Oct 17 2009
by Eric Harabadian

They say "where there's smoke there's fire" and on Sept. 25 there was plenty of that, along with enough explosions and fireworks to set off the Fourth of July! You see, this was the opener of the "Kiss Alive 35" North American 40-plus city tour, and the classic quartet returned to the place where it all started for them back in 1975.

The seminal Kiss Alive! album catapulted the then-fledgling group from marginal success to multi-platinum status. The original album cover was taken at Michigan Palace, but the back cover, where the majority of the live album was recorded, displayed an anticipatory crowd at the sold-out Cobo Arena.

One might say that it was the mid-'70s all over again. There was a nostalgic glint in people's eyes and a palpable buzz and energy in the air. And the seemingly ageless and unstoppable rock n' roll machine known as Kiss delivered a timeless two-hour-plus extravaganza that seemed destined for the history books.
Oct 16 2009
KISS will be featured on ABC's Good Morning America this Sunday morning, 10/18. The piece features footage shot at KISS's Nassau Coliseum show!
Oct 16 2009
Here's Sonic Boom at the top of the Billboard Rock Albums chart for the current week! Sonic Boom is also the #1 album on Billboard's Hard Rock and Independent charts!
Oct 16 2009
Yahoo Music's "Guitar Hero 5 Fridays" is currently featuring LIVE video clips of KISS from the Alive 35 tour, as well as an EXCLUSIVE interview!

Click to check them out!

The phenomenon that is KISS has never not been in the news since their start more than three decades ago ago--but 2009 appears to be taking the famous quartet to entirely new levels.

Just last week, the band nearly topped the charts with Sonic Boom-their first album in 11 years, featuring 2 CDs and a bonus live DVD, and now available exclusively at Walmart for a mere $12. To use famous KISS terminology, sales have been hotter than hell!

Even more significant than those sales, however, is the simple fact that the legendary band has spent the past few months celebrating a stunning 35 years in the music business!

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