Oct 23 2009

Tickets for KISS' Kansas City, MO show go on sale today at 12PM (Local Venue Time) at all Ticketmaster outlets or visit the KISS Ticketmaster page.

THU, DEC 8, 2009

Oct 23 2009
KISS at BankAtlantic Center, Sunrise

By John Hood

From the number of kids running around the BankAtlantic Center at Kiss' show last night, many replete with full make-up, it's apparent that one need not be of a certain age to appreciate the hard rock demigods -- you just have to feel it. Oh, I'm not talkin' about feeling 30 or 40 or 50 or more. I'm talkin' about feeling like a 10-year-old. And with Kiss, you could be bridging the century mark and still feel as if you were in fifth grade.

And I'll tell you right now: there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, I'd argue that it's a damn good thing indeed. And if more folks would let loose their inner child every once in awhile, this wild world would be a much better place.

Of course that would entail Kiss never coming off the road. But hey, if the recently-anointed Rock and Roll Hall of Famers can make it to "Alive 35" who's to say they can't keep it up in perpetuity? And so long as Kiss keeps knocking 'em outta the arena as they did at BankAtlantic last night, everybody's inner child will be running freely for some time to come.
Oct 23 2009

By Daniel Lukes

There's a moment tonight when Paul Stanley begins to strum Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven, before shuddering and launching into KISS' own Black Diamond. KISS May never receive the critical accolades heaped upon Led Zeppelin, but unlike Led Zeppelin, they are still a living, (fire) breathing, strutting, storming rock band with plenty of life left in them.

One thing you notice approaching midtown Manhattan's Madison Square Garden are the children made up like KISS, holding hands with their parents. In America, KISS are a band who cross and bring together generations, and tonight's filled arena is full of families."This is KISS in KISS country," yells Paul, the star of the show.

Bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons, the public face of KISS, is certainly a riot tonight. His blood-spattered tongue waggling, fire-breathing, demonic strutting is straight out of a comic book. And he even flies up to the roof! But it's Paul's tireless preening, theatrical rabble-rousing and all-around outrageous hilarity that make the night.

KISS have so many hits they can't possibly make everyone happy. Nonetheless, high points include Love Gun, during which Paul sails on a trapeze to a stage in the middle of the crowd. And let's not forget the fireworks, flames, rising platforms shooting smoke, and guitar smashing. "Are you getting what you came for?" he yells.

Yes, sir, we certainly are.
Oct 23 2009
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Oct 23 2009
Check out these great KISS tattoos that were spotted along the North American ALIVE 35 Tour!

Photos by Spiro Papadatos for KOL

Oct 23 2009
Here are a few photos from last weekend's first ever Los Angeles KISS Fan Expo. Fans of all ages turned out to celebrate everything KISS!

Check out the clip below of former KISS Guitarist Bruce Kulick performing live with the School of Rock Hollywood!

Next up, Bruce is heading to Europe for appearances in Holland, Switzerland and Norway... where he'll sneak peek his upcoming CD, hold a guitar clinic and meet with fans!

CLICK HERE for more info on Bruce's appearances.
Oct 22 2009
Fox 13's Mark Wilson conducted an interview with KISS backstage at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida on October 21, 2009. Watch the interview below.

Oct 22 2009
Check out this great fan-filmed clip of "SHOUT IT OUT LOUD" at last night's show in Tampa!

Oct 22 2009
The experience of attending a KISS concert begins long before the house lights go down. The roads leading to the arena are filled with loyal followers in everything from jeans and black concert shirts to very impressive replicas of KISS costumes from every era in the band's long history. The Irish pub we had dinner in prior to the show was packed with fans talking about "The Hottest Band in the Land," and as people walked about there were high fives, fist pumps, and energetic screams and hollers back and forth. Most of us had a good idea of the sensory assault we were about to subject ourselves to inside the St. Pete Times Arena, and we were sharing the energy built up inside us like the capacitors in the wall of amplifiers humming behind the KISS curtain on the floor of the arena.

Once inside the arena, you can begin to see the complete magnetism of KISS: people from all walks of life and three generations of members from the KISS-ARMY.
Oct 22 2009
Check out these great new temporary one-time use KISS make up decals -Starchild, Demon, Spaceman and Catman.

Much like one of those temprary tattoos; this make-up decal goes on only once. The advantage to this is speed of application as well as accuracy. You get razor-sharp details every time!

To apply, just clean your face, peel off the clear backing, place over your face and then hold a damp cloth on top. In 30 seconds, peel off the backing and there you go - ready to rock! Washes off with soap and water.

Visit KISSCOSTUMES.com for the only officially licensed KISS costumes and accessories.

Oct 22 2009
Last night, I saw KISS rock Tampa....and here is a picture of me (lower left - age 10) and a few friends as we headed out to our first Kiss concert - exactly 30 years ago yesterday on October 21, 1979. The show was at the Summit in Houston, Texas. My father and my neighbor's father took us (notice their Kiss belt buckles) and we've been talking about the concert ever since. I'm 40 now and will be taking my son to see my 175th Kiss show this Saturday in Birmingham, AL.

Thanks for a lifetime of KISS.


Oct 22 2009
Next up in the Getting To Know You series we sit down with Eric from rock legends KISS. What a great guy he was!!

What were you doing when we interupted you to do this?

I was eating in the other room actually some... chicken quesadilla, with my shoes off, relaxing.

Date of Birth?

May 12th

Where did you go to high school?

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and I went to High School on the east side of Cleveland. At that time it was in the Seventies and I was lucky to grow up in a cool time of music and culturally, at least in America. It was a typical mid western town but Cleveland's a real rock n roll city its where the rock n roll fame is at. It was a great place, very open minded - I mean as regards to music (not so much culturally with people), but when it comes to music people just really loved rock n roll there, always have and what we looked forward to was buying records every week or going to a show. I saw so many great concerts in my formative years as a kid so I'm glad I grew up there. It was a great place to grow up, no doubt about it.
Oct 22 2009
Hey Guys,

How cool is it that "All For the Glory" was played by TBS last night durning the Major League Baseball playoffs!

KISS is truly everywhere!


Oct 22 2009
Hello KISS!

My name is Andy Moyen and this is my buddy Dave Johnson. We are from Massachusetts. I attended the recent KISS shows in Montreal, Mohegan Sun, Ct, Boston, Ma and NY city !!

In NY, it was our Mission not only to see the greatest band in the world come home...but to find the famous spot were KISS' Dressed To Kill album cover was shot. WE FOUND IT!!... on W. 23rd and 8th Ave. We took our time finding out which of the four corners it was, and when we found it we just stood there frozen!! We had chills.. not only were going to see KISS tonight at MSG ( I dressed up as Gene) but we had found this Special spot.

If you look close some of the old paint (cross walk) from the shot is still there !!

What a Special moment for us in NYC!!

Thank you KISS!!


Oct 21 2009
Here's a Paul Stanley Washburn ad in the latest Guitar Player Classic Rock Lead Guitar magazine.

Thanks to Linda from KISS Fan Site for sending it over!

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