Nov 02 2009
KISS is featured in the current issue of WWE Magazine (World Wrestling Entertainment) as part of their "Ultimate Facepainters Quiz!"

The question states "WCW Superstar The Demon was inspired by the band KISS. Which rockin' song was used as his entrance theme?"

A: "Love Gun"
B: "Lick it Up"
C: "God of Thunder"
D: "Shout it out Loud"

Know the answer, KISS Army?
Nov 02 2009
I'm an Argentine KISS fan since 1979. When I was 9 years old I fell in love with the band of my dreams and I'm still a big KISS fan.

I want to share with you all my first picture as a KISS fan. This picture was taken during my birthday back in 1980... I'm also wearing my first KISS T-shirt.

Thanks KISS!!! I will always be a KISS Fan...

Marcelo Garcia

Nov 02 2009
I was reading the Spanish newspaper El Mercurio and saw an article about children wanting to be in rock bands. In this story, a 9 year old boy (big KISS fan) created his birthday invitation using the Psycho Circus cover art, and he said in the article that he's very interested in learning how to play guitar because of KISS (how cute!) I just think this is a very good example of how you influence people of all generations!

Stephanie Berasain

Nov 01 2009
Take a look at the thousands of fans attending last night's KISS concert at the New Orleans Voodoo Fest!

Photos by Spiro Papadatos for KISSonline.
Nov 01 2009
Coach rocks with KISS!

Best treatment after a victory: Shortly after Saturday's 25-21 victory over the University of Central Arkansas, Southeastern Louisiana coach Mike Lucas headed to nearby New Orleans to hear the Halloween "Voodoo Fest" featuring the rock group KISS.

The coach said he has attended 24 concerts by the classic rock group, which appeared in Little Rock last week. "Just try to keep living my teen-age days," he said.
Nov 01 2009
By Nako Martinez
Translated for KISSonline by Jill Cataldo

Rating: KKKKK out of KKKKK

KISS has built a masterpiece: Simmons and Stanley demonstrate a return to form

KISS have always been grand masters of entertainment in the world of rock. Everyone was saddened the year Gene Simmons told the media in a press conference that there was not going to be another new new KISS album. Luckily, the good state of Paul Stanley, producer of Sonic Boom (whose recent solo disc was also brilliant) influenced the band to return to the studio, and in three months' time created an LP filled with vitality, happiness, cacophony and glamour.

Beginning with the almighty "Modern Day Delilah," segueing into the guitar riffs of "Russian Roulette" and the staples "Never Enough" and "Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)" the album certainly proves that this quartet's intention was to recapture the sound that they had in their earliest beginnings. Then, by the time we're almost halfway through the LP, we're flying. It's such an unloading of energy that literally pulls you in. The disc is filled with memorable melodies, big backing vocals (Eric also takes the lead vocals,) great guitar riffs in the style of "Deuce," and Tommy Thayer's solos are spectacular.

Entering the second half of the album, we're rocked and rolled again by "Hot and Cold," (pure American sound,) the upbeat guitars and memorable refrain of "All for the Glory" (certainly you'll like what you hear here; it's highly memorable) or the personality of the rocker "Say Yeah," which closes this body of work.

Without a doubt, this is one of the very best albums in KISS's entire career. It's as hot as an inferno, yet the disc is fresh with attitude and power, without a single filler song present. This is a moment to savor. We consider this disc to be immortal.
Nov 01 2009
Ever wonder what it's like to fly like Gene Simmons? KISS crew member Dean Snowden tries on Gene's flying harness before the show and takes a ride... camera in hand!

Nov 01 2009
Dear KISS: Just wanted to let you know about a great group of students who decided to paint their faces like your great group in order to raise funds and awareness for cancer.

In Canada, the schools take one day a year to have a walk in memory of Terry Fox - a great Canadian who tried to walk across Canada to raise funds and awareness about cancer. The Grade Four students from Eric G. Lambert School in Churchill Falls, Labrador created their own banner and decided to paint their faces to really get into the spirit. Hope you like the shot.

Mark Bonnell
Grade Four Homeroom Teacher
Eric G. Lambert School, Churchill Falls
Newfoundland and Labrador


Nov 01 2009
By Paul Elliot

The KISS Alive 35 tour has played to huge audiences all over the world - at Download 2008, and in stadiums throughout North and South America in 2009. But there is one place above all others that has a special significance in KISStory. It's a place that the New York band think of as their spiritual home. A place they call Detroit Rock City.

It was here at the iconic, 11,000 capacity Cobo Hall (officially now known as Cobo Arena) that KISS recorded the show in March 1975 immortalised on their iconic double-live album Alive! This was the album that turned KISS into superstars, and, 34 years on, the band's return to the Motor City has an added emotional resonance. The venue that gave birth to the KISS legend is closing for redevelopment, so who better than the Hottest Band In The World to give the Cobo Hall its last hurrah?

As frontman Paul Stanley says to the crowd: "Let me tell ya, for us, this is the holy land. This is where it all started. Detroit, you opened your arms and you opened your legs. God bless ya!"

Every KISS show is an event, this one especially so. Fans have travelled vast distances to be here, including Dan from Wales and his mates, proudly displaying a KISS Army UK branch banner. Local hero Kid Rock is here too, with a couple of hot chicks, of course, and so is original KISS manager Bill Aucoin.
Nov 01 2009
I was watching Deal or No Deal late last night.

Howie Mandel asked the man who was the contestant, "What will do you with the million dollars if you win it?" He said, "Well, I'm turning 50 this year, and as a gift to myself, I want to throw a big party and hire KISS to play for my birthday!"

His wife and daughters all stood there shaking their heads to say yes, that's exactly what he wants.

The contestant went home with about $9,000. Howie told him for that, he could probably find some neighbors to put makeup on and sing for him..!

Totally caught me by surprise because I didn't this guy would be into KISS. Pretty funny!

- Toni Anne

Nov 01 2009
Editor by day... "Paul Stanley" by night

By Daile Pepper

By day he cracks the whip as a team of journalists produce the city's biggest free entertainment newspaper, Xpress.

By night - on occasion - he throws on a wig, five inch heels, masses of make-up and a body-hugging suit and hits the stage.

Bob Gordon, the editor of Xpress Magazine, fronts KISS tribute band KISStake.

Hidden under the outfit made famous by Paul Stanley, Gordon has played in this fun band with various West Australian musicians from bands including End of Fashion for years.

They let loose and put on a big show, all under the cover of costume. It allows Gordon to take on the persona of a mega rock star and let loose.

"It's hard to be shy when you put all that on," he says.
Oct 31 2009
Check out these photos of Tommy Thayer applying makeup to his wife Amber before tonight's concert in New Orleans!

Photos by Shannon Tweed.

Oct 31 2009
Here's KISS featured on the cover of the current issue of Sweden Rock magazine!
Oct 31 2009

We hope you have a great Halloween! Be safe and have fun!

Here are some of the great photos of Halloween costumes and pumpkins we've been receiving from the KISS Army today!
Oct 31 2009
Check out this KISSonline exclusive clip of KISS playing "Say Yeah" Thursday night in Little Rock!

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