Oct 27 2009
Here's the KISS poster that is featured in the new issue of KERRANG! Magazine.

Thanks to Javier Rueda for sending KOL the issue.
Oct 27 2009
Dear Kissonline,

We were one of the five winners in your Ultimate Kiss Fan Contest, and recently had our meet and greet experience in Hampton, VA on October 16th. Thank you very much for recognizing all the Kiss fans and offering this contest. Keith & Dean took very good care of us and the experience with the band was awesome. Gene, Paul, Eric & Tommy were very accommodating and genuinely sincere in their appreciation of the fans. We were fortunate enough to get our Kiss pinball machine back-glass autographed! The concert itself was terrific, a classic Kiss performance with all the fire, blood, confetti, guitar breaking and pyro that we fans love to see. We have each been Kiss fans for over thirty- five years and attended many shows, but this was our first time meeting them in full costume, so the experience was incredible! It will forever be in our heart and minds, just as KISS will always be. Rock on Kiss Army!

Forever Kiss Fans,
Eric & Debbie
Raleigh, NC

Oct 27 2009
Check out this adorable new KISS Army recruit...3 1/2 month-old Dylan Jaymz Stueber.
Oct 27 2009
"Alright Youtube! You wanted animated Kiss figures, you got animated Kiss figures!".

In celebration of Kiss Alive 35 and Halloween, join Kiss Minimates on stage for a live performance. On the way to the show, Gene Simmons took a wrong turn and headed for the Haunted House, see if he returns to the stage in this animated video from Penny Mix Films, made in England.

Paul Rowley

Oct 26 2009
Great news...KISS' song Modern Day Delilah is #1 on the Russian radio charts this week!


Best Wishes,
Alex Fedotov

Oct 26 2009
Check out the opening of tonight's episode of Gossip Girl... KISS truly is everywhere!

Oct 26 2009

Wanted to share a picture of my son Brett Pinkerton (age 14) and Doc Mcghee at the Tampa KISS Alive 35 show.

My son noticed Doc at the control board area as we were leaving and Doc was kind enough to take a moment for a picture with my son. He also handed him a signed set list from that night's show as well.

Thanks Doc, for the generosity! My son loved the signed set list!

Greg M Pinkerton

Oct 26 2009
Black Rhino Kiss Hoodie By Marc Ecko

A tribute to KISS, one of the most recognized American rock bands...and bassist Gene Simmons' who's constantly flaunting his impossibly long tongue. Zips all the way up to reveal a fully-made up Gene Simmons demon character with tongue graphic, PVC inserts and elbow patches. Split kangaroo pocket, rib knit sleeve cuffs and hem. Large KISS logo across the back.

Purchase the new KISS Hoodie
Oct 26 2009
Here's a photo of the special KISS ARMY t-shirt that will be sold at tonight's Atlanta KISS concert! Proceeds from this shirt will benefit the Wounded Warrior Care Project (WWCP), which supports the significant warrior care mission underway in Augusta, Georgia.

Additionally, tickets to tonight's KISS concert were given to the WWCP to distribute to members of the military being treated in Augusta!
Oct 26 2009
Paul Stanley says that the bonus disc of Kiss re-recording their '70s and '80s hits included on the new Sonic Boom package was both a thrill and a challenge for the band. Sonic Boom, which is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart properties, costs only $12, features the new Sonic Boom album, along with a 2009 DVD concert featuring current members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina -- as well as Thayer and Singer joining Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley on the new re-recordings.

Stanley says that returning to the hits in the studio was a surreal experience: "That was really a lot of fun. It was kind of like revisiting where you once lived. As much as we thought we were true to the original recordings when we played the songs live, they had developed and changed over the years. We actually studied those songs, sometimes a line at a time, in terms of singing. And they're virtually indistinguishable, except sonically, a little different."
Oct 26 2009
Got 'Sonic Boom'? These are the other 5 releases that you must own!

Get a full feature with Paul Stanley on the past, present and future of Kiss in this monthís Metal Hammer magazine - on sale now!

Casablanca, 1974
As far as debut albums go, they don' come more action-packed than Kiss' self-itled masterpiece. Most bands take whole careers to write songs as great as Black Diamond and Strutter, Kiss did it from the start.

Casablanca, 1975
The album that broke Kiss into the mainstream, Alive remains one of rock' landmark live albums. You wanted the best? Here it is, bitch.
BEST TRACK: C'on And Love Me

Casablanca, 1976
Frankly, your record collection has a gargantuan hole in it if this isn' sat on your shelf. Almost faultless (even the most ardent of Kiss fans canít defend Great Expectations), Destroyer is essential to anyone who claims a love of rock.
BEST TRACK: God Of Thunder

Casablanca, 1977
As well as giving the world one of the greatest title-tracks ever, Love Gun is the last Kiss album to receive universal acclaim from fans and critics alike. And, as everyone knows, a Kiss show can' fail when opened with I Stole Your Love.
BEST TRACK: I Stole Your Love

Mercury, 1992
Kiss may have been as relevant in 1992 as the cassette tape is now, but Revenge is a corker of an album. That the band recorded it shortly after the death of drummer Eric Carr only makes it an even more remarkable achievement.

Oct 26 2009
By Tim Grierson

KISS have been the godfathers of good-time rock for 35 years. Having unleashed their best album in years, they're still not ready to hang up their platform boots. Paul Stanley explains how they're showing the pretenders how it's done.

Paul Stanley is a man in perpetual motion. At 57, he and his bandmates in KISS are days away from the next leg of the group's seemingly never-ending Alive 35 tour, and he's so consumed with last-minute details that he had to postpone our initial interview in Los Angeles to focus on rehearsals before catching a flight to Detroit, where the band will kick off the tour. Later, relaxing in the band's Motor City hotel, KISS's venerable guitarist and vocalist takes a moment to reflect on the group's recent record-breaking concert tallies.

"In the last year," he says, "we played to about a million people. Our tour of Europe was our biggest and most successful ever. We did 30 shows in about three months and played probably to about three-quarters of a million people. And then after that, we did the stadiums of South America, playing to somewhere between 30,000 and 80,000 people a night. And then we went on to Canada and did 15,000 to 90,000 people a night. It's been a terrific year for us."

Their terrific year will end with another milestone -- the release of Sonic Boom, the band's first studio effort since 1998's Psycho Circus, an album that neither their fans nor KISS themselves recall all that fondly.
Oct 26 2009
Check out this KISSONLINE EXCLUSIVE video clip of "Deuce" live from Saturday night's show in Birmingham!

Oct 26 2009
Here's another KISSONLINE EXCLUSIVE video clip! Check out "Calling Dr. Love" live from Birmingham!

Oct 26 2009
By Doug Cataldo

October has been a tremendous month for classic rock icons KISS. Their brand-new CD Sonic Boom hit the rock charts at #1 and they continue on a trek across America, unleashing their unparalleled rock and roll spectacle on the ears of the KISS Army. The CD was part of a huge merchandise blitz at Walmart Superstores across the United States. Stores nationwide received KISS Korners that were full of t-shirts, blankets, KISS M&Ms, KISS Mr. Potato Heads and KISS action figures. Those KISS Korners also include a special 33-card box set from Press Pass. Priced moderately at $10, there are three different collector boxes you can collect and each includes the complete trading card set AND a mini concert poster.

These collector boxes come on the heels of two extremely successful Press Pass releases - KISS Ikons and KISS 360. Both sets sold through, appealing to KISS fans and trading card collectors. They delivered the first ever KISS memorabilia cards and autographed cards to the hobby and secondary market prices on some of those limited edition autographed cards rival today's most popular athletes in price.
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