Oct 03 2009
Here's a great fan-filmed clip of "I Love It Loud" from KISS' Toronto show last night!

Oct 03 2009
Photo By Terry Wilson

The lights go down. A low and steady tone rumbles from the amplifiers. Legions of fans, known as the KISS Army, leap to their feet as a roar of excitement fills the air at the John Labatt Centre last Tuesday night.

A booming voice says the familiar words that have signalled the beginning of every KISS concert. Words that many fans heard for the first time when they purchased the band's landmark 1975 live album Alive: "You wanted the best, and you got the best. The hottest band in the world -KISS"

KISS co-founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, and lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, rise through the stage floor as white smoke spews over the stage. Drummer Eric Singer is in place behind a massive kit perched atop an eight-foot tall KISS logo. Stanley and Simmons show no signs of slowing down as they approach their 60s. Stanley struts and leaps impossibly high in seven-inch platform boots, and Simmons's gyrations, lizard-like tongue-wagging, and Chesire cat grin make it obvious he's still having a lot of fun.

"Are you getting what you came for?" asks Stanley.
Oct 03 2009
The Legendary KISS Is Back On The Road And Starring At Walmarts Everywhere


KISS is back with a new record, a concert tour and a promotional blitz coming to a Walmart near you.

Yes, the guys are older now, but they're still wearing spandex, painting their faces and putting on quite a show.

"The thing about KISS is, there's a real timeless appeal to it," lead guitarist Tommy Thayer said in a recent phone interview, before donning his "Spaceman" garb and playing a concert in Montreal. "The same thing that caught people's hearts and passions in the early 1970s is the same thing I see happening with kids today. Obviously, you have to bring kids into the fold for bands like KISS to keep reinventing themselves."

The four-man rock band will unveil its first new music in 11 years as part of a three-disc set titled Sonic Boom that drops at Walmarts nationwide Tuesday. The $12 set, which includes a CD of new songs, a CD of classic hits and a DVD of live
Oct 02 2009


Sure, they wanted to rock and roll all night, but KISS short circuited just one song into their Air Canada Centre show Friday night.

After an explosive fire display, the veteran rockers were about half way through their opening song, King Of The Night Time World, when they appeared to lose power causing the audience to boo loudly.

Without an active microphone, singer-guitarist Paul Stanley held up his hands and mouthed that the group, rounded out by bassist Gene Simmons, drummer Eric Singer and lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, would be back "in about five to ten minutes" and they walked off stage.

Shortly thereafter, and with little in the way of further reaction from the KISS army, the quartet returned and Stanley explained what was going on: "There is a problem with the electricity and the power at the ACC, but we have fixed it and we are here to kick your ass," he said.

Oct 02 2009
By Philippe Renault
Photo By Pascal Ratthe
Rue Frontenac
Translated for KISSonline by Jill Cataldo

Ahhh, Kiss. They could play six times a year in Montreal, and an army of fans (note the subtle allusion) would always be present to cheer for them, as demonstrated by their second visit to Montreal in just over two months at the Bell Center Thursday evening.

We aren't sure exactly how many fans turned out tonight, but for the record, there were barely any empty seats anywhere. KISS's crowd is a family; devoted and noisy: we swear that this audience would be the envy of many rockers.

After the surprising opening of "King Of The Night Time World" (Strutter was expected, as they performed last July), Paul Stanley said: "'Je ne parle pas beaucoup francais' (I do not speak much French,) but tonight, my heart is French Canadian."

The quartet then delivered a well-received "Got To Choose" before launching into the new "Modern Day Delilah" from their highly anticipated 'Sonic Boom.' "It will be released October 6, and can you believe that Walmart will sell it for only $12?" said Stanley. Does this make us happy? Yes, you can believe it, Paul.

Everything that makes a good KISS show (while I am among their faithful, I must say that I am a bit too young to remember the summer of 1977) was on the menu this evening. Gene Simmons' fire-spitting (Hotter Than Hell) and blood (I Love It Loud), Eric Singer's drum lift, the big screens, fireworks exploding everywhere. You must see this show at least once in your life.

Kiss pleased the fans in Montreal by performing "I Stole Your Love" for the first time in this city midway through the set. Among the essential KISS songs included: 100,000 Years, Rock And Roll All Nite, Shout it out Loud, and Detroit Rock City (finale.)
Oct 02 2009
KISS release their BRAND NEW album on Monday (October 5th) in Europe.

The album, SONIC BOOM, features the killer single Modern Day Delilah, and will be available as a standard CD and an awesome CD/DVD package.

Roadrunner / Loud & Proud caught up with the guys in Detroit as they shot their upcoming video and sat them down for a chat. In the snippet below, Paul and Tommy talk us through the first half of the new album track by track. It's a fantastic insight into what you can expect from Sonic Boom. Check it out!! Part two follows on Monday.

Oct 02 2009
Here's another great fan-filmed clip - "DEUCE" from KISS' Montreal show last night.

Oct 02 2009
Here's another great fan-filmed clip - "Rock N Roll All Nite" from KISS' Montreal show last night.

Oct 02 2009
Here's the SONIC BOOM European Trailer

Oct 02 2009
Hey KISS Army!

Well, I've been a fan since the late 70's and this is the album I've been waiting for for years. It's easily their best since Creatures of the Night and quite possibly since Rock and Roll Over. It captures the spirit of their early recordings with some of the muscle from their 80's stuff. "Say Yeah" is an absolute barnstormer of an anthem and just about every song hits the mark. Gene's contribution is his best in years. Paul is in top form and Eric and Tommy deserve a lot of credit for helping to create this. It's great to hear those "Rock'n'Roll" solo's back in Kiss music again. It's been a long time since I've genuinely been excited about a new album but Sonic Boom in my view is THE album of the year and easily deserves a 10/10.

Mick Burgess


Oct 02 2009
Here's a great fan-filmed clip of "I Stole Your Love" from KISS' Montreal show last night.

Oct 02 2009
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Oct 02 2009
For KISS and frontman Paul Stanley, it's full steam ahead


KISS Army lifers who feared the band would never make another studio album are in good company -- even Paul Stanley had given up on the idea.

Sessions for the band's 1998 reunion album with original guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss went so badly that the star-sporting frontman had no desire to return to the studio.

"What soured me was Psycho Circus," admits a subdued Stanley.

"It was a heartfelt attempt to make a band album where there was no band. It culminated with a lot of delusional people who were talking through attorneys instead of being in the studio, and this weird sense of entitlement from people that they had some sort of birthright to have songs on an album whether or not they're good. When you have bandmembers who see the band as a way to further themselves rather than seeing themselves as a way to further the band, you're in trouble.

"Besides that, it had also reached a point where there were a lot of co-writers outside the band, which means you're not doing your job. Basically, it means you're allowing somebody else to interpret who you are instead of just being who you are.

"So there were a lot of reasons that I didn't want to do another KISS album. I didn't want to make an album that we had to apologize for or had to qualify."
Oct 02 2009
'Gene Simmons Family Jewels," the A&E reality show starring the spidery, fire-breathing, tongue-dangling KISS bassist as a family man, is stuffed with slumber parties, home movies, teen girls saying, "Whatever," and (somewhat randomly) a depressed comedian Carrot Top at a bar. But it doesn't have Paul Stanley. "God knows, he's asked me enough times," says singer and guitarist Stanley, who co-founded the band with Simmons in 1972. "There's nothing that appeals to me less than creating a TV life, as opposed to living my private life. It's just not for me. I also don't like the idea of confusing what Gene does with what KISS does. It's better to keep 'em separate."

For a man who has spent the past 37 years wearing demonic black-and-white makeup and singing "Love Gun" wearing leather pants and no shirt, Stanley, 57, is pointedly serious on the phone. Asked about Casablanca Records, the '70s disco label that broke KISS and was known for its executives' copious cocaine use and excessive behavior, Stanley says he spent little time there. Asked about Ace Frehley, the fellow band founder who spends much of his newfound solo career bashing KISS as sellouts in the press, Stanley says he's just glad the guitarist is clean and sober. Asked what he wants for Christmas, Stanley delivers a mini-lecture about supporting the American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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