Oct 14 2009
Take a look at these fan-filmed video clips from last night's KISS show in Washington!

Oct 14 2009
By Emma Jones

Rock band Kiss are celebrating their 35th year in the music charts with the release of their first studio album in nearly a decade, Sonic Boom.

The band, who formed in New York in 1973, have sold more than 80 million albums worldwide.

"Kiss started as a dream of ours," explains Gene Simmons, the band's bassist.

"All the bands we ever saw on stage played the hits we wanted to hear, but were devastatingly poor in their visual live performance."

That is definitely an indictment from a man wearing full armour and the trademark black- and-white warpaint, which has given Kiss their unique identity.
Oct 14 2009
By Steve Spears

The year was 1979, and a wide-eyed 12-year-old boy had but one dream: seeing Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss live in concert at the Lakeland Civic Center.

Kiss. The self-proclaimed "hottest band in the world" and uncontested rulers over concert halls and my bedroom wall. Yep, my dream.

Imagine the pure torment to hear my desperate plea denied. "I'm sorry, but someone your age has no business at a concert," my mom lectured. The same woman who dutifully bought me that coveted Destroyer album. Who patiently stood quiet while I sang along loudly to Love Gun (in my prepubescent incomprehension of the meaning of the song). Who lovingly hand-painted me a Kiss pillow cover featuring all four of my makeup-strutting rock god heroes.

How could she fail to allow me to complete my journey to manhood?!?
Oct 13 2009
Legendary rock band KISS brought its hard rock spectacle and "Alive/35 Tour" to the Wachovia Center on Monday, and though some things certainly must have seemed familiar to the KISS faithful, some things have also clearly changed.

And perhaps that's exactly as it should be.

Great songs? Check.

Dazzling stage show? Check.

Packed house? Check.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley flying around the arena? Check.

A good time? Most definitely a check.
Oct 13 2009
Check out this fan-filmed video clip of "Detroit Rock City" from last night's show in Philadelphia!

Oct 13 2009
By: Nancy Dunham

Kiss Alive Tour stops in D.C. to promote release of 'Sonic Boom'

Even before Gene Simmons had a televised reality show, there was Kiss.

The band that Simmons co-founded with Paul Stanley 35 years ago has now recorded more than 36 albums, which have sold more than 100 million copies. That would be a dream come true for almost any musician, but seems especially so for Simmons.

Almost from the start, the band members all but obliterated their faces with outlandish theatrical makeup and wore space age-style costumes. Hard to imagine now that Simmons' face and those of his band mates are regularly beamed into people's homes via television and the Web, but the mystery of how the rockers looked was a well-kept secret until 1983, when they finally removed the theatrical grease paint.
Oct 13 2009
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Oct 13 2009
Photo: Vanity Fair

Saturday, I saw Lenny Kravitz rocking out to KISS at Madison Square Garden! Then last night, I went to see Lenny's show at the Filmore and he rocked.

During the concert, he talked quite a bit about KISS! He even said hello from the stage to Tommy Thayer, who was in the crowd with his wife. Eric Singer was there with his girlfriend too.

On stage, Lenny said he was the only black kid in high school who had KISS t-shirts and posters all over his room. Then he played some of "I Was Made For Lovin' You" and said they need to let KISS into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


Oct 13 2009
Check out Jacob getting ready for Halloween with his favorite band KISS!!!

Oct 13 2009
By Joshua Rothkopf
Photograph by Taso Hountas

During Nassau Coliseum's Friday night show, you could see the preponderance of adorable eight-year-olds in face paint. This was Kiss as family entertainment. "Look at all the Kiss children!" enthused singer Paul Stanley, cameras swiveling on the crowd. There was no swearing. And if Daddy hoisted you up on his shoulders to observe Paul sashaying on a platform singing "Love Gun" - well, that was what rock stars did, honey.

Touring behind its new LP, Sonic Boom, Kiss also reminded anyone who needed it of the resiliency of its act. Even with two original members replaced (Tommy Thayer on guitar and Eric Singer on drums) the band worked through a two-and-half-hour set with exuberance and panache.

But riffage is beside the point. You go to a Kiss show for the stunts too, like Gene Simmons spitting blood and fire. The crowd roared its approval. The set list was 1970s-heavy, with numbers like "Parasite" supplanted with video backdrops of swarming amoebas.

Oct 12 2009
Here's a sampling of videos KISSONLINE has received from some of our youngest KISS Army members rocking out to tracks from Sonic Boom!

Oct 12 2009
Vince Vaughn played his favorite game - Humdinger, on his recent Ellen Show appearance. The clip features KISS's "Rock And Roll All Nite."

Oct 12 2009
Is there a more dedicated fan base than the Kiss Army? The elder statesmen and stateswomen brought along a whole bunch of new recruits to witness the spectacle of what could be the best visual stage show ever, as well as a constant supply of down-home Rock and Roll cooking for the New York audience.

I am positive that the new recruits are just as enthralled with KISS after witnessing them deliver a knock-out punch on the world's greatest stage, and who knows -- they may just get the chance to introduce their kids to a KISS concert for their "KISS ALIVE 50" tour.

I don't know if it is the addition of Tommy Thayer on guitar or Eric Singer on drums, but Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons appear revitalized. They seem to be breathing fresh air again, and you would have thought that it could have been 1979 instead of 2009 because the energy they brought to the table last night makes me wonder if the band is drinking out of some kind of fountain of youth.
Oct 12 2009
Check out these awesome photos from KISS' Madison Square Garden Show.

Oct 12 2009
Here's an interview with Eric and Paul from Q104.3 radio! The guys discuss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination, Sonic Boom, the new tour and more!

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