Sep 27 2009
KISS performs Modern Day Delilah from SONIC BOOM at Detroit's Cobo Arena, September 26, 2009

Sep 27 2009
"Love Gun" from last night's Detroit Cobo Arena show - September 26, 2009.

Sep 27 2009

Having been a KISS fan for over 30 years one might thing I have experienced it all...


Does anything get any better than KISS at COBO ARENA?

You know the KISStory...I just lived a NEW page in it!!!!

From the opening bellowing of the announcer to the explosion of the last ear-shattering pyrotechnic, KISS left the Cobo Arena stunned, blinded and deafened by a spectacle that only KISS could conjure up. ALIVE 35 is STILL ALIVE and not only merely kicking, but also annihilating all that comes in its path.

There is something NEW about is not just NEW outfits...It is not just a NEW stage...It is not just a NEW song from a NEW album that is about to hit a Walmart near YOU... KISS is rejuvenated...KISS is a storm on the horizon coming to kick YOUR ASS NORTH AMERICA with a SONIC BOOM of epic proportions!!!!

KISS celebrated their breakthrough 70's album ALIVE! at Cobo Arena in a way that only KISS would attempt to try...Dazzling the true "die-hard" fans and leaving the KISS virgins violated into submission... It is a truly inspirational sight seeing over 12,000 mesmerized fans singing, screaming and pumping their fists to over 2 hours of KISS KLASSICS with some NEW surprises to keep even the most weathered KISS ARMY soldier ready to sign up for another tour of duty!!!

Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy brought a show too Detroit that brought the crowd to its feet and grabbed it by its neck and NEVER let go!!!

From the first notes of Deuce through the encores (including a little gem called MODERN DAY DELILAH) the show was top notch!

Gene slithered around the stage in his shiny new armor with a renewed sense of EVIL.

Paul's raps were whipping the crowd into a frenzy everytime he neared the mic. Damn that man can JUMP!!!

Tommy was more animated than EVER!!! He was everywhere playing his heart out!!!

...and let's not forget Eric...WOW!!! He was on fire. The SOLD-OUT crowd went crazy with his deafening solo!!!! He might have to get a new kit every night on this tour if beats his drums that hard each show!!!

The stage is new...It is COOL!!! The giant screen shows EVERYTHING!!!! The speakers have screens on them as well....HOTTER THAN HELL never looked so HOT!!!! It has to be seen to be believed.

KISS gave us 110% tonight at COBO HALL. From the day (as a kid) I turned over ALIVE! and saw those guys holding that banner in Detroit...I always wished I could have been there...TONIGHT I WAS FREAKIN' THERE!!!!


Mike Mariacher

Sep 26 2009
Friday night the KISS army invaded Detroit Rock City. Suburban families, pony-tailed bikers, cleavage-flaunting cougars, and packs of 40-year-old fathers bulging in their aged acid-washed jeans all painted their faces black and white for the opening date of KISS' U.S. tour at the old-school Cobo Hall. Their mission: To rock. HARD.

Mission accomplished.

Thousands of fans sported tour t-shirts from the many KISS concerts Cobo has hosted over the past three decades, and dozens stood tall on silver platform shoes, their black hair adding another three inches of glam power. The KISS army was congregated in the Motor City's most dated arena -- a cold concrete slab used to showcase military vehicles at the North American International Auto Show -- for one of the last concerts ever to be held there before it's demolished, a touching point for the band members themselves, who recorded much of their classic Alive album there in 1975.

After the quartet stormed the stage, jumping into "Deuce" and "Strutter," guitarist/singer Paul Stanley made sure everyone was aware of the momentous occasion. "This is the holy land, the place where it all started, Detroit!" he yelled, showing no signs of his two hip-replacement surgeries. "You've always opened your arms and opened your legs for us!"

KISS, or course, helped put the cult in pop-culture. The band is a B-movie come to life, a gang of sonic super heroes, and if Stanley and Gene Simmons (the two remaining founders) don't take themselves seriously, the fans always have -- especially Detroit's. There's even a movie (Detroit Rock City) about it.

"We know what you're here for -- you want that cool, classic old stuff and we're going to cover it all tonight," Stanley promised a roaring crowd of more than 12,000.

And they did -- flawlessly. The initial question buzzing around the arena was whether Stanley, 57, and Simmons, 60 -- with the help of recent additions Tommy Thayer and Alice Cooper drummer Eric Singer -- could still pull it off. Even the band members -- who, after 11 years of eligibility, were finally nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just days before the show -- weren't sure. Before jumping into "Hotter Than Hell," a hesitant Stanley asked the crowd, "Is it good?" "YYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHH," the audience replied.

And then came two hours of metal-glam anthems, featuring songs from the Alive, Destroyer, and Lick It Up records. It was a testament to the divine powers of rock.

You have to give 'em credit. Just shy of a 40-year career, KISS are shaking their spandexed butts, humping and licking their guitars, blowing kisses to groupies, spitting blood, shooting fireworks from their instruments, and indulging in all of the Regan-era rock'n'roll excess we've come to expect from them.

Simmons and Stanley competed to outdo each other: Simmons was hoisted more than a hundred feet to the top of the stadium, then spat movie blood on the security guards below; while Stanley locked his bedazzled thigh-high leather platform boots into a zip-line and cruised over to a revolving stage above the sound both, where he put on a show for the back rows!

The band wasn't originally planning to kick off their tour in Detroit, but when they heard Cobo was set to close, they wanted to make sure they got one last shot at it, that they owed that much to Detroit. The people of the Motor City, looking for any good reason to celebrate these days, were more than appreciative. KISS replied in kind, taking time to tip their hats to the struggling auto industry and to the music of Motown, the Stooges, Bob Seger, Grand Funk Rail Road, and Alice Cooper.

"There's just something in the blood of this city," said Simmons. With that there was just one last song to play. "This one's called 'Long live Detroit Rock City!'" And Stanley, with the support of more than 21,000 Detroit rock fans, sang, "I feel so good, I'm so aliveeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!"

Got To Choose
Hotter Than Hell
Nothin To Lose
Com'n And Love Me
Watchin You
100,000 Years
Cold Gin
Let Me Go Rock And Roll
Black Diamond
Rock And Roll All Nite

Shout It Out Loud
Lick It Up
I Love It Loud
Modern Day Delilah
Love Gun
Detroit Rock City
Sep 26 2009
Photos by KIMBERLY P. MITCHELL/Detroit Free Press

There was fire.

There was an explosion or two, followed by flashing red sirens.

And we're not talking about a Detroit freeway. We're talking about Kiss' return to Cobo Arena on Friday night.

Kiss renewed its love affair with Detroit Rock City by kicking off its North American tour with the first of two shows at the venue where most of its history-making "Alive!" album was recorded in 1975.
Sep 26 2009
Adam Graham / Detroit News Pop Music Writer

Detroit Rock City came alive Friday night as Kiss kicked off their latest tour in the venue that made them famous (and the venue they made famous): Cobo Arena.

It was there where the legendary costumed rockers recorded "Alive!" the 1975 live album that put them on the musical map. And on Friday, in front of a fervent sold-out crowd of around 12,000, the band reprised the majority of "Alive!" during the 20-song, 2-hour and 10-minute show that acted as a mutual love fest between Kiss and Detroit. The band performs again at Cobo on Saturday.

"Cobo Hall!" frontman Paul Stanley shouted early in the set Friday. "For us, this is the holy land. This is where it all started."

Fans, many of whom came dressed like their favorite Kiss members in outrageous costumes and greasy face paint, certainly treated the venue like it was sacred ground, some coming from as far away as Wisconsin and West Virginia for the concert. Cobo's future remains uncertain, but Kiss said it wanted to perform there one last time before it becomes rubble -- like Tiger Stadium, where the group kicked off its 1996 reunion tour.
Sep 26 2009
KISSonline Exclusive Video! KISS live at Cobo Arena, Detroit 9/25/09 Show Highlights

Sep 26 2009
Here's Paul with Kid Rock backstage at COBO Arena.
Sep 26 2009
KISS story on Fox News regarding their Cobo Arena shows.

Sep 26 2009
ABC News interviews KISS at Detroit's Cobo Arena.

Sep 26 2009
Young fans, from left, Aaron Saunders, 13; Colton Walls, 12; Nicholas Wood, 13; and Andrew Wood, 11; drove nearly eight hours from West Virginia with Christie Wood for Kiss' return to Cobo.

Brian Payne, left, and his brother Jeff Payne, both of Columbus, Ohio, pay tribute Gene Simmons' Demon persona and Paul Stanley' Star Child.
Sep 25 2009
Here are a few of the new KISS ALIVE 35 Tour items, including the special edition collectible KISS COBO Arena event program. This is a limited edition collectors item that will not be reprinted.

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Sep 25 2009
Walmart Detroit area stores now have their KISS KORNERS open and stocked with KISS masks, M&M candies, music, make up, wigs and Mr. Potato Head collector toys to celebrate the band's national tour and first concert tonight in Detroit! Walmarts nationwide will launch KISS Korners on Oct. 6, the day the band's SONIC BOOM album is released exclusively at the chain.
Sep 25 2009
By Jeff Darcy, The Plain Dealer
Sep 25 2009
By Dan Kane
GateHouse News Service

The son of a popular Cleveland bandleader, Kiss drummer Eric Singer grew up in the '70s listening to WMMS and jamming on drums with his neighborhood rocker pals.

He found his career path early.

In 1984, Singer went on tour with hard-rock goddess Lita Ford, and a year later joined Black Sabbath. In 1989, he played drums on Kiss frontman Paul Stanley's solo tour, which led to an ongoing gig with Kiss. Singer simultaneously has been Alice Cooper's drummer since 2000, and has played on three Cooper albums to date.

Singer has played with Kiss steadily since 2004, appears on the bandís forthcoming album, "Sonic Boom," and is on tour with the band.

Singer, 51, was on his way to Detroit for tour rehearsals when he phoned to chat Tuesday afternoon.

Q. Tell me about the preshow ritual of putting on your Kiss makeup.

A. It's like the calm before the storm, if you will. The four of us get together and it's like a war room where we're preparing for battle. We're sitting there for a couple of hours and there's always great music. Gene will play deejay a lot of time. He likes to pull out old crazy blues stuff and doo-wop. It's very eclectic.
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