Aug 24 2009
KISS will appear on EXTRA TV tonight accross the US.

CLICK HERE to view a list of TV stations that carry the show.
Aug 23 2009
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September 25th - SOLD OUT! Tickets for September 26th on Sale Now!

The KISS Army has spoken! By overwhelming fan demand, KISS has just added a second special KISS ALIVE 35 concert at Detroit Rock City's legendary concert venue, Cobo Arena. Following the incredible response to the previously announced show on Friday, September 25th, in which tickets sold out at a feverish rate, a second KISS date has been added on Saturday, September 26th

The legendary venue, a Motor City institution that is slated for closure, has hosted KISS concerts on numerous occasions, not the least of which was the series of shows that were recorded to become the KISS ALIVE! album. The band will come full circle to reprise that classic recording at these September shows, this time returning with brand new staging, costumes, pyro and more.

Meet & Greet packages as well as VIP Ticket Packages will also be available. CLICK HERE for Meet & Greet details.
Aug 23 2009
Check out this great Gene inpired cover of the lastest issue of '3D Artist'!

Thanks to the webmaster of for sending us the image!
Aug 23 2009
Hello KISS,

So here it is: your free PR letter for KISS Army ticket presales. I have to admit I was leery about paying to join the fan club just to have first access to tickets to the Cobo Hall show. However, I knew this would be a once in a lifetime experience for me, so I forged ahead.

In hindsight, I'm so glad I did. What I realize is that I had exclusive access to some of the best seats in the house (I got fifth row after the show had already been on sale for thirty minutes!), there were NO Ticketmaster surcharges, and I paid FAR LESS to guarantee an upfront seat than I would had I dealt with a ticket broker. As well, by commissioning "Will Call only" pickup, I'm comforted that scalpers aren't snatching up the hottest tickets just to resell, since I and only I can pick up the tickets the day of the show.

Great tickets plus a Killer membership kit is coming too!

Having attended the historic Tiger Stadium show, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SHOW!!


Steve Reeder

LETTERS click here
Aug 22 2009
Aug 21 2009
By overwhelming demand, a 2nd KISS Show has been added at COBO Arena. The new show date is Saturday, September 26.

Tickets are now on sale at all Ticketmaster outlets or at
Aug 21 2009
Aug 21 2009
Tickets for the September 25th KISS Cobo Arena Concert go on sale to the general public today at 5PM (EDT) at all Ticketmaster outlets or at

One last time, before the walls come down, Cobo Arena will hear a SONIC BOOM!!!

Aug 21 2009
Gene will be on Detroit's WCSX Radio Station this morning at 9 AM (EDT). LISTEN to the interview live.

Paul will appear on Detroit's WRIF Radio Station some time today, we believe in the 5 PM (EDT) hour. VISIT the station's site for more info.
Aug 20 2009
It's always great to get nice reviews but so much more important when they come from the fans!! Here are some of the thousands of wonderful comments that were sent to KOL or posted on our Facebook and Myspace pages after we posted "Modern Day Delilah".

Peter R Nowfel:

I've just spent the last hour playing Modern Day Delilah and am already in love with it. Paul's vocals are outstanding and Tommy's solo is absolutely magnificent. I've tasted boom and I like it. I crave boom, I need boom, give me more boom Delilah!! Boom baby boom!!!

Raymond Carr:

"Modern Day Delilah" KICKS ASS!! This is a straight blast! if this song is any indication of how Sonic Boom is going to sound...this will be an instant classic!!

Rob Hodge:

This track ROCKS! I like it a lot, Paul's vocals are powerful, Tommy's solo is excellent, and the rhythm section sounds tighter than ever! KISS rocks, this lineup is awesome and this album is going to prove that once and for all!

Iain Hutchison:

Just listened to the new single...Rock and Roll is alive and well & it's name is KISS!
Aug 19 2009
By Mark Eglinton

Modern Day Delilah

Given the eleven years since their last barely passable studio album – 1998's Psycho Circus it seemed unlikely that Kiss would ever release another album of new material. Seemingly invigorated by a huge recent upsurge in interest in their hefty back catalogue by the younger generation of rock listeners into the studio they went, and six weeks later emerged armed with Sonic Boom. However, we didn't expect them to knock one out of the park this early with this heaving, sweating lump of fabulous groove straight from 1975. "Yeah yeah" are the first words to exit Stanley's mouth and immediately our ears are pricked to what is not stylistically a typical Kiss track, a circular, bass heavy riff driving everything along. The net result is your immediate desire to renew that direct debit to the' Kiss army' while arranging to graft eight or more inches of surplus off your backside on to your tongue—it really is that good.

Russian Roulette

The first of Gene Simmons's vocal contributions and this isn't at all bad. In fact the years have been pretty kind to the 'god of thunder', and his voice has actually developed more than a semblance of melody. It's raw, punchy and lyrically the usual innuendo ridden stuff "this is Russian roulette—one pull of the trigger is all you're gonna get" etc, which we've heard often before but here's it's done with a freshness of attitude that's been absent for a long, long time.

Never Enough

Classic Kiss and this could easily fit into their live set without being noticed as a brand new track. Paul Stanley seems to have done some kind of 'Benjamin Button' reverse ageing thing with his vocals because he sounds every bit as energetic as he did back in their 70's heyday.
Aug 19 2009
By Michael Doret

In developing and refining my pencil sketch for Sonic Boom I wasn't completely happy with how the background was working with the diamond shape and the positioning and scale of the lightning border (a small nod to RaRO). I also wanted to play up the idea of something shattering (i.e. from a sonic boom). So I came up with the semi-abstract idea of concentric circles rippling outward like water, only breaking up incrementally into smaller and smaller segments as they expanded, changing the background color from violet to black. It seemed like a fairly simplistic idea, so I tried it and it worked. It also seemed to serve well to both ground and amplify the light beams emanating from the center, which break through the faces. I went through several color iterations, ending with one that had a dark red bleed border. I showed that version to Paul. He looked at it for a minute and then suggested we just change the border to black. We both agreed that this worked better, finishing the design process on this piece.

I did have to redo all the art for the CD/DVD package, which has a slightly more horizontal proportion. That meant shifting and manipulating the proportions of many of the elements. Because the angle of the beams had changed in the new configuration, the most complicated part of this was redoing all the faces. It's a little difficult to tell what went into the face art, transforming them from normal color photographs, so check out the enlarged detail to the left.
Aug 19 2009
The KISS ARMY Members-Only ticket presale for the KISS COBO Arena show will begin today at 10AM. Premium KISS ARMY Members will have access to Members-Only tickets...these are among the best available seats in COBO Arena.

KISS at COBO Arena September 25, 2009

Presale starts: Wednesday, August 19 @ 10AM (local venue time)
Presale ends: Wednesday, August 19 @ 10PM (local venue time)

Meet & Greet and Premium Upgrade Ticket packages will also be available starting @ 10AM (EST) only to KISS Army Fanclub members.

If you are a Premium KISS ARMY Member: LOGIN NOW and visit the tour page to get your unique code to access the presale.

If you are not a current Premium Member of the KISS ARMY and would like to participate in the COBO Arena Pre-sale: JOIN NOW
Aug 18 2009
by Gary Graff

The self-proclaimed "hottest band in the land" is following the hottest trend in classic rock.

Kiss' new "Sonic Boom" is a three-disc set that mixes new songs and old material with video content at a low price -- in this case, $12. It will be available exclusively at Walmart properties starting on Oct. 6.

"Sonic Boom" includes a full new album, Kiss' first since "Psycho Circus" in 1999. In web site postings, bassist Gene Simmons describes the 11-track set, produced by singer-guitarist Paul Stanley at Conway Recording Studios in Los Angeles, as "the best new record we've done since 'Destroyer.' It is 'Rock And Roll Over' meets 'Love Gun'...If you're a fan of our stuff from about 1977, you'll feel right at home." It's Kiss' first studio album with guitarist Tommy Thayer, and drummer Eric Singer's first since 1997's "Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions."
Aug 18 2009
Classic Rock can confirm that the new Kiss album will be called Sonic Boom - and we've got the full tracklisting. Not only that, but we've heard six of the album's 11 songs!

Classic Rock's Geoff Barton was invited to an exclusive preview of the new Kiss album this past Friday (August 14), in the convivial company of Doc McGhee, the band's manager.

"Kiss promised to deliver a back-to-their-roots album and that's exactly what we've got," Barton reports.

"Recorded in the old-fashioned, analogue way, it sounds spectacularly good - no ProTools nonsense in evidence here.

"The interesting thing is, it's not simply a homage to the band's first few albums. There are even nods to records such as [1982's] Creatures Of The Night, which had Vinnie Vincent, Bob Kulick and others guesting on guitar.

"Kiss seem to have cleverly combined the best of all their eras into a single winning package."
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