Jul 28 2009

We just saw KISS rock the capital here in Ottawa, Canada and it was an amazing show!! That night my 2 1/2 year old son Cooper became a Jr. KISS ARMY member and wanted to send his thanks for such a great show with this pic! He has memorized all the band member names and can sing a few lines of 'Lick it up' already. I think its time to burn down the disney room and make it a KISS room!!Thanks again guys and ROCK ON!!!

Neville Black

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Jul 28 2009

Here's the Radio advertisement for the KISS Coffeehouse's 3rd Anniversary party with Eric Singer on August 1st, 2009!

Jul 28 2009
Looks like Gene is a Motor Bike Cross Racer too!

This picture was taken last weekend in Lichtenvoorde, Holland at a festival with over 130,000 visitors. It's a Music, Motor Bike Cross Racing and Circus festival in the middle of nowhere... but KISS is there!!

Thanks to Erwin Frazer for the picture!
Jul 27 2009
KISS will perform Tuesday night at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles.

KISS, one of the most influential rock bands of all time, will be performing in the Main Grandstand Arena at 7:30 p.m.

You can buy tickets at the California Mid-State Fair box office, online at www.midstatefair.com, any Vallitix outlet, or charge by phone at 1-800-909-FAIR. In addition, a special phone number has been added to better serve ticket buyers: 866-872-2007.
Jul 27 2009
Here are a few more photos of the KISS Army rockin' out at KISS' Quebec show last week.

Photos by Spiro Papadatos for KISSONLINE.
Jul 26 2009

Check out this KISS Canada poster I made featuring the photos I took last week. This is my way of thanking KISS for coming to Canada.

I have been a fan since day one.

I have been in the concert photography business for 25 years (shooting over 2500 concerts). It all started for me because of KISS.

The shows at Rama were my first opportunity to shoot the band.

All the best,

Terry Wilson

Jul 26 2009

Alright Myrtle Beach! You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best! The KISS Coffeehouse 3rd Anniversary Party will be an all day and night rock & roll party featuring very special guest, KISS drummer Eric Singer. With the new KISS album being released in the fall, this will be a great opportunity to meet with Eric and ask him questions about the new record, his song and the tour.

Fans purchasing the Double Platinum package will also receive a message from Eric (his Audiograph!), recorded especially for you while you meet with him. This message will be downloaded onto the KISS Coffeehouse recordable keychain and will become the ultimate collectible! Eric's personal Audiograph will also be saved digitally and will be emailed to each fan within one week of the event.

All photos taken with Eric will also be available for download within a week of the event on Flickr. We'll email everyone the link when the photos are up!

KISSONLINE will be onsite and a KISS Tribute band will keep things rolling through the nite!

We hope to see you all on August 1st!

Tickets are on sale now at www.kisscoffeehouse.com
Jul 25 2009
Here's the final winning clip in the Ultimate KISS Fan Contest. This entry is from Nigel Dreiner & friends.

NIGEL has a problem, he is completely obsessed with KISS. Lucky for him, his friends care enough about his addiction that they are coming straight to the band members themselves for assistance!

Check out Gene's groupies on the computer screen.

Jul 25 2009

The Bell Center in Montreal will never be the same again! 15,000 plus KISS soldiers (the place was sold out!) witnessed KISS 35, or should I say the amazing birth of KISS 2.0! I have seen KISS seven times along the years with many different line-ups, and to be honest, I kind of expected a little bit of the same...but man did the band have a surprise for me!

A leaner, meaner, stronger and musically superior KISS rocked the crowd for over 2 1/2 hours non-stop. You have to see it to believe it. The band has been upgraded for the best. They have never been happier or better on stage. And that vibe makes for a party like KISS have never thrown before.

I'm sure that Tommy will remember for a long time the warm welcome the Montreal fans were waiting to give him. He's just great, and no doubt, Tommy truly has KISS blood running in his talented hands.

Can't wait to hear the new album with the improved KISS 2.0! That'll be another tour I will not miss, just to make sure that the Montreal show was not a dream!

Even if you've seen KISS live before people, trust me - You've never seen KISS like this! You are in for a shock.

Montreal thanks you - Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric for the great time we had.

KISS 2.0 lives forever!

Copain 36

Photos by Spiro Papadatos for KISSONLINE.
Jul 24 2009
Here is a photo of Gene and KISS fan, Leonard Arp backstage at the KISS show in Orillia, Ontario on July 21. Gene visited Leonard at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto two weeks ago and was told Leonard would be too sick to attend a KISS concert. We were all pleasantly surprised to see Leonard doing well and at the KISS show that night!

Photo by Spiro Papadatos
Jul 24 2009

As a lifelong, card carrying member of the KISS Army, I just had to share...

This Tuesday past I had my rock rolled off seeing the band that, for me, has become mythical - KISS - live at Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario. The two night stop was part of an appendage of their ALIVE 35 tour, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the double disc live album that put them on the map, ALIVE. The tour boasted a whack of off-kilter Canadian stops including Sarnia and Windsor, in addition to Ottawa, Halifax and Montreal and I was lucky enough to get floor seats verrrry near front of stage and managed to get close enough in the photo pit that I could see up Paul Stanley's nose, close enough to get Gene Simmons' drool in my eye...

If you scroll over my Blood Spattered Blog, you can read up on how important KISS is to my horror heritage, to my outrageous, exploitation culture leanings. They have been my heroes since I was old enough to talk in full sentences and, even when it was terribly un-cool to dig the Simmons/Stanley machine, I was there, waving the flag. When they got rid of the makeup and became full on metal, I still stayed, mainly because I believed then as I believe now that Stanley is an incredible songwriter and has the 2nd best howl in rock and roll (Robert Plant having the first). I even saw them during that naked phase, on the ASYLUM tour when I was 11.

But mark my words, no matter how old and infirm I evolve, I shall NEVER, EVER forget the balls out, blow-em-up magnificence and glory of KISS as they were at the Casino on Tuesday.

Jul 24 2009
Here's the next winning clip in the Ultimate KISS Fan Contest. This entry is from Matt Porter.

Matt reminds us that KISS is a big part of people's lives!


Jul 24 2009
Melissa DiMarco interviews KISS backstage just before they go onstage a Casino Rama an Out There Exclusive!

Jul 23 2009
Hey Paul, Eric, Tommy and Gene,

Just wanted to say that I caught the first two shows of the Canadian tour and it was great seeing the Hottest Band in the World in two completely different settings! Both shows were amazing and I cannot wait for the new album and tour!

I also wanted to share with you this funny photo my friend, Russell Dannecker took in Orillia. Check out Gene's Boot on the security guard's head!

Thanks for ALWAYS kicking ass!

Doug Cataldo
Jul 23 2009

Check out this fan's awesome KISS tattoos! These photos were taken backstage in Sarnia.

Photos by Spiro Papadatos for KISSONLINE.com
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