Jul 18 2009

Here's KISS with 90,000 members of the KISS ARMY in Quebec on Thursday!
Jul 18 2009
Beth may be calling, but these boys won't answer. What is it? The coolest collection of Rock God Spuds this side of Cleveland. What the heck am I talking about? How about Mr. Potato Head ... KISS EDITION.

That's right. The Demon, Spaceman, Catman and Starchild spudded out with full make-up, hairstyles, and musical instruments of all four members of KISS including Gene Simmons infamous Axe Guitar. A total of 30 accessories to mix and match.

And while kids love to play with Mr. Potato Head (I got to play with the real McCoy ... a REAL potato!) I can see the KISS Army lining up to pick these badboys of rock up, no matter their age!

Look for it to make it's debut at the San Diego ComiCon. Available at retail in August.
Jul 17 2009
By Marc Andre Joanisse
Translated for KISSonline by Jill Cataldo

The Catman, Spaceman, Demon and Starchild arrived last night at Bluesfest and they quickly turned it into an event. An event on stage. An event in the crowd. A very active, participatory crowd. A massive crowd!! (UPDATE - today, we learned the crowd was over 90,000!)

The show lasted over two hours. KISS was, as always, KISS. KISS basically, will always be KISS. It is a winning and profitable group and will be until the day when Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons decide that it is finished. And the question is this: why would anyone abandon this group yet, because it appeared to be at its best in the heart of this 35th anniversary tour? I cannot skimp on words; KISS gave more than the customer asked.

The public wants to hear the KISS of yesterday and they want it as at as loud of potential decibels as possible. In short, the crowd wants a night to rock to the sound of a band that is hard to resist. KISS is rock hard and served up at the highest level. The show is still effective and delivered by musicians who have an innate sense of showmanship.

"You want to hear our old songs? Then you will not be disappointed," said Paul Stanley.

The singer-guitarist, his longtime colleague Gene Simmons and guitarist Tommy Thayer were brought on stage via a hydraulic platform. Major KISS! Then, the first of several "gun shots" was heard booming. Again, KISS quite impressively convinced the crowd that they would spend a great evening here. The crowd was heard singing the lyrics of their songs, and they clapped hands at Stanley's request. Even the rain did not decrease the energy that emanated from the stage and the crowd.

At one point, Stanley asked them if he could raise the volume a notch or two ... or three. And the audience was delighted. This is the only way to experience the group's hits such Cold Gin, Black Diamond, Deuce, Rock & Roll All Nite and 100,000 Years, all songs written during the 1970s. The show was strong with no complaints.

KISS did not invent rock, but they reinvented the way to present it on stage. They are rare musicians interested in putting on a great stage show with Kabuki make-up, spandex clothes and stilt-like boots. Add to this guitar-shaped bazooka, pyrotechnic effects, Simmons seven-inch tongue, confetti, pyrotechnics and a little fire, and that's it.

Critics have often been bitter against the group. Many have said and written that they disguise their musical talents with its massive stage show. This was not the case, a few hours ago!

KISS' show is a fun spectacle and one I pray we'll see again.
Jul 17 2009
UPDATE: We were just informed that the attendance for last night's show was 90,000!!!!!

By Kathleen Lavoie Le Soleil
Photo by Laetitia Deconinck
Translated for KISSonline by Jill Cataldo

After waiting for nine years, Quebec was clearly overdue for a visit from the infernal quartet, KISS. Tens of thousands of KISS Army soldiers descended to see their idols on Thursday. Large and small, men and women painted their faces and have donned their homemade costumes of the devil, the starchild, the spaceman and the cat-man, these comic characters were embodied by Gene Simmons (bass, vocals), Paul Stanley (vocals, guitar), Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums, vocals).

With KISS, as is always true, the show was never limited to the stage. At the beginning of the show, a platform descended from the ceiling on which the three guitarists arrived . The stage featured the classic KISS logo in white bulbs. And then there were the explosions, flames, smoke, fireworks, confetti ...

And oh yes! How can we forget the music! "From old-school rock to KISS," says Paul Stanley, who offered a few words in French before apologizing that he could not do more and to continue in English.

The guitarist did a great job in the role of master of ceremonies as well as rock star, shimmying in his black spandex, moving constantly, singing at full volume and jumping unrestrained in his platform boots!

For his part, Gene Simmons was difficult to ignore in a costume more like an armored winged bat than lycra...

Beyond the effects of some futuristic super heroes - a wriggling tongue, a guitar-bazooka, overpowering fire and blood - the band spent the first hour playing a majority of songs dating their first three albums and classics such as Rock and Roll All Nite, Shout It Out Loud, I Was Made For Lovin 'You and Detroit Rock City.

The show was strewn with solos from each musician and delirious fun on stage and elsewhere. "Quebec, your city is our second home," agreed Paul Stanley.
Jul 17 2009

KISS is featured on the cover of this week's Le Soleil Newspaper Special in Quebec.
Jul 16 2009
CLICK HERE to view a gallery of additional photos of KISS in Ottawa.

KISS rocked some of their most classic tunes all night long for a record-setting crowd Wednesday night at the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest.

KISS gave rockers an extended show, adding 45 minutes to the beginning of their concert where they rocked out to Rock and Roll All Night, I Was Made for Lovin' You and Shout it Out Loud.

"My parents used to listen to KISS, and the music just goes from generation to generation," said concert goer Andrew Bunda.

"It's a great environment to be in one of these concerts. My parents absolutely love it, so I hope to experience the same stuff my parents experienced," added another concert goer.

KISS look-a-likes also made an appearance with painted faces and long tongues spotted at every corner of the Lebreton Flats grounds.

For others, the concert was part of a family experience with children joining their parents to take in the festivities.

"John just wanted to come out and see them," said one parent.

Although the music was heard from as far away as the city's south end, the rockers -- who are known for their loud tunes -- avoided a single noise complaint.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes
Jul 16 2009
Jul 16 2009

KISS rocked over 40,000 fans last night in setting the attendance record for the most fans to ever attend the Ottawa Bluesfest!! KISS' show was also the only show of this year's Festival to sell out!
Jul 16 2009
Great fan-filmed clip of "Detroit Rock City" from last night's record setting KISS show at Bluesfest in Ottawa!

Jul 16 2009
KISS cranks up the spectacle for record Bluesfest crowd

Nothing could stop KISS in front of a record-setting crowd of 40,000 at Bluesfest last night. Not the rain, the decibel limit or even the snub to Shannon Tweed, who watched her man, bassist Gene Simmons, perform from a hastily installed VIP section on a raised platform near the sound tent.

Up on the massive stage, the band steamrolled over any obstacle, be it weather-related or bureaucratic, and delivered a concert that lived up to all expectations in terms of lights, volume and special effects. The lights were blinding, the sound was blasting and the effects included pyro, aerial wires and their trademark monster-glam costumes.

But what about the music? Well, you have to hand it to lead singer Paul Stanley for taking over the reins to the legendary í70s hard-rockers. When he wasnít shredding his voice at the microphone, he acted as host of the rock extravaganza, and did most of the talking. Word is heís also the producer responsible for getting the band back to basics on its forthcoming album, the first in a decade, due for release in October.

The back-to-basics approach is exactly what fans want, and last night, it meant making the most of the old hits. The band kicked things off with Deuce, hammering the song with multiple blasts of green pyro, and then moved into Stutter, Hotter Than Hell, Got To Choose, and Nothiní To Lose, which featured vocals by drummer Eric Singer.

At press time, guitarist Tommy Thayer proved himself worthy of replacing Ace Frehley with his deft soloing in She. Gene Simmons, meanwhile, spent his time pounding his instrument and stalking the stage, flicking his tongue to the cameras.
Jul 16 2009
By Zev Singer

Six-year-old Mackenzie Durocher, her face painted perfectly like KISS's Paul Stanley, sits on her father's lap before the show. Well-drilled for years by now, she can name several KISS songs. At home, she likes to pretend to smash a guitar to the band's music. Her other favourite act is SpongeBob SquarePants.
This is life in the KISS Army, where kids are drafted into service barely out of the womb.

Mackenzie's father, Patrick Durocher, 36, beams at his daughter as she sticks her tongue out ferociously like Gene Simmons.

This is his seventh KISS concert, but her first.

"Once you go, you're hooked for life," he says, explaining, as most of the KISS soldiers do, that the show is simply like no other.

Jul 15 2009
by Dave Cohen - Insite Magazine

With KISS having recently come off of a huge stadium tour across South America, Paul Stanley continues to keep busy. About ten years ago, as the result of a divorce, a friend suggested he try painting as a cathartic way of helping to express his emotions. He went and purchased brushes and canvasses and he's been at it ever since. Stanley has never been one to stand on the sideline. In the past he's played the lead in the Phantom of the Opera in Toronto and toured on his own in support of his solo release "Live to Win." He's currently producing the forthcoming KISS album, the band's first release of new material in eleven years, and continues to show his art work at Wentworth Galleries across the country. He recently took time out of his hectic schedule to speak with us.

Between touring with KISS, producing the new album, your growing family, your artwork, you've got a lot going on.

Itís been busy. Four months ago I had a little baby girl. Other than that we just finished a stadium tour of South America playing to anywhere from forty to sixty thousand people a night. Before that we did our biggest, most successful tour of Europe playing seven weeks, thirty shows to over four hundred thousand people. Then, I've got my art shows, which are normally once a month in different cities and Iím about a week from completing the first KISS album in eleven years which should be out in early October. Other than that, Iím taking it easy!
Jul 15 2009
Check out these 2 fan-filmed clips from KISS' SOLD OUT Montreal Concert. The clips feature highlights from the entire show.

Jul 15 2009
Love them or hate them; 70's theatrical rock band KISS is alive and well. The band recently announced on their official website www.kissonline.com that a new album is in the works and will be released in October 2009.

The new KISS album is the bands first studio album since "Psycho Circus" back in 1998.

Lead singer Paul Stanley is producing the new album and reports that "it is all written within the band and it rocks." Paul also says, "guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer will both handle lead vocals at some points on the album."

Bass guitarist Gene Simmons was quoted as saying, "The idea is to make the record quickly, like we did at the time of Destroyer, Rock And Roll Over and Love Gun. The idea is to work well, little by little, we can not spend too much time in the studio, and it has to be fast."

Gene described the new record in an interview with Rock Daily as having a "classic '70s rock & roll vibe. Meat and Potatoes." "There's nothing to prove to anybody, "Simmons said. "We're not interested in musical trends or anything else. We're too long in the tooth for that." Gene says, "This is the best record we've done in 30 years."

Whether you like KISS or not, they're a time tested true classic rock band that definitely gives everyone something to talk about. With the bands phenomenal stage antics you can't help but love the good show that these guys put on the stage and off.
Jul 14 2009
Here's KISS with 15,000 KISS ARMY members at last night's SOLD OUT show!
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