Aug 17 2009

Kiss to release new album at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club

The veteran heavy metal group, Kiss, is joining a growing list of classic acts putting out new music through the world's largest retailer.

"Sonic Boom" is due to be released only at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores on Oct. 6. The three-disc package will include a CD of the band's first new music in 11 years, re-recorded versions of famous Kiss hits and a live DVD.

Paul Stanley - one of the quartet's two original members, along with Gene Simmons - said the band chose to release the album at Wal-Mart because the store allowed them to make it memorable.

"They offered us an opportunity to do something that's very much in line with what we used to do with our classic albums, and that's to give people more than just an album of music," Stanley said in an interview last week. "We've always believed in trying to make an album a special event."
Aug 17 2009
You can now pre-order these new KISS SONIC BOOM t-shirts exclusively here at

Pictured are the KISS SONIC BOOM album cover t-shirt, Live Shot SONIC BOOM T-shirt and SONIC BOOM album cover babydoll.

Orders will ship on or around the last week of August.



Aug 16 2009
By Melanie Falina

Any rock music fan knows who Paul Stanley is.

Paul Stanley is the Starchild, the lust-oozing singer and guitarist of one of the biggest bands in the history of rock and roll.

Onstage he's a commanding presence, somewhat of a rock and roll preacher - if you will; a crooner, a lover, and a circus leader. And those jumps he makes in six-inch, knee-high boots are poetry in motion.

Paul Stanley is 'the one with the star painted on his face,' but the canvas Stanley works with goes far beyond the realm of greasepaint and lipstick. Although coming to know Paul Stanley as an artist may seem to some as if it's a new development in the man's life but it's far from it. Having majored in art, Stanley graduated from the acclaimed Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City - the school that the movie and television show Fame were based on.
Aug 15 2009
Check out this great KISS cake my sister made me for my birthday!


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Aug 15 2009

Here is a living testament for me to KISS. The band made a difference in my life. My custom airbrushed Ibanez RGT42DXBP features a KISS Dynasty motif. Dynasty is my favorite recording from the band. This artwork was done by JEFF RICH of RCA GUITARS, who did more than an amazing job for me. I feel lucky that I found an artist that was able to do this design with such detail.

KISS - thanks for changing my life and for changing the lives of millions of people all over the world!

Ray Gayo

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Aug 14 2009
KISS released their KISSOLOGY Volume 2 DVD set on August 14, 2007. Volume 2 1978-1991 is an expanded 3 disc set that boasts nearly 7 hours of rare or never-before-seen footage featuring notorious television interviews, KISS music videos and live concert footage.

Three separate bonus discs were sold only with the initial first pressings at select retailers.

The bonus discs contain:
The Largo, MD show from the Dynasty tour (sold only at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club)

The New York Ritz Club show from the Crazy Nights tour (sold only at Best Buy)

The Tokyo show from the Crazy Nights tour (sold everywhere except the aforementioned retailers)

KISSOLOGY Volume 2 debuted at #1 on the charts and was certified 6X Platinum.
Aug 14 2009
Check out these great new KISS Skins for iPods, iPhones and laptops! The KISS removable and reusable skins are available with the KISS logo, Love Gun and Rock and Roll Over artwork. These skins are made from premium grade 3M vinyl and adhesive technology so they apply easily and remove without leaving any residue. Also, a high gloss over laminate, which adds durability and a photo quality finish to is added to these skins.

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Aug 13 2009
What do you get when you combine Washburn Guitars, Boogie Street and Rock's FINEST frontman ever? Well... you could get a lot of things!! But, in this case - you get the FINEST electric guitar deal on the market today!

That's right, KISS legend Paul Stanley is working with Washburn Guitars and Boogie Street to bring you the Paul Stanley PS7000 Preacher Guitar Promotion! EXCLUSIVE to BSG!

So - why is this Guitar Promo the market's finest?

Well, how about this. The Beautiful Paul Stanley designed Washburn PS7000 Preacher guitar finished in Honeyburst. A final inspection and set up by one of the industry's finest guitar tech's, Fred Kowalo. A Washburn USA hardshell Preacher case. A Washburn Paul Stanley thickly padded 'gig bag'. A custom metal etched PS7000 truss rod cover. A large Washburn/BSG Paul Stanley vinyl dealer banner. A Boogie Street Guitars T-shirt. Free UPS Ground/Insured shipping anywhere in the cont. 48 states.

Oh about we throw in a Certificate of Authenticity...hand signed by Paul!
Aug 13 2009
KISS reached out the KISS Army and the design community to create original KISS artwork and compete for the best prizes around: Cash, KISS merchandise, a Meet & Greet with the band AND the ultimate KISS collectible...a print of their own design autographed by the band.

Fans responded in a big way, producing over 500 original designs in just three weeks!

Thousands of votes and comments later, the designs were presented to KISS. With some insight and input from DesignByHumans, these three designs were chosen as the winners of the KISS 2009 T-Shirt Design Contest.

Thanks to all those who participated in the contest!

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Aug 12 2009
The KISS / M&M's ad appears in the latest issues of Rolling Stone, People, Entertainment Weekly and Family Circle. These issues are currently on newsstands everywhere! The ad will continue to run in issues of TV Guide, USA Weekend, Sports Illustrated, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Garden, and other major magazines through October.

Limited edition KISS M&M's will be released in October!
Aug 12 2009
Check out the KISS Tribute band in this European car safety commercial!

Thanks to Maarten Bijnens for sending us the clip.

Aug 11 2009
Check out these just-approved KISS Rings from licensee Schuman Design of Germany. The KISS Rings will be sold soon in Austria, Germany and Switzerland through Amazon and Ebay. Retail price will be around $24.00.
Aug 10 2009
Here are some excerpts from a recent Deuce News interview with Michael Doret, designer of the classic "Rock N Roll Over" album cover. Michael's latest design, the brand new KISS Album cover will be premiered soon on KISSONLINE!

(DN) I am perfectly aware that such definition is way beyond complete as You are among the best designers around and that your art can be seen everywhere, know, we are so next to the D-Day to see the new KISS album title and cover revealed that...

(Michael) I would like more than anything right now to share with you what I did for the new cover. I am very excited about it because I think it is among the very best of my work. But an agreement is an agreement: I gave my word to Paul that I would not reveal anything before the "official" release of information, and I am a man of my word.
Aug 09 2009

Taylor Swift and her band play a hilarious prank on Keith Urban during their concert last night at the Sprint Center on Saturday (August 8) in Kansas City, Missouri.

Hi Gene,

Saturday night on our last night opening for Keith Urban, we played a prank on him. During his hit song, "Kiss a Girl", Taylor (Ace), myself (Gene), Amos (Paul), and Grant (Peter) came out in full KISS regalia. Our backup singers Caitlin and Liz along with our FOH engineer Russell were dressed up as Hershey kisses and tossed them out into the crowd. It was a lot of fun and it was captured on this video from YouTube. Thought you might enjoy it.

P.S. Thanks again for the birthday call in May!

Paul Sidoti
-guitarist for Taylor Swift

Aug 09 2009
Check out 'The Rock N Roll Chorus' performing "Tears Are Falling" at the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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