Jul 23 2009

Check out this fan's awesome KISS tattoos! These photos were taken backstage in Sarnia.

Photos by Spiro Papadatos for KISSONLINE.com
Jul 23 2009
Here's the next winning clip in the Ultimate KISS Fan Contest. This entry is from Eric & Debbie of Raleigh, North Carolina .

KISS brings people together!


Jul 22 2009
Here's the next winning clip in the Ultimate KISS Fan Contest. This entry is from Mari Porlan of Brazil.

Mari obviously put a lot of time and effort into this rockin' stop motion clip!


Jul 22 2009
Last year with a couple of friends, we started a KISS FAN Expo in our hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas. This Aug. 15th we are having a second one. The purpose of our conventions are to raise money for needing charities.

This year we are helping a seven year old boy, Knute Tate, who realized that there were homeless people in the town. By stepping up and being a hero with a great heart, he started raising money to build a new, bigger homeless shelter. Since October, Knute and his classmates have raised almost $10,000.

Fitting enough, our convention this year is focusing on "The Elder." I have written a play with two other guys and we are premiering the show in downtown Jonesboro, along with a small concert and memorabilia from around our area.

If a seven year old boy can raise $10,000, with a lot left to go, we as adults and KISS Fans should be able to at least do the same or more. Our goal is to raise at least $5000. We are calling out to ALL KISS fans for help us as we unite as one.

Support can be from ordering tickets for our event or by email contact at gaylontyner@yahoo.com. You can also help by sending a donation in care of the Salvation Army or Knute's Piggy Bank / PO Box 397,Jonesboro, Arkansas 72403.

Gaylon Tyner
Jul 22 2009
10 years of KISStory in Belgium is being celebrated in style. The 5 man tribute band from Belgium is pulling out all the stops on Sunday November 1st. At the Hippodrome in Kuurne, Belgium they plan a KISS Fan Expo with special guest LYDIA CRISS, the usual worldwide KISS dealers accompanied by a rock and metal market.

CLICK HERE for more info.

Lydia will be bringing along her fantastic coffee table book 'SEALED WITH A KISS'. Your chance if you don't have it already to purchase it at the expo. There will of course be a meet and greet moment and a Q and A round with LYDIA. Tickets can be purchased online and from halfway July at several ticket agencies in Belgium. Prices for the expo are 20 .

KISStory will be performing a special 'Dressed to kill/unplugged' set during the expo and will close the event with a MEGA BIG show. Anyone who's ever seen the band perform live know what to expect. An all over the top live show with all the kiss trimmings we all love. Fans who just want to see the evening show can get in from 19h30 for 10 Euro and when you dress up Halloween style you get in FOR FREE!!!

After the show, there will be a DJ-set and a Halloween party......More extra surprises concerning this expo will be revealed on this site in the near future.
Jul 21 2009

Fan Review by Mike Mariacher

There is nothing like the rush of a great KISS high!!! I am STILL riding it!!! Casino Rama was DESTROYED by a high voltage, high octane, and thunderous KISS onslaught that only the TRUE MASTERS of metal can provide.

Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy came to ROCK and were not shy about doing it to the MAX!!! This was an AWESOME venue for my 11th KISS show. If you ever get the chance to see KISS in the confines of an in-your-face setting like a casino, DO NOT pass it up!!! I know they just did a show last week for 90,000 maniacal fans, but the boys were playing like they were in front of 200,000!!!

I thought they were tight when I caught them last fall, but I honestly believe they blew that show completely away at the first date of the 2 night stand at Casino Rama. This lineup KILLS!!! The way they interact with each other and the crowd is unparalleled!

The KLASSIC KISS vaults were wide open as one MONSTER tune after another was unleashed on the rabid KISS ARMY members in attendance. The seasoned veterans as well as the new recruits were laid to waste by the KISS WAR MACHINE.

The electricity from the fans combined with the incredible energy of the band was EXPLOSIVE!!! With specter of a NEW KISS album looming on the horizon, KISS seems rejuvenated and more ALIVE than ever!!! I for one am completely STOKED for the NEW release!!!

Seeing them again was MAGICAL!!! When that curtain dropped, I was 12 years old again!!! It is a truly unique feeling that defies definition.

Each of the boys interacted a TON with the audience. Paul had quite a hot time with the ladies up front, Gene worked the crowd with bloody-spewing Demon antics, Tommy mesmerized the Rama crowd with his frantic fret work, AND Eric brought the crowd to their knees with his THUNDEROUS solo!!!

By the end of the show, the CREATURES OF NIGHT left the Casino crowd exhausted, scorched and wanting more!!! Thanks KISS for yet another CRAZY NIGHT!!!

Jul 21 2009
Thanks to all the fans who submitted their videos to the Ultimate KISS Fan Contest. There were so many great and creative clips that it was difficult to choose the five winners. Although not everyone followed the rules, we enjoyed viewing them all, and now we'd like to share them with you.

Over the next five days KISSONLINE will post the winners of the Ultimate KISS Fan Contest, in no particular order, -- one video per day!!

Today's clip is from Matt Payne. Enjoy!

Jul 21 2009
KISS Destroy Caesars Windsor Casino - Still the Hottest Band in the World

By Randy Falsetta
Photo by Tony Caldwell

The spectacle that is KISS live must genuinely be experienced to be fully understood and appreciated. Though it may be explained in articles much like this, it truly should be witnessed for one's self. The creativity in design as well as the preparation and execution of a show of this magnitude, undeniably deserves its ranking as one of the greatest shows on Earth.

Without scaling down the menacing stage ensemble in lieu of the 5000 soft-seater arena, crews worked two full days bringing the event to the Colosseum inside Caesars Windsor Casino. With the venue filled to capacity, the city often overshadowed by the neighbouring Motor City, Detroit, Michigan came alive. Amid their historic appearance at Cobo Hall in '75 (KISS's first sell-out of a major arena) and later at Tiger Stadium in '96 (launch of their reunion tour), the event seemed to hold more significance for fans and possibly for the band as well.

Jul 20 2009

Here are some members of the KISS ARMY rockin' out in Ottawa.

Photos by Spiro Papadatos for KISSONLINE.com
Jul 20 2009
By Eric Lewis

Foursome rocks through early anthems, sets Halifax sky a-light on Saturday!

Thousands of the KISS Army faithful stormed the Halifax Common to see their heroes, the Demon, Star Child, Cat Man and Spaceman, rock the East Coast for the first time since 1977. For over two hours on Saturday night, KISS played classic rock anthems and blew up everything in sight, leaving fans' ears ringing and their faces smiling.

Flames shot from the stage, fireworks soared high above the crowd, Paul Stanley sailed over the audience to a small platform on the sound booth and Gene Simmons breathed fire and spit up blood. To steal from the band's 1998 album title, this was indeed a "psycho circus."

And while KISS is arguably known more for its bombastic, over-the-top carnival of a stage show than it is for much of its music, the music can't be discounted.
Jul 20 2009
Here's KISS with the Halifax KISS Army at Saturday's Show on the Common!
Jul 19 2009

Here are a few more fan-filmed KISS concert clips from Canada!

Detroit Rock City from Halifax - July 18

Black Diamond from Ottawa Bluesfest - July 15

Jul 19 2009
KISS rocks, awes tens of thousands of faithful on Commons!

The sea of thousands of fans dressed up in rain ponchos, slickers and heavy weather gear looked more like the Kiss navy than the Kiss army on Halifax's North Common on Saturday.

Yet the fear of smeared face paint didn't deter the faithful from transforming themselves into the Starchild, the Demon, Space Ace and the Cat Man for the occasion. For all anybody knows, the real Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer could have been roaming the crowd and no one would have been the wiser.

I didn't feel compelled to put on the greasepaint, but if I had a time machine and could go back to the mid-70s to ask my 11-year-old self what bands he'd most like to see, the top two choices would be the Beatles and Kiss. The Beatles had been broken up for years at that point, and there was no way in Hades that my parents would let me go near those so-called "Knights in Satan's Service" and their legendary shows at the Halifax Forum.

Cut to three decades later and within the space of a week we've had ex-moptop Paul McCartney and those rock and roll action figures -whose acronym could more properly be Keep It Spectacular, Stupid - making for one giddily ecstatic inner 11-year-old by the time the legendary foursome took the stage on Saturday night to the primal pounding of Deuce.

Jul 19 2009
Pancake makeup? Check. Four-inch heels? Check.


WEARING thigh-high platform boots, Starchild face make-up, a kilt and a Gene Simmons T-shirt over massive arms covered in flame tattoos, Brett Kummer was a one-man Kiss army last night. The Halifax mechanic fashioned his concert footwear by gluing some wood to the bottom of old motorcycle boots.

"They're four-inch heels and I'm normally six-foot-two," said the gentle giant who sported a skull and crossbones necklace to the Kiss concert. "It's so I can see the band. A lot of people want to have their picture taken with me, but I just want to see Kiss, man."

Kummer, 39, wore the MacThomas clan tartan kilt because he's a proud Scot who plays bagpipes. "It's Kiss in Halifax, right? I would have brought the pipes but it's raining," he said. "It probably would have wrecked them."
Jul 19 2009


Here are a few pictures from our KISS Montreal After Show Party at the Hard Rock Cafe, immediately following the amazing KISS concert last Monday. The Hard Rock was filled to near capacity and guests were treated to KISS door prizes, Kostume Kontests and KISS Trivia. This occasion was an excellent opportunity for the Montreal KISS Army to come together as one to share there love and passion for the greatest band in the land.

Pasquale Vari (Montreal, Quebec)
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