May 14 2009

Ken Sharp is helping put together an official KISS book unlike any you've ever seen. This one will chronicle the history of the KISS fanzine phenomenon. Our intention is to honor all of your fanzine editors, your fanzines and of course all the KISS fans who read and enjoyed them.

What we need from you...

If you did a KISS fanzine, please send us the name of the fanzine, how many issues/years of service. Also, send us a page bio about yourself, how you became a KISS fan, why you decided to put together a KISS fanzine, and share a most memorable KISS experience. And please feel free to send us a photo of yourself that we can possibly use as well.

Please email your KISS fanzine info and text submissions to: .


If you send a photo, please be sure to provide complete information on the back with your name, address, phone # and name of your KISS fanzine

You can also send a disc with a scanned image; again, please provide your name, address, phone # and name of KISS fanzine. Also, be sure to follow the scan specs listed below:

300 DPI minimum size : 5' x 6'

In addition, we're looking for KISS fanzines from the '70s. If you ran your own KISS fanzine during that time or have copies of '70s KISS fanzines, we need your help and would greatly appreciate being sent copies as we'd like to use in the book.

Send materials (fanzines/photos) to:

Ken Sharp 16946 Burbank Blvd # 211 Encino, CA 91316 USA

By submitting photographs and materials (the 'Materials') you are not relinquishing any ownership rights that you may have in the Materials or in the underlying intellectual property rights in the Materials. However, by submitting the Materials, you are granting to KISS Catalog Ltd. ('KISS') the right to use the Materials for any purpose in connection with the KISS Fanzine book project (the 'Book'). KISS will have the right to use, publish, alter, or modify the Materials in its sole discretion and does not guarantee that it will use them in the Book. Submitted Materials will not be returned to you and you will not receive any compensation except for inclusion in credits and a statement of appreciation to contributors whose materials are used in the Book. By submitting the Materials, you are representing that you own the Materials and have the legal right to permit KISS to use them in the Book.

May 13 2009

On May 13th, 1976 KISS played their first ever UK show at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England. The show before a sellout crowd of over 2500 was the beginning of KISS' first European tour. In addition to shows in England, KISS performed in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Germany where the Scorpions were the opening act. KISS wrapped up the tour with a final show on June 6th at Ontmoetingscentrum in Harelbeke, Belgium.

Gene recalls KISS' first visit to England:

"On the way over to our first English tour, I was struck by the notion that this was the Land Of The Beatles. To me, the English Kings and Queens never meant anything. I have always looked at it as an archaic and rather silly posturing about past glories. But as cultural oddities, I suppose it had its own innocence.

Still, I was nervous to set foot on Holy Ground. We got off the jet in full makeup and the fotogs were waiting for us. We came through customs and jumped on street cars at the airport for foto ops.

I was aware it was drizzly and grey. I was hoping that would change in the next few days to sunshine. It didn't.

We had a female chaperone/record company person with us. And, she showed us the sites. I thought the least I could do was return the favor. I did.

We visited the Palace and posed with street Bobbies (the English police) and were soon to hit the stage in front of an English audience. Would they like us? Truth was, we never thought much about it. We had a job to do and that was to punish the audience. They had, for too long, stood still for sub par live bands.

It was our job to show them that there was at least one band who had the balls to introduce themselves with: YOU WANTED THE BEST, YOU GOT THE BEST...THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE LAND, KISS."

Set List for the Manchester show:

Deuce / Strutter / Flaming Youth / Hotter Than Hell / Firehouse / She / Nothin' To Lose / Shout It Out Loud / 100,000 Years / Black Diamond / Detroit Rock City / Rock And Roll All Nite / Let Me Go, Rock And Roll

May 13 2009
Here's Paul's interview with John DeBella on Philadelphia's classic rock station 102.9 WMGK. Paul discusses his art, the new KISS album and the KISS Demand It! Promotion.

May 12 2009

Fox News' O'Reilly Factor has a segment called the Culture Quiz and the subject tonight was the biggest albums of all time. During the segment introduction they showed several album covers and the top of the pile was Love Gun!

Thanks, Alexis Thompson
May 12 2009

Thanks Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy for seven fantastic concerts here in South America!

My name is Alessandro, from Brazil and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that KISS was going to do a concert in Buenos Aires...

After that, what a great surprise when I heard that they would play in Sao Paulo! Later, Santiago, Rio, Lima, Caracas and Bogota... A dream Come true!!!

I'm a fan since October 1983, and always had this dream of following KISS on tour. Despite I saw them in 94, (Monsters of Rock), 97 (Buenos Aires) and 99, (Buenos Aires, Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo), never thought I could have this kind of experience here, in South America.

Here's a photo of me with a happy face and my friend Luizi... moments before KISS had hit the stage in Buenos Aires... along with my valuable tickets and visas.

Once again... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Hope to see you soon!!! All the best!

Ale Amorin.

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May 12 2009

Happy Birthday To Eric...A Very Cool Cat!

All of us wish you a very happy birthday!

Have a purrfect day!
May 11 2009

Paul Stanley will be on The John DeBella Show on Tuesday at 8:05 am.

The Show aires on Philadelphia classic rock station 102.9 WMGK.

The audio can be streamed at .

Afterwards, the podcast can be heard at .

May 11 2009

KISS Tribute band to celebrate Armed Forces Day

IN CONCERT - North Carolina s Tribute to the hottest band in the world--- KISS! LOVE GUN is a tribute to KISS that draws influence from the 1977-78 Love Gun tour, and will be performing THREE shows on Saturday, May 16 at 5, 7, and 9 PM at the Fort Bragg Fair to celebrate Armed Forces Day. Fort Bragg is known as the 'Home of the Airborne and Special Operations Forces'. Come prepared to Rock and Roll All Nite and Shout It Out Loud! Don t forget the meet-and-greet with LOVE GUN after each show! The Fort Bragg Fair is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

May 16 at Fort Bragg Fairgrounds Bragg Blvd. via 1500 Howell St., Fayetteville, North Carolina 28307
May 10 2009

Here's another update on Custom Paul Stanley Guitars from our friend Eric McKenna over at Boogie Street Guitars.

‘RACING RED USA Custom Shop PS5 Preacher!

It s here!

As discussed in our prior video I mentioned that Washburn Custom Shop Director, Terry Atkins, did a couple of our PS5 guitars up in solid colors and high gloss! And this Racing Red monster does not disappoint!

I saw the guitar at Washburn last week but somehow - it looks even BETTER here at BSG!

Dan did a great job photographing the guitar however - Red is a very, very tough color - maybe the toughest - to photograph digitally.

This guitar is RED. Racing Red. Not Orange. Not Burgundy. RED!

It s outfitted with Red/Black open coiled Seymour Duncans. A JB in the bridge and a ‘59 in the neck. It has black hardware including a TonePros bridge and Grover 18-1 with… of course…KEYSTONE buttons. It s the BSG WAY!

There will other solid color PS5 guitars and more oil finish PS5 guitars. Paul digs them. I dig them. Washburn digs them. And most importantly - the PS5 owners really dig them!

Here are some pics and take note of a video to follow soon. The PS5 will be part of the May 6th Video Update.


Eric McKenna

For more information - check out or email me at or call me directly at 412-716-3150.

More photos at .
May 09 2009

Believe it or's already been a year since KISS opened their European ALIVE 35 Tour in Oberhausen, Germany! The 2008 Tour became KISS' most successful Tour of Europe ever!!

Here's a review from opening night:

WOW! What a way to open their Alive 35 European Tour! KISS just destroyed Oberhausen Arena with a blistering 2 hour and 17 minute set that featured the complete ALIVE album and a six song encore! From the opening of 'Deuce' to the ending of 'Detroit Rock City', KISS grabbed the audience by the throat and never let go.

The band's performance was a true team effort and everyone was on top of their game! Paul danced, pranced and belted out vocals like it was 1975. Gene was, to put it simply, the DEMON - menacing on both bass and vocals. Eric pounded the drums, sang lead on 'Nothin' To Lose' & 'Black Diamond' and also sang along with Gene on several other songs. Tommy blazed his way through lead after lead, as well as an awesome solo complete with rocket shooting special effects.

KISS is always powerful and energetic, but tonight they some how turned it up a notch! And to think, this was just the first show..can't wait for Munich!


Deuce / Strutter / Got To Choose / Hotter Than Hell / Firehouse / Nothin' To Lose (Eric lead vocals) / C'Mon And Love Me / Parasite / She / Watchin' You / Rock Bottom / 100,000 Years / Cold Gin / Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll / Black Diamond (Eric lead vocals) / Rock And Roll All Nite


Shout It Out Loud / Lick It Up / I Love It Loud (Gene split blood and flew to rafters) / I Was Made For Lovin' You / Love Gun (Paul flew to back of arena) / Detroit Rock City

May 09 2009

Here are the latest approved KISS Merchandise items.


- KISS Icons Pen

- KISS Destroyer and Love Gun Motorcycle Tank Stickers

- KISS Rock 'N' Roll Over Coffee Mug

- KISS IKONS Trading Card Binder
May 08 2009

Spark of Blue Software to build licensed iPhone apps, starting with KISS concert lighter

Yes, you too can own your very own virtual KISS concert lighter on the iPhone.

Just in time for the upcoming rock band s world tour, a new company called Spark of Blue Software has released the app on the AppStore for a mere 99 cents. When you go to a concert, you can run the app on your iPhone display like a screen saver and wave the flame around without any worry of burning your hand.

This is just the first of a series of Virtual Concert Lighters coming from the Los Angeles startup for the iPhone and iPod Touch, based on licenses...
May 08 2009

KISS' Rock The Nation Tour began May 8th, 2004 in Perth, Australia. The first full tour of the Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric lineup, would take the band to Australia, Japan, the US and Mexico. Throughout the tour Gene spits blood before "Unholy" and breathes fire during "War Machine".

In Australia, KISS performed eight shows including two intimate theater shows. During the Sydney, Australia Superdome show 12 members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra joins KISS for the last five songs. KISS also performs "I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock and Roll" for the first time live, while in Australia.

KISS then plays six shows in Japan, including three nights at Budokan in Tokyo before returning to the US for forty-two shows including Washington DC and Virginia Beach, VA, where KISS record their Rock The Nation DVD. Instant Live CDs are also available at many of the US shows. Fans order before the concert begins, and then pick up a CD live recording of the actual shows they've just attended on the way out!! During the West Palm Beach show, Paul becomes ill and dehydrated, forcing KISS to cancel the next two shows in Florida.

KISS end their 2004 World Tour with three dates in Mexico, performing twice in Monterey and the final night in Mexico City!

Set list most nights includes:

Love Gun / Deuce / Makin' Love / Lick It Up / Got To Choose / War Machine / Christine Sixteen / I Want You / I Love It Loud / 100,000 Years / Unholy / Shout It Out Loud /I Was Made For Lovin' You / Detroit Rock City / God Gave Rock And Roll To You II / Rock And Roll All Nite KISS also performed the following songs at some shows on the tour: I Pledge Allegiance / Tears Are Falling / Creatures of the Night / Dr. Love / She / Strutter / C'mon and Love Me / Parasite / Love Her All I Can / All the Way / Hotter Than Hell / Cold Gin / I Stole Your Love / Shandi / Goin' Blind / Psycho Circus / King of the Night time World

May 08 2009

It's been 26 days since I went to the Santiago rock city concert and still thinking about the songs, the fireworks, the icons...the whole show...I've been to a lot of rock concerts and this was by far the best!!

With the Alive songs + the encore you destroyed the stadium!

Check out these great pictures from the show!


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May 08 2009

By W. Brice McVicar The Intelligencer

Marcel Dubé can still remember the first time he saw the rock ‘n roll band KISS.

'My first introduction was when I saw them on the Paul Lynde Halloween Special,' said Dubé, who was six at the time, of the 1976 television special. 'I remember seeing them and I thought they were amazing and I wanted to be like them.'

Today, at 39, Dubé is as close to being a member of the band as one can — he is the drummer in the KISS tribute band Fried Alive. The group features four members performing classic KISS hits in full makeup.

Wearing his makeup and sitting behind his drum kit, Dubé only sings one major KISS song — Beth — but will be singing the praise of his favourite band this Friday at his workplace. Dubé said he plans to go to Stream on Dundas Street West at this week s end in full makeup and encourage his co-workers to visit where people can vote to bring KISS to their city. The city that gathers the most votes — Belleville is currently sitting at No. 93 — will be rewarded by having the band play there.

For Dubé, bringing KISS to Belleville would be a major accomplishment.

'I m spreading the word to the KISS Army and trying to figure out how I can get as many people as possible to vote,' he said. 'I d love to see them here. They re almost like superheroes the way they re dressed up and the make-up and there s lots of theatrics. You just don t see bands today who are anything like them.'

It s not just Dubé who is spreading the word and trying to have more people cast their vote online. The Belleville and District Chamber of Commerce has also come on board as a promoter.

Angela Genereaux, the chamber s chief executive officer, said a notice had been sent out to all members encouraging them to cast their vote.

'It s exciting. Anything we can do to bring KISS to Belleville is great,' she said. 'We have already witnessed the benefits of Big Music Fest and the Classic Rock Festival so just imagine the excitement we d see in a city of 46,000 if we brought KISS here.'

Votes can be cast at or visit and follow the link.

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