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Apr 16 2009

Here's a fan filmed clip of KISS' performing 'Deuce' at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires:

Apr 15 2009

by Ben Jonjak Photos by Isabel Guerra

My wife had never been to a rock concert. Sure, she'd seen a variety of shows and performances here in Peru, but she'd never seen a good old-fashioned rock and roll meltdown. So, when I found out that KISS was coming to Lima, I immediately rushed out to buy some tickets. I figured that my wife might as well be baptized by fire, and what better band to introduce you to rock than KISS! She was really excited about the idea right up until she saw the episode of 'Family Guy' where the husband takes his wife to KISS only to have Paul Stanley stick a microphone in her face during the show and...gasp...she doesn't know the words! Seeing this show traumatized my wife (she was sure the same thing was going to happen to her, thus bringing the show to an embarrassing halt), so she immediately started downloading KISS songs and practicing them with her students in class!

By the time the concert date arrived, we were ready! However, the absolute craziness of the swarming masses arriving at the Estadio Nacional took us a little by surprise. Making our way up Arequipa was a series of stops and starts, but that's what you have to expect when you have a gathering of 30,000 plus people. Such things don't happen everyday, you have to feed off the energy!

The thronging masses waited in the Estadio listening to blasting music from the towering speakers and waiting for the massive 'KISS' blazoned curtain to fall. Suddenly a voice bellowed from the darkness, 'Lima, you wanted it, you've got it!' and the curtain fell, the music swelled, and a massive fireball exploded into the night.

Standing on stage in their fairly intimidating (in the case of Gene Simmons anyway) spandex, leather, metal, high-heel, face-painted ensembles, was the legendary quartet of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. Stanley started the show at the top of his voice, but by the end he was spent (although that didn't stop him from heroically continuing with all the old KISS favorites long into the night).

KISS's show is more than a concert, it's a performance, and you get the sense that every second of the proceedings has been meticulously planned. From the pyrotechnics to the stunts, everything went off without a hitch. A highlight was Eric Singer's drum solo (during which I assume the other members went off to get some therapy for their strained vocal chords...those songs aren't easy to sing). In the middle of the solo, the whole drum kit was lifted up into the air with spraying gas issuing from beneath. Later came a tremendous guitar solo from Thayer, and a psychotic bass solo from Gene in which he filled his mouth up with some kind of red liquid and then spat it all over himself as he waggled his legendary tongue (we all knew that Gene would finish the performance drenched in something that looked more or less like blood). As a matter of fact, Gene Simmons all by himself would be a fairly interesting stage show. His spike-covered armor and feral battle paint combined with his penchant for prowling around the stage like a wild animal makes him a constant focal point. At the end of Simmons's solo, he was lifted up on a cable to the top of the stage where he intimidated the audience into giving him a roaring ovation (we truly believed he was going to fly down and beat the hell out of us if we didn't worship him, a true rock moment!).

Throughout the show, Paul managed the ceremonies with tremendous wit and charisma. KISS has been around since before time, and by now the band knows how to make an audience react. There were various shouting matches between halves of the stadium, a moment when Stanley had us screaming 'YEAH!' every time he thrust his fist into the air, and, of course, whenever things started slowing down, the band exploded back to life on the force of another thunderous fireball (you felt the heat flashes even in the crowd).

For a grand finale, Stanley flew out over the crowd on a cable and performed his final song on a platform in the center of the stadium. It was a pristine moment, and on the massive screens there was a spectacular image composed of Stanley in the forefront, the screaming crowd behind him, and the lit-up, pyrotechnic stage in the background. Martin Scorsese couldn't have composed a better image.

'Lima, you are numero uno!' Stanley screamed, and then the band withdrew into the darkness as a series of fireworks lit up the night. As the crowd spilled out into the streets, there was a collective sense of awe and euphoria (plus relief, I think, on my wife's part for not, in the end, having a microphone shoved in her face), and I know myself and more than 30,000 others are all looking forward to KISS's return to Lima, Peru!
Apr 15 2009

Here's the Peruvian KISS ARMY at KISS' packed Stadium show last night.

Photo for KISSONLINE by Dean Snowden.
Apr 15 2009

KISS was featured in yesterday's 'Ultimas Noticias' newspaper!

Thanks to Federico for the newspaper image!
Apr 14 2009

Here's a full-page ad for the KISS IKONS trading cards that will run in the June/July issue of Non-Sport Update (an entertainment trading card publication).
Apr 14 2009

Here's an update on our friend Christopher 'Critter' Smith. Critter is an 11-year-old KISS fan who's battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. Since we introduced you to Critter last month, KOL has received hundreds of emails from around the world asking for an update on how he is doing.

Here's a note from Critter's mom, Carol:

Critter is heading home tomorrow from the hospital for about a week, if we're lucky! Only because we need his test result from the next Bone Marrow Aspiration in order to start the next round of chemo that will decide which kind of chemo and how aggressive the next round will be. Things have been going well besides one scare with his blood pressure. We finally got that under control and now everything seems to be going pretty well! He still seems to be responding to the chemo, from what we can tell. We'll find out more about that from the Aspiration.

Critter's just thrilled and counting down the days until he will meet KISS!

Critter's mother also told us how much his spirits were lifted after hearing from Paul and Eric. With that in mind, if any members of the KISS Army would like to send a note or card to Critter, we're sure it would be well received!

Christopher 'Critter' Smith 947 York Street Newport, Ky. 41071
Apr 13 2009

Here's a TV commercial for KISS' Venezuela show:

Apr 13 2009

By Carlos Solano / ELTIEMPO Translated for KISSONLINE by Jill Cataldo

With unlimited theatrics, fireworks and a spectacle difficult to forget, the American band performed for the public, a majority of which rendered tribute to them with their own painted faces.

Under a torrential heavy shower, KISS opened the rock celebration at 8 p.m. with Deuce. A 40-meter flag of Colombia that had the four faces of the band painted on it (' The Demon' , ' Spaceman' , ' Catman' and 'Starchild') began to wave over head of the spectators.

'The rain doesn't bother me,' Paul Stanley said, and the thousands of rain-soaked attendees at Simon Bolivar Park enjoyed the concert of this legendary quartet of rock.

Stanley improvised fragments in Spanish of 'Guantanamera' and 'Cucurrucucu paloma.'

Before the New York band even took the stage, the crowd mulled with expectation and speculation over one piece of equipment: a pulley that extended from a platform to the central sound tower over the public promised to hold great surprises.

With this pulley, Stanley would fly over spectators, which he has done in numerous concert locations all over in the world. In the middle of a confetti spectacle, Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer played the final song of the concert.
Apr 12 2009

Here's another great live clip from KISS' Bogota show last night! This clip includes 'Forever'!

Thanks to Nuevoespectador for the clip.

Apr 12 2009

Here are some members of the Colombian KISS ARMY at last night's KISS show in Bogota!

Photos: David Campuzano / El Espectador

Apr 12 2009

By: Lilian Contreras Fajardo / ELESPECTADOR Translated for KISSONLINE by Jill Cataldo

Photo: Mauricio Riveros

Under a heavy rainshower, the band offered Bogota the best thing it's seen in 35 years.

This Easter, Colombians had the opportunity to see live an intense outpouring of rock and roll, thanks to KISS. Contrary to the popular 80's evil belief, the so-called 'Knights in Satan's Service,' offered in Simon Bolivar neither tortures nor animal sacrifices, though the show could certainly be considered a religious, fanatic experience.

During the concert's two hours, the American group professed its love and dedication to their public, who during the past 35 years had only hoped to see them in concert in Bogota. The show, almost an alternate rite during Easter season, demonstrated that the feelings of brotherhood and faith are not exclusive to any religious belief, but they also abound within a group of people - in this case, the 'KISS ARMY' - as the followers of the band denominate themselves.

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer appeared each in his own characteristic stage costume, each assuming a different personage based on Japanese Kabuki theater. In quite understandable Spanish, Stanley intoned 'Guantanamera' and said that the strong rain that then fell was not going to stop anyone from enjoying the concert. In addition, he added that Bogota is the Rock City of Latin America.

And although many people say bands in general 'must be getting old' or groups' 'musical careers must be in decline' for them to play in Colombia, the certain thing is that these four people exploded with energy on songs like 100,000 Years, Black Diamond, Love Gun, I Was Made For Lovin' You, Rock and Roll All Nite and Detroit Rock City, in which they changed the city to Bogota. At the official website of KISS Colombia, fans asked the band to sing Forever and God Gave Rock and Roll to You. The latter was forgotten, but the fans took a moment of silence in which each remembered their song requests. In the end, the band sang it acoustic, acknowledging that they did not have a lot of time to practice it, but that this time, it was a special dedication.

On April 11, 2009, Holy Saturday, the group offered, without a doubt, the most spectacular circus that has ever been seen in the country. Simmons ascended to the roof like a flying angel and Stanley flew to the sound booth hanging from a pulley. They sang and danced to their songs before returning to the stage where fireworks blasted and KISS said goodbye, appreciating the crowd's incredible energy and promising to return.
Apr 12 2009

Here's the Colombian KISS ARMY at KISS' packed Bogota Stadium show last night.

Photo for KISSONLINE by Dean Snowden.
Apr 12 2009

Hello KISS & the KISS ARMY!

We have created these beautiful KISS eggs!!!

Happy Easter Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric...and to the KISS ARMY everywhere!

Hope to see you soon here in Germany!

Best, Stefan & Dennis

LETTERS click here
Apr 12 2009

Here's a great 6 minute clip from KISS' Bogota show last night!

Thanks to Nuevoespectador for the clip.

Apr 12 2009

Here's a few photos from last night's SOLD OUT Bogota Show.

Photos by Héctor Fabio Zamora.
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