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May 05 2010
By Peter Keevil

KISS are undergoing a bit of a renaissance of late and it's not undeserved as they have bravely issued a new, critically-acclaimed, album Sonic Boom, when they could have easily seen out their days milking a nostalgia circuit every few years. Having said that, much of tonight's 20-song, 2 hour plus show is built upon their awesome back catalogue.

But hey, with the greatest respect, we were only here for one band. And that band is of course the HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD...

Speaking of HOT, if their US accountants had realised the price of petrol over here I am sure the amount of live flame used would have been seriously cut-back. It was as if KISS were trying to single-handedly burn away the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico such was the sheer amount of bombastic pyrotechnics used tonight.

This was a 'show' in every sense of the word; timed to perfection, with no room for ad-libbing, everyone knew what was expected of them in order to deliver. And deliver they did. This was quite possibly the best KISS show I have ever been to and there have been quite a few of my not inconsiderable years.
May 05 2010
Here's a fan-filmed clip of "Detroit Rock City" from Liverpool.

May 05 2010
Here's a clip of Gene breathing fire yesterday in Liverpool.

May 05 2010
KISS have never been a band to think small, but they have rediscovered the joys of working like a struggling club band. Richard Hodkinson meets a re-energised Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

by Richard Hodkinson

KISS have never been a band to think small, but they have rediscovered the joys of working like a struggling club band. Richard Hodkinson meets a re-energised Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

It's hard to remember a time when KISS - as a brand, as an image, as a logo - did not serve as a universal shorthand for rock'n'roll. Or at least for the excesses of rock'n'roll.

For 35 years lazy magazine editors have been able to reach into the archive for pictures of Gene Simmons breathing fire or Paul Stanley pouting outrageously and the point is made: this is what rock music looks like.

And it might be reasonable to suppose that the men themselves conform to this archetype; that the past four decades have been an exercise in barely diluted hedonism lit by a thousand flash bombs, peopled by
May 05 2010
Thanks to everyone for sending in their questions. Due to the overwhelming response, Paul was unable to answer every question, so we picked out the questions that were most frequently asked and most relevant to these forums and then a couple of stand-out questions.

Q: What made you decide to work with Washburn Guitars for your stage and signature guitars?

A: I think the key to great success is always a great team and great collaboration. That's why over the years I've sought out new partners from time to time. Washburn in an earlier incarnation had a terrific team, whereby there was no red tape to cut through or hoops to jump to see a design through from sketches to prototype. With the new Washburn team, I'm feeling that same excitement and the Flying V is the first indication of great things to come.

Q: When you sat down with Washburn to create your signature model, what was your main priority in what you were looking for?
May 05 2010
Photos by Mike Gray

From the second they made their entrance on a giant platform, Kiss hit the ground running, kicking off a two hour show of non-stop rock and roll mayhem. Complete with pyros, flaming torches an over-the-head guitar solo, and a familiar tongue that just refused to stay in its mouth, there was little chance of the venue roof staying on. Mining their ample back catalogue, along with cuts from current record, our highlight of the evening was the one-two-punch of 'Crazy Nights' and 'Calling Dr. Love', the former not seen performed on these shores for many a year.

For a band that's been going for the better part of 40 years, age shows no sign of wearying them. If you look the word "showmanship" up in the rock & roll dictionary, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are going to be leering back out of the page at you. We've got to admit - when God gave rock & roll to them, he made the right choice.

CLICK HERE to see more great photos from Liverpool.

May 05 2010
Glam rockers KISS bring their wild show to the Liverpool Echo Arena

by Gary Stewart

GLAM rockers KISS brought a spectacular show to Liverpool ECHO arena.

The heavily made up leather-clad troubadours, were in the city for the first time as part of their Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour.

This is the first tour in 11 years that Kiss have made of the UK so it was a rare treat for fans who dressed up as their idols with Starchild, Demon, Spaceman and Catman faces in the crowd.

The band, who have been together for nearly 40 years and sold 80 million albums, played fan favourites including Crazy Nights, God Gave Rock'N'Roll to You and I Was Made for Loving You.
May 05 2010
Metal Express Rating: 10.0/10


It's incredible to think that it's been almost 18 long years since KISS last played in this neck of the woods during their naked faced Revenge tour and with the intervening years being marked by a sporadic festival show or London appearance, the Northern KISS Army were hungry for action.

With a Top 10 album under their belts with their first album in over a decade, Sonic Boom has revitalised the band who famously claimed that their recording days were over and with the promise of an all new stage show and a revamped set list boasting the old, the new and the new/old the stage was set for the band to deliver the goods.

As showtime approached the sense of anticipation was almost tangible and when the lights finally went out the roar of excitement reverberated across the city and with the legendary opening battle cry booming out from the PA, Newcastle were ready for the time of their lives.
May 05 2010
By Brett Weiss

The self-proclaimed "hottest band in the land," KISS is indeed one of the most popular rock groups of all time, having sold more than 80 million albums during its almost 40-year reign. And, along with that other fabulous foursome, the Beatles, is one of the few bands in which each member has a distinct image and is readily identifiable by the general public. In fact, co-founder Gene Simmons has more than once called his beloved band "the heavy metal Beatles."

The original KISS lineup consisted of Gene "the Demon" Simmons (bass, vocals), Paul "Star Child" Stanley (rhythm guitar, vocals), Ace "the Space Man" Frehley (lead guitar, vocals), and Peter "Cat Man" Criss (drummer, vocals), each of whom lived up to his nickname by donning outlandish costumes (platform heels, spiky boots, shiny armor, black leather, and the like) and kabuki-style makeup.

The black-and-white face paint not only lent to the comic-bookish look of the band, it gave the members a shroud of mystery as, remarkably enough, few fans ever saw KISS without their makeup, at least until the airing of MTV's 1983 television special, KISS Unmasking, which featured naked-faced Gene, Paul, and, less interestingly, replacement members Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr.
May 05 2010
Check out these great comments from press reviews of KISS' concerts earlier this week.

All in all, KISS proved that when it comes to live shows they are still the best, and can quite happily still live up to those introductory words of "you wanted the best, you got the best." - eGigs

Thirty-six years on from their inception KISS remain a unique force to be reckoned with; an enigma - living legends who deliver a hearty rock romp of a night out as rip-roaringly bombastic as ever. You've gotta love them for it. - The Star Sheffield

And the sheer scale of this explosive event will leave a lasting impression on all those present. Rock stars just don't do gigs like this anymore but then KISS aren't just any old rock stars. - Rock On Rush

You'd think after almost 40 years of being a band they may have succumbed to perhaps slowing the pace a little in their live shows, but as the Sonic Boom Over Europe tour hit Newcastle's Metro Radio arena yesterday, I can honestly say I've never been so entertained. - Evening Chronicle
May 05 2010
Here are some younger members of the KISS Army at Echo Arena in Liverpool last night.
May 05 2010
Check out this the massive KISS concert banner in the centre of Ostrava, Czech Republic.

KISS will perform in Ostrava on May 21st.

Thanks to Tomas Sliva for sending KISSonline the photo!
May 04 2010

By Ruth Kilpatrick

AS SOMEONE who has only ever appreciated KISS from afar, I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly state that they are phenomenal.

You'd think after almost 40 years of being a band they may have succumbed to perhaps slowing the pace a little in their live shows, but as the Sonic Boom Over Europe tour hit Newcastle's Metro Radio arena yesterday, I can honestly say I've never been so entertained.

Opening with Modern Day Delilah, and with a whole lot of flames as accompaniment, their impressive stage entrance was merely the tiniest hint of things to come.

This, combined with vocalist Paul Stanley's seemingly genuine affection for the audience, meant that by the third song it was like a lesson in expert crowd control.
May 04 2010
Check out these great photos from KISS' Newcastle show.

American rock legends Kiss stunned the audience at Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena with a spectacular show!
May 04 2010
Thanks to the KISS Army UK for these great letters about KISS' Sheffield and Newcastle shows. Keep them coming! We love to hear what you think.

Subject: The greatest night of my life
From: Sarah, Northumberland on 05/03/2010

Just wanted to say thank you a million times over for the best night I've ever had last night in Newcastle. It was soooo worth the wait of 21 years - I cried tears of happiness and my ears are still ringing with the sound of the greatest songs ever! Please come back again soon I'd give anything to see you again! Even my other half who I dragged along was wanting to see you again. Now he believes what I have believed all my life - we wanted the best & we damn sure got the best!! xxxx

Subject: We wanted the best, we got the best, we got the hottest band in the world...KISS!
From: Liam on 05/02/2010

Just thought I'd say that you were totally awesome tonight at the metro radio arena. the best night of my life...until I see you again. hope you come back soon...NEWCASTLE LOVES YOU KISS

Subject: Sheffield Blown Apart
From: Richard Corry on 05/03/2010

Just like to say I've been a Kiss fan for nearly 20 years and the gig at sheffield was my fifth or sixth time of seeing them, This was the first time of the Eric and Tommy line up, I've never seen anything like it in all of my life, Best line up, best show, best everything, Still speechless, Roll on Birmingham And Manchester. Richard Corry
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