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Aug 05 2010
Guitar Center's 46th Anniversary Sweepstakes Featuring the $1,000,000 Dice Roll and KISS

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* Three (3) Guitars from KISS as follows: one (1) Washburn from Paul Stanley: one (1) Les Paul Standard from Tommy Thayer; and one (1) Axe-Bass from Gene Simmons.

* A "Meet & Greet" with KISS!

* The opportunity to play, as the "eligible contestant" the "$1,000,000 Dice Roll"

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Aug 05 2010
Rejuvenated band comes to Comcast Center on strength of well received new CD

KISS at the Comcast Center Mansfield, MA - Saturday, August 7


The previous Kiss studio CD "Psycho Circus" did little to prove that the band still had creative life in it.

The CD was billed as the return of the original Kiss, since it came in the midst of the reunion of guitarist/singer Paul Stanley and bassist/singer Gene Simmons with the two other original members, guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss.

"Psycho Circus," though, ended up being a lackluster effort on a musical level, and far less than advertised when it came to being called a triumphant return of the classic Kiss lineup.
Aug 05 2010
KISS have revealed that they are aiming to release a brand new studio album as early as next year.

The glam rock legends revealed to Rolling Stone magazine that their plan is to end their current touring cycle later this year, have a break and then head into the studio in February to work on the follow up to last year's excellent Sonic Boom. The new record will hopefully be with us by the end of the summer.

"Sonic Boom was something that fortified us and really united us in the sense that we're now celebrating everything we've done in the past, the present, and where we're going in the future," said Stanley. "Sonic Boom is not the last album. It's the first album in the next phase."

In the Rolling Stone article Paul Stanley revealed that the band faced a tough task fitting in newer songs with their hits, and why they are determined not to fall into the trap of mining their back catalogue for lesser known tracks.

"We don't want to fall into the thing where you have to play obscure songs," said Stanley. "I'm a big believer that a song is obscure for a reason: Songs that aren't as popular aren't as good."

KISS' Hottest Show On Earth Tour is scheduled to run until the end of September in North America.
Aug 04 2010
KISS frontman Gene Simmons spoke with Donny Bonaduce this morning to discuss the band's tour and upcoming show in Camden.

Aug 04 2010

The Pacific Legends Golf Classic hosted by Tommy Thayer generates
over $425,000 in an exciting two days of entertainment, music and golf

FOREST GROVE (Aug. 4, 2010) - Perfect weather, a star-studded field of celebrities and two days of entertainment, music and golf, has translated into another huge success for the Pacific University Legends Golf Classic.

Hosted by KISS guitarist and Beaverton native Tommy Thayer, the fourth annual tournament grossed over $425,000 to benefit Pacific University's 21-sport NCAA Division III athletics program. For the first time, the event was a sell out with over 400 people attending the Sunday dinner, auction and concert, and 185 people participating in the Monday golf tournament. The event was held at The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club in Aloha.

"I sincerely thank everyone involved for making the 2010 Legends Golf Classic a huge win for Pacific University," Thayer said. "Legends continues to become bigger ever year and 2010 tops them all. We will continue to make a difference in the lives of Pacific University's student-athletes."

KISS co-founder Gene Simmons joined Thayer as the featured celebrity at this year's tournament. Simmons filmed an episode of his reality television show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, at the event, focusing on his first-ever attempt at playing golf. The episode is schedule to air early this fall on the A&E Network.

Simmons himself was a moneymaker for the University as the opportunity to play golf with him and KISS manager Doc McGhee raised $30,000 at the Sunday live auction. The opportunity to play golf with tournament host Thayer fetched $10,000.
Aug 04 2010
KISS becomes first band to introduce live interactive concert photo experience for fans!

KISS (, the iconic American rock band that has sold more than 80 million albums, played for millions and become an integral part of the American culture, has just notched another first in their long list of stellar achievements: Liveshare by Cooliris featuring KISS (, an exciting mobile photo-sharing application that will launch on KISS' The Hottest Show on Earth tour this summer.

Fans attending The Hottest Show on Earth tour, KISS' biggest, loudest, most over-the-top concert tour ever that kicked-off July 23 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, will become the first to have photos of KISS, themselves, and their friends experiencing the raw power and excitement of a live KISS concert, appear live on giant KISS video screens.

Through a free downloadable app, KISS fans can snap photos during the concert with the highlights being displayed on the KISS jumbo screen. Users will also be able to share photos to Facebook and Twitter, bringing their friends into the live concert experience.
Aug 04 2010

KISS is featured in this month's issue of the Dutch Aardschok Magazine.

Thanks to Bram Lodewijk for sending the image to KISSOnline.
Aug 03 2010
Here's the exclusive interview as appears in our August Anniversary Buyer's Guide


Most lists of 100 things to do before you die involve travel to exotic locations and participating in some sort of extreme sport, but if you are a musician your bucket list should also include attending a KISS concert.

For the last 35 years KISS has staged a spectacle unlike any other in the rock and roll business—one that keeps getting bigger and better every time they go out on the road on tour. This year's tour, called "The Hottest Show on Earth," is a two-hour extravaganza filled with enough fireworks and pyrotechnics "to bring down low-flying aircraft," promises KISS rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley.

"When we go on stage, we want people in the audience to go, 'This is what a rock concert is supposed to be!" says Stanley. "Our show started out by us wanting to get up on stage and show people how it was supposed to be done. We wanted to be the band that we always wanted to see but never saw. We still go out there every night and try to be the ideal band."

Fans can always count on seeing bassist Gene Simmons spewing mushroom clouds of fire, Les Pauls that shoot fireworks, and more confetti than a Wall Street ticker tape parade celebrating a World Series victory by the New York Yankees. This year's tour includes massive video screens that give fans close up views of all four band members in performance, multi-colored flame explosions, and hydraulic platforms that lift band members high into the air while spraying out more fireworks and pyro.
Aug 03 2010
Speaking with Gene Simmons: KISS still Alive after 35, and 'better than ever'

Posted by John J. Moser

Four years ago, when Kiss frontman and co-founder Paul Stanley was promoting his first solo disc in 28 years and first solo tour ever, he said in an interview that slipping sales and flagging interest in any Kiss music besides the hits made him doubt the band would ever again record a new album.

It had already been eight years since Kiss recorded "Psycho Circus," the first disc featuring the band's original members in nearly 20 years, amid a five-year reunion tour that brought Stanley and co-founder Gene Simmons back together with former members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

Fast-forward to today.

Kiss not only recorded a new album, "Sonic Boom," in 2009, but it became the group's highest-charting disc ever, reaching No. 2 on Billboard's albums chart.
Aug 03 2010
For the last 35 years KISS has staged a spectacle unlike any other in the rock and roll business—one that keeps getting bigger and better every time they go out on the road on tour. For this summer's tour KISS has partnered with Guitar Center for a unique GC Onstage competition that offers 22 unsigned bands in 22 cities once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to open for KISS. Fans in each city will select their five favorite unsigned bands, and the members of KISS will review each of the five finalists and select one winning band for each show. In addition to opening for KISS the best of the 22 bands, as selected by Kiss, will win a $10,000 shopping spree at Guitar Center.

Aug 03 2010
By Brian McManus

The idea is pretty damn solid. Four guys, inspired by the New York Dolls but too ugly to pull off the whole androgyny thing, decide instead to dress like Japanese Kabuki warriors, spit blood, breathe fire and pen songs about staying up all night and partying ev-ah-ree day. That's KISS, who now, after 36 years of lineup and costume changes are once again circling the globe on their Hottest Show On Earth Tour. We caught up with KISS drummer Eric Singer - in the band on and off since '91 - to talk about the KISS machine, the fabric of Americana and what it feels like to be a permanent understudy.

The KISS monster keeps growing. Why is that?

"I think it's a couple of different factors. We noticed a change when we toured Europe in 2008. We noticed that all of a sudden, 'Wow there's a lot of kids here, like teenage kids.' It wasn't just Mom and Dad bringing little kids to the show, like babies, it was teenage kids coming on their own, like you would expect with this brand-new band or a young band. We thought, 'This is just Europe,' because we hadn't been there in a few years. And then we went to South America and Australia and New Zealand, and everywhere we went it was the same thing. It was a younger audience.

"The band has become a part of the fabric of Americana. When you think of America, a lot of people think of Coca-Cola or Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper, McDonald's, Disneyland, Universal Studios. I think KISS fits right in with those things. It's part of American fabric. It's become an iconic thing that you think about as part of America. Everywhere you go, you can show the KISS logo or the makeup designs of the guys, and everybody will go, 'Oh, that's Kiss.' I mean, they'll know it even in Malaysia."

A lot of that is to do with Gene being a master brander, right?

"It's not just Gene. I love Gene and I respect Gene, he's very much a business-minded guy, but he's not the one that invented everything KISS ever did. Ace Frehley came up with the KISS logo. So you've got to give credit where it's due. A lot of our costumes, all the things that we wear now, Paul Stanley sat there and he sketched them and designed them all out himself. When we do photo sessions Paul Stanley goes out and goes to Home Depot, and buys supplies with some of the crew guys, and he puts together the sets of how he wants it to look for the photo sessions. I mean, a lot of the stuff we do is hands-off, but a lot of the creative stuff, I have to give credit, is more Paul.
Aug 03 2010
'KISS' Scratcher Brings $50,000 in Good Fortune to Alamogordo Fan

ALBUQUERQUE - You could say Judith "Judy" Aguirre got a KISS for luck.

Aguirre, who lives in Alamogordo, New Mexico, won $50,000 playing the New Mexico Lottery's "KISS" Scratcher. "I love KISS and I love Gene Simmons," Aguirre told lottery officials in Albuquerque. "When I heard the game had come out, I just had to play."

Aguirre, a KISS fan since the 1980s and a loyal viewer of reality show "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," bought the ticket Tuesday morning. After winning $10 and $15 on "KISS" tickets played earlier in the month, Aguirre said she never expected her next ticket to reveal a five-figure sum.
Aug 03 2010
Dale "The Demon" Torborg made a rare appearance at a charity event in Orlando this past weekend benefitting breast cancer research. Real Radio 104.1 Monsters in the Morning asked The Demon to take part in order to raise money for "Rock Pink" ( The Demon was one of the highest bid on celebrities at the event helping to raise over $36,000 for breast cancer research. The Monsters main DJ, Russ Rollins a huge KISS fan, joined Dale Torborg at the last KISS show at Cobo Hall last year.
Aug 03 2010
KISS' Hottest Show On Earth Tour continues this week with stops in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

August 6, 2010 Susquehanna Bank Center Philadelphia, PA

August 7, 2010 Comcast Center Boston, MA

Aug 03 2010
by Gil Kaufman

People who complain that Kiss shows are lame have never been to a Kiss show. Because here's the thing about any concert you go to by the veteran New York-bred greasepaint rockers: You will get 100 percent. Paul Stanley's vocals (always from the rough side of town) may be a bit thin a times, and perhaps bassist Gene Simmons stomps more deliberately in his massive high-heeled dragon boots than he did 30 years ago, but in all the times I've seen the band over the past 20 years, never once have they phoned it in.

Which is why Kiss is also recession-proof. A perfect example was their hit-packed show at Cincinnati's Riverbend Amphitheater on Friday night (July 30). Yes, it was nearly identical to one I saw years ago at Dodgers Stadium, but ask anyone in the maniacal sold-out audience what they thought and you were likely to get a raucous high five from someone wearing a Kiss T-shirt who was modeling Kiss face paint and dragging along a couple of third generation mini-Kiss fans whose minds were just blown. And, chances are, they just got out of the merch line where they bought their umpteenth concert tee.

I brought along a skeptical friend who had never seen the band for a stop on their "Hottest Show On Earth" tour, and by the time the massive confetti canons were belching two forests-worth of fluff into the air during the blinding fireworks explosion that was "Rock and Roll All Nite," he too was one of those high-fivers who couldn't get the grin off his face.
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