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Mar 20 2011
By Joel Ortiz Rivera
Translated for KISSonline by Jill Cataldo

After almost four decades, some might say seeing Kiss for the fifteenth time is almost the same as seeing them for the first time: the omnipresent lighted KISS logo, the makeup, Gene Simmons spitting blood and fire, smoke, lights, explosions and everything else in the KISS theme.

But, this is precisely the appeal of KISS, and those who saw them for the first time at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot now know why most longtime fans continue to see the band year after year, wherever they tour throughout the world.

For nearly two hours last night, KISS controlled the public at will with songs ranging from the first album to the recent"Sonic Boom" and much of everything the band's recorded in between.

The first show of this year's 'The Hottest Show On Earth" tour started about 9:15pm with the now-requisite introduction "You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world ... KISS."
Mar 19 2011

By Hector Calzada
Translated for KISSonline by Jill Cataldo

After an absence of 13 years, New York band KISS came to shake up Puerto Rican fans on Saturday as part of their "The Hottest Show on Earth" tour.

KISS hadn't visited the island since its previous concert in 1998. The band, made up of Paul Stanley (guitar, vocals), Gene Simmons (bass), Eric Singer (drums) and Tommy Thayer (guitar), blew the stage of the Coliseo José Miguel Agrelot with a setlist of their most famous hits, as well as some from their latest album, 2009's "Sonic Boom."

During the night, the band performed classics including "Love Gun," "Lick It Up" and "Rock and Roll All Night."

The concert began at 9:07 p.m. when the public heard that well-known phrase that ultimately marks the beginning of the each show: "You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world, KISS!" This alone was enough to charge the rock show with adrenaline. Then, the curtain fell and the public witnessed the best stage show ever installed in the Coliseum for a concert, full of lights, fire, and the logo of the band that always shone through the night.
Mar 19 2011
The Houston Chronicle reports, "It was obvious that the KISS Army took over the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Tuesday. Even bullfighter Cory Wall decided to sport the famous makeup during his routine prior to the bull-riding competition."

Photo by Karen Warren for the Houston Chronicle.
Mar 19 2011
Here are some more great photos of KISS rocking to a massive audience of over 72,000 people on Tuesday night!

Photos by Dean Snowden for KISSonline.
Mar 18 2011
By Howard Cohen
Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSonline

You can take Kiss out of the arenas, but you can’t take the arena show out of Kiss.

The veteran, face-painted hard rock band scaled down its stage show a bit to fit its thunderous act into the 5,000-seat Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino near Hollywood Thursday night. Still, the volume of its music and the plentiful pyrotechnics packed enough wattage to delight an all-ages crowd.

In fact, one might have checked the calendar on their smart phone because Kiss drew so many pre-teens and their parents who dressed in Kiss face paint and, in many cases, full Kiss regalia, one might think it was 1979 again.

Given the already surreal manufactured reality of the colorful Seminole grounds, it almost felt like stepping onto the set of the Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park movie with hundreds of big and little Kiss extras.

“We don’t usually get to play places this small,” lead singer Paul Stanley screamed after Kiss opened its two-hour concert with a newer headbanger, Modern Day Delilah, from its return-to-form 2009 album, Sonic Boom.

“Makes us feel we’re back in the old days,” he continued, “so we’re going to play old classic stuff.”

Stanley, 59, then led his Kiss founding partner Gene Simmons and replacement members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer into a set heavy on songs from the first eponymous Kiss album in early 1974 like Cold Gin, Black Diamond and Firehouse, a simple, but effective rocker that still ends with piercing fire alarms and spinning red lights.
Mar 18 2011
Check out this great fan-filmed clip of "I Love it Loud" from the Hard Rock Hollywood, Florida last night!

Mar 18 2011
Gene Simmons of KISS donates his famous Punisher bass guitar to the Hard Rock Cafe at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood on Thursday, March 17, 2011 in Hollywood, Fla. The guitar will be added to the property’s legendary memorabilia collection.

(AP Photo/Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Ralph Notaro)
Mar 18 2011
Andrés O'Neill, Jr.
Photo by Rafael Pichardo
Translated for KISSonline by Jill Cataldo

KISS's Puerto Rico show opened with "Modern Day Delilah, from their latest album Sonic Boom. From there, the band took fans on a ride to the past, all the way back to the first album, 1974's KISS, with "Cold Gin." Two more hits from the early years followed (Let Me Go Rock 'n' Roll Firehouse) and then KISS dove into its new material again with "Say Yeah."

Although the concert offered a great variety of music from KISS's repertoire, the classic antics of bassist Gene Simmons largely cements the stage presence of KISS. As early as the fourth song, "Firehouse," Gene spit out a huge blaze of flames. Later, just before "I Love it Loud,"Gene vomited blood. And of course his legendary tongue-wiggling was ever-present throughout the concert.

Kiss is one of those rare rock bands (if not the only one) in which all members sing. Indeed, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons do sing most of the band's songs, but both the drummer Eric Singer, as well as lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, took the microphone too. Thayer sang "Shock Me," and Eric Singer lent his vocal stylings to "Black Diamond" and the only ballad of the night, "Beth."

Similarly, the four members of KISS also speak directly with the public. Contrary to the "rule" that only the lead singer interacts with the audience and other musicians are simply "there," the four members of KISS always interact with their fans. During the show, Paul Stanley spoke in Spanish that, although mixed with English, was perfectly clear.
Mar 18 2011
Here's a television news segment about KISS's return to Puerto Rico, which features fans sharing their excitement about the show!

Mar 17 2011
Here are some more great video clips from KISS's show on Tuesday night in Houston: Eric singing "Beth," and a montage of highlights from the show, including "Detroit Rock City" and Paul leading the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance!

Mar 17 2011
Reviews of KISS' RodeoHouston show Tuesday night continue to roll in. Here are excerpts from some Houston-area publications:


Over the past 70 years Houston's annual rodeo has welcomed rock acts from Elvis Presley to Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Earlier this week Kid Rock nearly blew the Reliant Stadium retractable roof open with a performance that may have looked a little country, but was definitely rock n' roll.

Never, however, has any band stepped onto the mobile rodeo stage covered in white make-up, sweat, brimstone and sensuality like American glam metal icons KISS did Tuesday night.

"How you doing, Houston?," shrieked KISS lead singer Paul Stanley as he introduced a one hour, 12-song set of glam metal the likes of which RodeoHouston had never seen...

I had my doubts that a band known for a stage arsenal of pyrotechnics and wires that allowed Stanley and Simmons to fly around the stage like kabuki bats could be scaled down for rodeo and still work. Their ability to unleash hell on stage with smoke, fire, flaming projectiles and Simmons' disgustingly long blood-spitting tongue is part of what makes a KISS show a KISS show.

It did.

In addition to tighter, energized versions of KISS standards like "Detroit Rock City," the reinvigorated musicians brought back lesser-known (but no less loved) favorites... Even more impressive, they have recorded new material, like two-year old album Sonic Boom, that has enhanced their discography. Another new KISS album is expected later this year.
Mar 16 2011
By Allison Wagoner

KISS - Reliant Stadium - March 15, 2011

We'll drive you wild with our photos from last night's show.

In Tom Snyder's 1979 interview with the original members of KISS, only two of which remain, he asked bassist Gene Simmons, "What would happen if you went out on stage for a concert and you didn't set off the fireworks, didn't break the guitar, and didn't have the smoke, fire, and blood?"

Simmons responded astutely, "It would still be a rip-roaring rock and roll show because...we don't stand still when we play our instruments. We run around and pretty much raise hell."

Over 30 years later, Aftermath wanted to test that theory, since we were aware of some of the stage restrictions at Reliant Stadium. There was no blood and not as much fire as we expected, but there were plenty of pyrotechnics for the group to put on a decadently distinctive KISS show, playing 12 songs in their entirety in just an hour.

​We were hot with expectancy before the lights even went off. We delightedly watched those little mutton-busters get scared out of their minds as a rodeo clown with full KISS makeup hoisted them up after the inevitable sheep trampling.

Imagine being five years old, strapped to a running sheep in front of 70,000 people, and then busting your ass just to be saved by an old man dressed like Gene Simmons. That's traumatizing stuff, man.

When the lights went out and the initial fireworks were over, we watched a video of the members "getting ready" and "approaching the stage." The band rode out to the stage on golf carts and the customary introduction boomed through the stadium: "You wanted the best, you got the best: the hottest band in the world, KISS!!"

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer then opened with "Modern Day Delilah" from their 2009 release, Sonic Boom and then went back to 1976's Destroyer with "Shout It Out Loud." Commence the Simmons guitar-licking and tongue exhibit, Stanley pick-spitting, and drawn-out Thayer solos.

Stanley warmed the Houstonians up quickly, mentioning our long history together. "We go back a long way," he said. "You people are some of the finest people we've ever played for... we would not miss being here."
Mar 16 2011
Photo by Karen Warren / Houston Chronicle

The newspaper clip on the top left is from the front page of today's Houston Chronicle. The enlarged photo is a "Photo editor's top picture" on the paper's website.

Casey Starnes, 12, of Temple, Texas, sports a Paul Stanley "Starchild" as he and his family prepare to see the KISS concert at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston.
Mar 16 2011
No One can comprehend the devastation and destruction that our friends are enduring.

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Mar 16 2011

By Jill Cataldo for KISSonline
Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSonline

It was a night in KISStory like no other.

On March 15th, KISS invaded RodeoHouston. A crowd of 75,000 screaming fans packed the Reliant Stadium to witness KISS rocking on the arena's 360-degree rotating stage.

Playing an hour-long setlist filled with KISS classics, the band brought their signature sound, songs, and stage show to Houston... with a few differences from the "traditional" KISS concert fans may have expected.

-KISS arrived at the stage in a caravan of golf carts, to thunderous applause from the audience.
-Because of the rotating stage's setup, there was no giant KISS logo sign present.
-There were no pyrotechnics on the stage either. (Instead, pyro was set up throughout the arena on the stadium floor.)
-Eric sang "Beth" while standing behind the drum kit.
-The guys played "Beth" on electric guitars with the distortion turned off, instead of acoustics.
- There was no confetti during "Rock and Roll All Night." (Confetti and the rodeo's dirt floor do not mix.)
- Despite being an indoor arena, an enormous indoor fireworks display followed the show, including many deafening aerial displays that filled the room with sound, smoke, and explosions.

And yet, this show was one of the most memorable and unique KISS concerts in memory. KISS looked great, sounded phenomenal, and did what they do best -- entertained an enormous crowd of fans who rocked, sang along, and immersed themselves in the KISS experience.
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