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Sep 16 2011
When I got the mail today, there was a surprise in my mailbox - luggage tags for the KISS Kruise!

There's a card in the bag that says "To get the party started early, here are some luggage tags for you and your cabinmates. These will help you find your fellow KISS Navy friends when heading to the port. If you're ready for a wild ride, let's hear you say YEAH! See you on board! KISS & Sixthman"

I got an email today too saying there will be free KISS pajamas to the first 500 people who go to the Thursday night party on the Kruise. Can't wait! - Jill

Sep 14 2011
Thanks to Martin Zamorano of KISS FEVER Agentina for sending us his interview with Eric Singer.

First thing, Eric, we'd like to thank you very much for your time, your kindness and for being always available to speak with us. Let's start with the interview.

Have you guys planned some new stage tricks for the new KISS show?

We will have some new ideas for the next tour. Not sure exactly what as it is a work in progress...

Can you tell us something about the KISS Cruise?

You have to attend to find out the surprises that are in store for the Kruise ! :-)

We reckon that KISS, at this point of the career of the band, has nothing else to prove. In your case, being a member of the band for twenty years, do you think that there's still something special to achieve for KISS? What are the goals the band is after nowadays?

KISS is only KISS at this point. We make music that is not in competition with anyone else or trying to chase trends. MONSTER will again be a testament to this !

Do you have any plans to record again with ESP?

No plans at this time, but you never know what might happen :-)

What can you anticipate us about the MONSTER sound? Is your work in this record closer to that in "Revenge" or in "Sonic Boom"?

We do not like to give a reference to other records but that seems to always happen as a way to let people know the style or direction. MONSTER will stand on it;s own and will be Monstrous in sound!

Sep 14 2011
Your Mind Cannot Handle the Arrant Awesomeness Of This Comic Book Cover

by Glen Weldon

... so we're showing you just this tiny detail from it first.

Look at it for a while.

Take it in.

We'll reveal the cover in its full splendor after the jump, once your body's had some time to adjust. We don't want you to get the cool-bends, after all, wherein tiny bubbles of coolness work their way into your joints to cause tremendous pain. We're miles away from a hyperbaric chamber.

Thus: Caution shall be our watchword.

While we're waiting, here's some details about the comic book in question.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story at

Sep 14 2011

Following the success of the "One Nite KISS, Waiting for the Boom" in 2009, to celebrate the forthcoming KISS Monster album and related new Tour, DeuceNews proudly presents: "The Italian KISS Expo 2011" featuring the mighty KISS drummer Eric Singer!!

Eric will be the special guest at the 2011 Italian KISS Expo at the Dancing La Montagnola in Campogalliano (MO) on December 2.

Our friend Keith Leroux from KISSOnline will be also attending the event with the greatest Official KISS merchandise!

Tribute bands Live4Win and JulietKiss will perform the hottest KISS songs, KISS dealers and Washburn Guitars booth will be there for you and more...See you all there!!

A special thanks to our partner in crime Enrico Ronzoni

Tickets pre-order and detailed info soon at

The 2011 Italian KISS Fan Expo is a fan produced event. By the fans, for the fans!
Sep 14 2011
Hey Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric,

This past Saturday, I got my new KISS tattoos with the kanji symbol that Eric Carr made part of his drums. You are my favorite rock band in the world. My tattoos represent my full commitment to the band and the KISS Army!

I can't wait to hear the MONSTER album, and hope to see you in Mexico City on the next tour. Thanks for being an inspiration for me and the KISS Army!!!

Nos vemos pronto en Mexico!!!

Ciudad de Mexico

Sep 14 2011
We are pleased to announce that Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed
will be this year's Honorary Co-Chairs.

Take part in the action! Become a driver, sponsor or donate to a car Rally Driver!

The Rally for Kids with Cancer™ Scavenger Cup is ignited by the desire to help end kids' cancer.

One day there will be a cure for cancer!

The Rally for Kids with Cancer Foundation strongly believes in this statement. But the journey for a cure will not be possible without your support. Please join us in Toronto on September 16 & 17, 2011 as we Rally and FIGHT children's Cancer.

The Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup is one of the most exciting and effective charitable fundraising initiatives providing critical funds for care, treatment and research for kids suffering from cancer.

Our fund raising philosophy is driven by the belief that by making a difference in the lives of children, we are making an invaluable investment in our future, community and our world. Our hope is that through the funds our events raise for the foundations and hospitals we support, we will become a step closer to one day finding a cure for cancer.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to "Rally for Kids with Cancer"!
Sep 14 2011
Check out this quote from Alice Cooper discussing KISS from a recent interview with Justin Tedaldi of Examiner.

Out of curiosity, what is your relationship like with the band KISS?

Cooper: "Well, we knew KISS before they were KISS. Like before they called the Dodgers the Brooklyn Dodgers, they were a bunch of different things. Basically, we told them where to buy their make-up, you know? I think the only thing I said to them was, 'You’re gonna get criticized anyway because you’re wearing make-up, and people are going to immediately equate you with this.' And what they said in the press was very smart, you know: 'If one Alice works, than four ought to work.' And they were smart also do a show that wasn’t anything like my show. They used pyro and lasers and all the stuff that Alice didn’t use.

Gene [Simmons] is very smart, and so is Paul Stanley, and they’re smart enough to work with Ezrin, and they kind of chose him for what they were doing, and it worked. I’ve never been at odds with KISS, ever. They’ve always been guys that we’ve gotten along with; we’ve never really been at each other’s throats at all. In fact, I’ll probably be the one that’s championing them for the [Rock and Roll] Hall of Fame."

In the photo: Here's KISS with Alice Cooper and his band from backstage in New Zealand 2008.
Sep 13 2011
Brooke Ostrander, our friend, multi-instrumentalist and keyboard player in Wicked Lester died of cancer on Sept. 3rd. After the dissolution of that band, he went on to become an impassioned and devoted high school music teacher. He lives on in his family members and all the students who were blessed by his teaching.

We will all miss him.

OBITUARY: William Brooke Ostrander

William Brooke Ostrander, a music educator at Missisquoi Valley Union High School for 26 years, passed away Saturday afternoon, September 3, 2011, in the Northwestern Medical Center surrounded by loving family and friends.

Brooke had an unending passion for music from the time he was a young boy, participating in numerous ensembles in High School, All State Music Festivals, and an award winning drum and bugle corps in New York City. He received his baccalaureate and master degrees, Magna Cum Laude, in Music Theory and Composition from Emporia State University, created inspirational music with his rock and roll band Wicked Lester, and worked as a studio musician at Electric Ladyland Studio with recording artists like Steven Stills. Brooke spent 10 years in Browning, Montana where he developed a music program for the Blackfeet Indian tribe.
Sep 13 2011

Thorsby Alabama's Thorsby High School Junior Varsity Cheerleaders got a little KISS'd for a recent pep rally!

Donny Hayes

Sep 12 2011
Segura and Parent Rock 'N Roll with "Archie Meets KISS"

by Shaun Manning

Come November, Riverdale will rock 'n roll all night -- not to mention, party every day -- for the four-part storyline "Archie Meets KISS" running through "Archie" #627-630. Written by Archie Comics' Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing Alex Segura with art by Dan Parent -- an Archie mainstay most recently known for creating Kevin Keller, the publisher's first openly gay character -- the story will find Sabrina's errant protection spell inviting a horde of demons to town, with the comics-inspired KISS personas of the Demon, Moonchild, Spaceman and Catman arriving just in time to help save the day.

This will not be Archie Comics' first somewhat odd inter-company crossover -- most recently, the characters met DC Comics' Tiny Titans and, most notoriously, they once faced Marvel's Punisher -- but it does continue a tradition of unexpected team-ups which Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie and their friends seem to take in stride.

CBR News spoke with Segura and Parent about "Archie Meets KISS" and how the two worlds will collide.
Sep 12 2011
Check out the KISS Jumpin Jammerz footed pajamas being released this fall. All KISS designs will be available in four styles - original adult, original kids, drop seat hooded, and hooded.
Sep 12 2011
Check out 8-year-old Alexey Poblete drumming to "Modern Day Delilah!" Alexey had been playing drums for less than two years! She loves drumming and KISS:

Sep 11 2011
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Let us all remember the innocent victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Ten years ago, that carnage unified this country more than ever behind the principles of individual freedoms this country was founded on. We should stand united and pledge that those whose political or religious doctrine is based on the destruction of those who do not believe as they do, must fail and fall.
Sep 11 2011
This photograph of KISS, which appeared in the March 1974 issue of Rock Scene magazine, marks KISS' very first appearance in a music magazine. Paul Stanley sent the photo to the magazine. Appearing under the heading "More New Bands," the caption reads, "Are you ready for KISS? Yet another New York's theatrical band scene..."
Sep 11 2011

The Demon was spotted gracing a Fashion Week Party at Fred Segal clothing store in Santa Monica, California.
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