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Oct 31 2011
Happy Halloween! We hope you have a great time today! Be safe and have fun!

Don't forget to send us your KISS Halloween photos.

Oct 31 2011
Hey Gene,

My kids love KISS.

Here's a video from Halloween at our house last year:

Twenty million hits on YouTube!!... (not really). But, it's good. Check it out!


Oct 31 2011
On this day in KISSTORY - October 31, 2006, KISS released KISSOLOGY Volume 1. The band celebrated the release with an appearance on MTV's TRL, and then Paul and Gene then were Grand Marshalls of the massive New York City Halloween Parade. They capped the evening off with an in-store autograph sessions at Virgin Music in Times Square.

Oct 31 2011
Just sending you guys some sexy KISS love:) We won the costume contest & definitely met some of your biggest fans! Hope we represented you well!

Lauren, Hailey, April & Tori
The AZ Girlzzz
Oct 31 2011
On this day in KISSTORY - October 31, 1998, KISS rocked Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The KISS Halloween concert special was aired live on Fox TV.

1. Psycho Circus / 2. Shout It Out Loud / 3. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll / 4. Shock Me / 5. Do You Love Me / 6. Calling Dr. Love / 7. Firehouse 8. Cold Gin / 9. Nothin' To Lose / 10. She / 11. I Was Made For Lovin' You / 12. Into The Void / 13. Love Gun / 14. Within / 15. 100,000 Years / 16. King Of The Night Time World / 17. God of Thunder / 18. Deuce / 19. Detroit Rock City / Encore: 20. Beth / 21. Black Diamond / 22. Rock And Roll All Nite

Oct 30 2011
Here's a sneak peek at the just approved KISS Demon Robot box artwork. This is the actual template that will be used to print the boxes.
Oct 30 2011
Dear KISS,

I want to thank you for the chance to be a part of the KISS Fan Mosaics. I chose to submit this photo for a gift for our dear son LUC. It was taken 5 years ago when he was in grade 1. His school was holding a masked disco and my hubby Arch being a super huge Kiss fan, thought it would be cool to paint his face. Luc loves the Gene makeup so hubby painted it on for him. He the hit of the night! The kids thought it was awesome and the parents LOVED it.

So rolling out a huge poster of Gene Simmons, and showing Luc that his photo is included in it, will make an awesome 12th birthday surprise present.....and a unique one too.......especially here in Australia.

Thanx Kiss for the great Fan Mosaics idea.......and get your heels down here to Australia...........SOON !!!!!!!

From Arch, Marina and birthday boy Luc.

Oct 30 2011
Check out this fun segment about KISS Monster Mini Golf from Las Vegas' Fox 5 News in which Johnny Kats wears a pair of Gene's monster boots!

Oct 29 2011
Thanks KISS Army for sharing your great KISS Halloween pumpkins, skulls and scarecrows with KISSOnline!
Oct 29 2011
KISS by Monster Mini Golf, Vegas have corresponded with some great fans for their "Fan Wall Paper & Photo Promotion." Check out this touching story.


My wife and I had seen KISS six times before her death in October 2010. She never got to meet them. That's why I did the meet and greet with her jacket, now the picture will have a permanent place at a KISS venue.

As for the wording, I would like the words "No doubt in my mind it's forever."

Thanks and Regards,

Randy McElroy
Oct 29 2011
The KISS Kruise was amazing! We took our KISS Kids with us too, ages 4 and 7. While this trip was very much for us, the little guys had a fantastic time too and said it was their favorite vacation ever! We were near the front during KISS's unplugged show on the top deck of the ship. The show was incredible with all of the rare songs, and you could tell the band was having so much fun. They were throwing out a lot of guitar picks to the crowd and when Paul spotted the kids, he threw a KISS Navy pick right at us. Later in the show, I caught a Gene pick for them too! Now the boys have started their KISS guitar pick collection with the coolest souvenirs of all...... guitar picks from the first ever KISS Kruise! Thanks KISS!


Oct 28 2011
By Dave Hoekstra

NASSAU, Bahamas — The party mix of cruise ships and rock ‘n’ roll is as natural as high tide.

Rock music is about escapism. Once fans sail away with their favorite act, escapism becomes immersion.

A couple of weeks ago I was on the inaugural Kiss Kruise, which featured New Jersey speed metal icons Skid Row, Chicago power pop rockers Bad City and others. At the outset of the four-day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas and back to Florida, I had forgotten about original Kiss drummer Peter Criss.

By the end of the cruise, and after hearing Kiss manager Doc McGhee lament about Criss’ departure in a Q&A with fans I was concerned about the band’s original masked “Catman.”

Four days on the Carnival Destiny with the Kiss Army — reshaped into the Kiss Navy for this gig — can do that to you:

† There were three Kiss concerts. The 90-minute unplugged sail away set was a rarity, featuring the band unplugged and without makeup. The other shows took place in the ship’s casino-like theater where Kiss reached back for rarities from the ‘70s and ‘80s. The second night’s grungy version of “ “Detroit Rock City” was memorable and loud.
Oct 28 2011
By David Hoekstra

I've covered popular music for 30 years.

Most managers get in your way and that's if you're lucky. I've lost track of unreturned phone calls and dark ports, but I won't forget when the Sun-Times sent me to Toronto to interview singer Robert Palmer. His manager told me that Palmer had throat problems and we would have to put off the conversation for a day. My editors told me to sit tight.

I spent an extra day in Toronto. I did some shopping and caught a movie. When I returned to the hotel, there was Robert Palmer in the bar yucking it up with his band. Maybe Robert Palmer didn't know of this end run, but it was the only time in my career I never got an interview.

Doc McGhee is not one of those guys.
Hell, a couple weeks ago he gave me his cell phone number in the sports bar of the Carnival Destiny where he was on board with Kiss somewhere in the Bahamas. I don't think he even knew I was a journalist. (But then, maybe that worked in my favor.)

McGhee has managed James Brown, Diana Ross, Motley Crue, Guns n' Roses, Hootie and the Blowfish and since 1996, the heavy rock band Kiss...........

McGhee, 61, has taken on folk hero status. With that resume he should.

Click here to read the rest of the story.
Oct 28 2011
In 1978, there were two things on the minds of boys ages 5 to 16. OK, maybe three. They were KISS, "Star Wars," and girls. You pick the order they were in for you personally. I was 6, so girls really hadn't figured into the equation yet.

Girls were on boys' minds for the obvious reasons. "Star Wars" was popular because it had just been released the year before and blew everyone away with its groundbreaking, never-before-seen special effects and imagery. After only being around since 1973, KISS was the hottest band in the world because of their shockingly explosive on-stage spectacle and look. They had already released several best-selling studio, live, and solo albums. They had t-shirts, stickers, belt buckles, and everything else you can think of with their logo and likenesses plastered on them. The band even had a comic book that featured the members as superheroes that was published through Marvel Comics.

Their manager, Bill Aucoin, could only see one other area KISS could move into that hadn't been explored yet. The band needed to make a movie. And not just any movie: a movie that put the band into the status of superheroes they were raised to in their comic book.

KISS needed to be seen as superheroes each with individual powers that reflected their different personae. Singer/guitarist Paul Stanley (the Starchild) could control and read minds. Singer/bassist Gene Simmons (the Demon) had super strength and could breathe fire. He also had a reverberating voice that commanded people listen to him and animal-like growls. Singer/lead guitarist Ace Frehley (the Spaceman) could shoot lasers and teleport. Drummer/singer Peter Criss (the Catman) had superhuman agility and leaping powers.

Horror director Gordon Hessler helmed "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park." He had worked on several films with Vincent Price and on "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour." There was the monster movie element Gene Simmons would be happy about. The film was produced by Hanna-Barbera, which probably gave manager Aucoin a feeling of comfort that it would be kid-friendly and made to appeal to that demographic. Hanna-Barbera was known for hit shows like "Scooby-Doo," "The Jetsons," and "Johnny Quest."

"KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" debuted on October 28, 1978. What better time for a movie about a rock group disguised in makeup with super powers who battled a mysterious villain and his robots to come out than a few days before Halloween? It was featured as one of NBC's "Movies of the Week" and was a hit. Millions of kids were glued to their television sets that night.
Oct 28 2011
Here's a KISSOnline Exclusive sneak peek of the new KISS Demon Robot being released by Funko Toys.
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