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Nov 11 2011


On this day in KISSTORY - November 11, 1976, KISS released their 'Rock And Roll Over' album. The album peaked at #11 on the Billboard pop albums chart, and was certified Platinum on January 5, 1977.

The classic KISS cover artwork was created by artist Michael Doret, who also created KISS' Sonic Boom album artwork.

Track Listing:

1. "I Want You" / 2. "Take Me" / 3. "Calling Dr. Love" / 4. "Ladies Room / 5. "Baby Driver" / 6. "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" / 7. "Mr. Speed" / 8. "See You in Your Dreams" / 9. "Hard Luck Woman" / 10. "Makin' Love"

KISS - Rock And Roll Over TV Commercial (High Quality)

Nov 11 2011

Thanks to Jes Lemasters for sending KISSOnline this photo of some fans at the Christiansburg-Hidden Valley football game in Christiansburg, VA.

Nov 11 2011
KISS to Release ‘Destroyer’ Deluxe Edition with Original Cover Art

by: Matthew Wilkening

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has revealed that producer Bob Ezrin is currently remixing the band’s legendary 1976 album ‘Destroyer’ for re-issue in “Deluxe Edition” form sometime in 2012, re-instating the original label-rejected cover art as displayed above.

There’s no word on what new songs will be included, but Simmons told Planet Rock that the band’s upcoming new album ‘Monster’ harkens back to the classic ‘Destroyer’ sound, and that the new record will be joined in record stores by a 10-hour DVD (possibly taking the place of ‘Kissology IV?’) and a four-foot high, three-foot wide book.

Artist Ken Kelly, who did both the rejected and the eventually used versions of the ‘Destroyer’ art, as well as the band’s ‘Love Gun’ cover, explains below why the record label didn’t want to use his original version of the art.

Apparently, Casablanca felt the destruction in the background made things look too violent, as if the band was just escaping after destroying a city. (Yeah, so?) So Kelly started working on the version we all know and love, only to have to start over a third time when the band got new stage costumes.

Watch Ken Kelly Explain Why the Original Kiss ‘Destroyer’ Art Was Rejected

Nov 10 2011
Photo: Getty Images

Hosted by the irrepressible co-frontman of Kiss and all round rock legend Gene Simmons, The Orange Amplification Classic Rock Roll Of Honour in association with proved once again why it is one of the most prestigious music award ceremonies of the year, rewarding the best of the all-time best.

A traditionally legendary evening, the awards room collected together a gathering of some of the most successful rock musicians of all time. Between them, the winners have sold almost one billion albums to fans all over the world.

Now in its seventh year and taking place at the world famous Roundhouse in Camden, Lemmy, Foo Fighters, Steve Winwood, Manic Street Preachers, Queen and The Who were among the acts to receive gongs.

Jeff Beck, rated as perhaps the greatest guitar player of all time, was awarded the highest accolade of the evening, The Living Legend Award. Presented by Roger Taylor from Queen, the announcement was met with a standing ovation from a room full of his peers. Previous winners of this coveted award include Rush, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop.

Jeff then took to the stage for an incendiary performance with guest performers including soul sensation Joss Stone and The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde for a unique never-to-be-seen-again performance.

When asked how he felt about being host of the 2011 Roll Of Honour Gene Simmons said: 'A privilege and an honour wouldn't cover it. For me this will be a memory of a lifetime. Signed by the God Of Thunder."

Nov 10 2011
Dear KISS,

My name is Jessica and I have been a KISS fan for as long as I can remember. I have seen numerous shows; bought much of the merchandise and have even met you all once.

The reason I am part of the KISS Army, is due in part to my dad, who unfortunately is no longer with us. He loved you forever and it is he who introduced you all to me. I will always have the memories of sharing that special “KISS” time with my dad.

The reason for my letter is I recently found out about the KISS Fan Mosaics ( I can’t think of a more special item that will let the memory of my dad live on. I am placing a photo of me and my dad in the rhinestone KISS logo and will treasure it for years. I am also placing a photo of my brother and my dad in as well, and will be giving this to my brother for Christmas. The idea that we can actually become a part of our favorite band, is truly one of the most wonderful things I have seen.

Thank you for being such a big part of my family’s life.

Your fan forever,

Jessica Blevins
Basking Ridge, NJ
Nov 10 2011
By Shirley Halperin

Throat repair silences several major music acts and points to a mini music epidemic. One doctor blames it on overwork, rock star Paul Stanley agrees. What can be done to protect artists, their voices and those who invest in both? THR investigates.

It seems every week brings word of another music star going in for throat surgery. In early October, Adele said she was canceling all appearances through 2011 to undergo laser microsurgery to repair a hemorrhaged vocal cord. Two weeks later, John Mayer revealed he had gone under the knife and was confined to vocal rest for a month or more. Then Keith Urban said he was postponing all but “one-song performance commitments” leading up to surgery in November to remove a polyp on his vocal cords.

Many in the music industry are wondering whether the rash of surgeries is a coincidence or a sign that singers are being overworked. After all, touring, an artist’s best chance to pocket revenue in an age of anemic record sales, is more demanding than ever. “Ten years ago, I used to see hemorrhages twice a year; now I see them once a month,” says Dr. Shawn Nasseri, a Beverly Hills otolaryngologist who has treated dozens of singers from Justin Bieber to Kelly Rowland (she bowed out of the U.K. X Factor in October due to a throat infection) and serves as the on-call vocals doc for Fox’s American Idol and U.S. X Factor. “When they’re successful, there’s a lot more of everything -- press, promo, they have to tweet, Facebook and chat, they tour and record simultaneously, often late at night … People don’t slow down because you’ve got to strike when the iron is hot. Before, the market would forgive a one- or two-month hiatus; now it’s very different.”

Indeed, many singers go decades without properly maintaining their instrument (primarily, rest, proper diet and vocal warmups), which Nasseri likens to “to “tuning up a Lamborghini.” Paul Stanley of Kiss, who had surgery Oct. 26 to “tweak” blood vessels in his vocal cords, says he powered through four decades of concerts “through sheer willpower” so the band could “cram in as many shows as possible to maximize profit.” But, he cautions, “the nature of rock singing is a strain on the voice and when you compound that with that amount of shows, you're not giving yourself time to recuperate and the problem is compounded… I was finding myself working harder and harder to do what was once effortless, and having already passed through puberty, I was surprised to hear my voice cracking.”
Nov 09 2011
By: Matthew Wilkening 7 hours ago

Photo: Peter Cade, Getty Images

Kiss may come from America, but to hear bassist Gene Simmons tell it, their musical “heart and soul lies in England.” In London to serve as host of the Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards show recently, Simmons testified about the influence of English rock stars on his own music.

Speaking to Absolute Radio, the “God of Thunder” took an extremely refreshing break from promoting the galaxy of Kiss-related merchandise to speak at length about music. Specifically, the ’60s and ’70s heyday of English rock. He expressed amazement at the mountain of music that came from such a small place in such a short time:

“The entire notion that a small island… out of all the countries on the face of the Earth, should have an overwhelming, monumental output of music (is amazing). From the early ’60s through the end of the ’70s, if you take a look at the bands that came out of England, it simply usurps anybody else’s claims to have done anything at all. That includes America, who invented rock and roll in the first place, and the electric guitar.”

He goes on to cite the Beatles as proof that something magical was afoot in England back in the day: “There must be something in the water. I don’t know what it is. You couldn’t foresee four guys coming out of Liverpool. Liverpool! Are you kidding me? It defies logic.”

Simmons also gives praise to the holy trinity of English guitar gods – Page, Clapton, and especially Jeff Beck, of whom he says, “Famous isn’t the right word for Jeff Beck. You know jazz players don’t really think much of rock players, and country players have a different soul. Well, Beck can do it all.”

After a much-deserved shout out to “my beloved Humble Pie,” Simmons reveals the soundtrack to his backstage pre-show makeup rituals: “There may as well be a sign on my door saying ‘Only English music allowed!’”

In typically understated fashion, the “demon” wraps up his thoughts by admitting theft and demanding information: “I want to know what God you pray to, because I want to get some of that magic. I’ve ripped off so many English riffs, if the British influence wasn’t there, we wouldn’t be here. ‘Rock and Roll all Nite‘ is a direct bastard child of Slade’s ‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now.’”
Nov 09 2011

Hello KISS!

Here is the cover of the French music magazine Longueur d'Ondes featuring French singer Didier Wampas wearing Paul's make-up. It's funny because this guy is very faraway from KISS music.

Take care,
Thierry Raynaud

Nov 09 2011
Dear KISS,

Our 9 year old son Ashton is a huge KISS fan. He has been dressing up like Paul Stanley since he was 4. This year, he switched it up and wanted to be his “favorite drummer, Eric Singer.” So we spent hours upon hours with a hot glue gun and rhinestones embellishing his costume as we do every year. Each year he dresses up as KISS, he is always the hit of the school and the neighborhood. This year was no exception.

I just thought I’d share.



Ashton as KISS' Eric Singer - Halloween 2011 from Fan Mosaics on Vimeo.

Nov 09 2011
Gene Simmons is ''proud'' of the KISS ''empire'' and says the group have embraced the spirit of the ''music business'' by putting their name to more than 3,000 different ventures.

Gene Simmons is "proud" of the KISS "empire".

The veteran musician can't understand why some bands refuse to endorse products and with his own group putting their name to over 3,000 different ventures, he believes they have properly embraced the spirit of the "music business".

Speaking on Absolute Classic Rock, he said: "The KISS empire really has become that, and it's unfortunate that a lot of bands have neglected to take care of it, because what we do is actually call it 'the music business', it's not called 'music', and intrinsically we understood that at the beginning.

"So, the KISS empire stretches over 3,000 licensed products, everything from condoms to caskets; we'll get you coming and we'll get you going. The KISS golf course is debuting in Las Vegas in a month.

"Across the street from the Hard Rock, and the KISS coffee houses are now a new franchise, and you can't imagine, there's a KISS Hello Kitty deal that launched in 90 countries just now, back to school items, bed sheets and all that.

"Now I'll grant you that a lot of bands may have a problem with that, I'm proud to do that, I want the next generation of kids starting at three years old to say, 'Mommy, I want KISS'."

The 'Rock and Roll All Nite' band value their loyal fans so much they got 3,000 of The KISS Army together and took them on a cruise through the Bahamas - and Gene doesn't think a group can ever undervalue their supporters.
Nov 08 2011

Just in—KISS just added their new 2011 KISS Kruise tour line to their online store. These items will not be reprinted again so don't miss out!

Visit the KISS store to find these and other great KISS merch now available!
Nov 08 2011
Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp's 14th Anniversary Celebration at the PLAYBOY MANSION

WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE: This Fantasy Meets Fantasy 14th Anniversary Camp, November 10th-13th featuring the Final Night Concert at the world famous Playboy Mansion where you will perform live on stage with Paul Stanley of KISS. This four-day camp or five-day recording experience in Hollywood, California features our best counselors, the option of a full day of recording and the final concert to be performed in front of a sold-out audience at the famous Playboy Mansion. I am personally inviting you to reconnect with your band, come as a group or treat yourself to this upcoming opportunity. With Father's Day and Graduation arriving in a few short weeks, Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp is the ultimate gift for your Grad, Dad or Other Half!

"It's a great thing, it's a way for me to say thank you to a lot of people, but, nobody should think that this is just a joy for those people,...For me to get up and play with people who have that exuberance and energy, it's really a gift to me as much as to anybody else," said Paul Stanley, the co-founder and frontman of KISS.
Nov 08 2011
Gene Simmons is to host this year’s Classic Rock Roll Of Honour. And the musician to be given the coveted Living Legend award has also been revealed. Who is it? Read on…

Jeff Beck will follow in the footsteps of such greats as Jimmy Page, Lemmy, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and Ozzy Osbourne in being recipient of this honour.

Says Beck: “The Classic Rock Roll Of Honour has always been about great music that inspires and excites others. To be named as a ‘Living Legend’ amongst so many fantastic musicians is an honour. When I was a 6 year old boy I heard Les Paul’s ‘How High the Moon’ over the radio and from that moment on I knew that I wanted to play the guitar and make music. That moment has led me to where I am today. Rock music continues to evolve and its great how established acts inspire the upcoming bands and vice versa, producing more and more great music. I am proud to be a small part of this”.

Simmons will host the event at The Roundhouse in London on Wednesday, November 9. And he’s clearly looking forward to it.

“On that momentous occasion, the planets will align, living legends will gather to honour their own and London will become the centre of the rock & roll universe. It’s one thing being a voracious and loyal reader of Classic Rock, but it’s another to be in the same room as the people who have inspired me to stop flipping burgers and jump up on stage and have a go at it myself.”
Nov 07 2011
Happy Birthday Tommy! We hope you have an awesome day! Enjoy!

Let's celebrate Tommy's big day with this great fan-filmed clip of our Spaceman rockin' with KISS in San Antonio, Texas on September 19, 2010.

Nov 07 2011

Thanks to Neil Langson for sending KISSOnline this photo of the window display for the shop Pulp in Manchester, UK's Arndale Shopping Centre.

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