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Dec 02 2011
The characters of Archie comics have a history of having some truly off-beat crossovers and guest appearances. From classics like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Punisher, along with recent fare such as Obama and Palin, the gang from Riverdale has certainly met their fair share of characters. Add to that list, the foursome of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, collectively known as KISS. Is this story destined to go down in history as one of the more memorable, or does it seem like a stunt? Read on for my opinion!

Archie meets KISS is a 4-part story, and as such, that usually means that the first issue is purely setup. That’s the case here as well, but the setup is compelling enough that I forgave a lot. KISS themselves don’t actually appear until page 11, in fact. Those first pages are spent establishing that Archie and friends (including Sabrina, which is important) have started the Riverdale Monster Society. It starts off innocuously enough with the gang wanting to help out their community with a simple protection spell. Luckily, they have a friend in Sabrina, the teenage witch who is uniquely equipped to do such a thing. All is well and good then, right? Wrong. Veronica and Reggie’s egos come into play and wreak their usual havoc. Soon, Riverdale is infested with monsters, and the only people who can turn the tide are the members of KISS!

Once the band actually makes their presence known, the awesomeness dials is turned up to 11! Taking a page from the classic Marvel KISS tales, writer Alex Segura casts the band not as their real-life counterparts, but as their stage personas, complete with supernatural powers. Their greatest power is of course the power to ROCK, leading to the best panel in the issue. As part 1 concludes, we’re left with a shocking cliffhanger of the town full of mindless zombie-like denizens! Never has anything made me laugh and simultaneously creeped me out as a zombie-fied Li’l Jinx. I’m eageraly awaiting to see how the story plays out. Surely an Archie/Kiss team up will have the two bands rocking together, which is truly something to anticipate.

Dan Parent’s art style lends itself especially well to the crossover. I find the way he draws faces especially appealing. The teens have rounded, fresh faces, whereas KISS has a much more angular, square-jawed style that just plain works. Everyone is instantly recognizable, which is doubly important, given the iconic nature of the guest stars. As for the writing, I praised Alex Segura on his first Archie outing a few months ago, and I just want to reiterate it here. I would love to see Mt. Segura on a monthly book.

In closing, if you’re even the least bit curious, it behooves you to pick up Archie Meets Kiss. Check out the preview below if you’re unsure, but trust me, this is the best KISS team up since KISS Saves Santa!

More preview images at this link.
Dec 01 2011
By Kristie Griffith
Photo: Erik Kabik

Celebrities ranging from Big Bird to Robin Leach took part in the “These Boots are Made for Rockin’” photo campaign to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, a favorite charity of the band KISS.

The photo campaign features celebrities wearing KISS boots, and the photos will be auctioned off at the grand opening of KISS by Monster Mini Golf, a rock n' roll amusement destination opening in Las Vegas in January 2012 that’s centered around KISS.

The 15,000-square foot facility will have an 18-hole black-light, glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course, a private party room, a VIP room, the biggest KISS gift shop ever, arcade games, a KISS all night rock 'n' roll cafe, and the Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel.

"Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley] have been very involved," says Christina Vitagliano, owner of KISS by Monster Mini Golf. "We've worked hand-in-hand with them from the ground up. Everything...has to be approved by them."

The "These Boots are Made for Rockin'" photo fundraiser features boots from the KISS Destroyer Tour, and a myriad of celebrities enjoyed their moments of rockin' out in true kiss fashion.
Dec 01 2011
Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons celebrated the release of 'ARCHIE MEETS KISS' with an autograph session at Golden Apple Comic in Los Angeles last night. They were joined at the signing by writer Alex Segura and artist Dan Parent. This issue is the first of four in the 'ARCHIE MEETS KISS' comic book series.

Photos by Dean Snowden for KISSOnline.
Dec 01 2011
Paul Stanley, the founder and driving force behind the greatest band ever born on American soil, KISS, was interviewed by ABC News’ Nightline yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles regarding his stellar career as one of rock’s most preeminent and iconic frontmen.

Esteemed journalist (MTV, Rolling Stone Magazine) and Nightline correspondent Chris Connelly interviewed Paul regarding his recent throat procedure, his highly-acclaimed artwork and the exciting year ahead for KISS with the release of a Paul Stanley-produced album and subsequent world tour.

Paul’s segment is slated to air in the next two weeks on ABC’s national news program Nightline. Be sure to check back for updates regarding airdates and times.

Dec 01 2011
KISS By Monster Mini Golf Wants Your KISS Face In Their KISS Place

For a Limited Time Only You Can Become a Permanent Fixture in KISStory with "Fan Paper"

The creators of the unique rock 'n roll themed amusement attraction want you, "the fans," to become a permanent fixture in KISStory at the first ever KISS® By Monster Mini Golf®! To commemorate the opening, KISS® By Monster Mini Golf® Fan Paper will be created with photos sent in by fans who will become immortalized as part of the decor. Fan Paper space is available for limited time only.

"We are creating a place where the fans are truly important and will become a large part of the decor," said Monster Mini Golf founder, Christina Vitagliano. "So far, we have received photos from fans located all over the world including as far away as Asia, Mexico and Europe. Time is running out so send us your pictures now."

Fan Paper can consist of you, your loved ones or even your pet in KISS costume, make-up, surrounded by your KISS Kollection, at a KISS concert or anything KISS related. This would make a great gift or tribute for the KISS fan in your life. Prices start at only $20!

Upon purchasing a memorabilia photo, KISS fan from Maryland, Randy McElroy, comments on Facebook, "My wife and I had seen KISS six times before her death in October 2010. She never got to meet them. Now our photo with her KISS jacket will have a permanent place at the KISS venue."

To learn how to become immortalized log on to KISS® By Monster Mini Golf® is located across from the Hard Rock Hotel at the Shoppes at Harmon Square.
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