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Jan 11 2012
KISS Army Argentina Exclusive Interview with Tommy Thayer

Kiss Army Argentina: First of all, Tommy, thanks a lot for your time; it is an honor and a pleasure for us.

Tommy Thayer: It's my pleasure and honor.

Kiss Army Argentina: We, the fans, are anxious about the release of the new album. What can you tell us about it?

Tommy Thayer: We've been recording the new album on and off now for several months. It's going to bean incredible album. It's very, very good.

Kiss Army Argentina: The time and in a way, the approach, taken to record the album is different than in “Sonic Boom”; there has been a recent short summer tour and now you have resumed the recording sessions for this new album. Does touring somehow help to shape the new album, in terms of, probably, getting and thinking over new ideas?

Tommy Thayer: Not really; although being on the road together gives us the opportunity to easily get together on off days to work on ideas.

Kiss Army Argentina: Have you been involved in songwriting for the new album as much as you had been involved for “Sonic Boom”?

Tommy Thayer: Probably more on this one.
Jan 11 2012

Myrtle Beach's local NBC affiliate, WMBF News, has just announced the winners of 2011's "Best of the Grand Strand" annual competition/contest.

And for the third consecutive year, after almost 40,000 votes, in over 65 specialized categories, the KISS Coffeehouse has been awarded "Best Coffee Shop" in Myrtle Beach, and the surrounding area (Grand Strand)!

The "Grand Strand", in which Myrtle Beach is at the "heart" of, is a stretch of over 60 miles of beach/shoreline, along both the North & South Carolina coasts.

Here's to another great/award winning year in 2012!
Jan 11 2012
Thanks to Ron Buckley for sending us this post!

We are celebrating my brother-in-law's 50th birthday today. He is a huge KISS fan and collects their memorabilia and has been to countless concerts! So the band just HAD to be part of the celebration.

I should have flipped one of the boots backwards when I baked so it would point the other way, but I know he is going to LOVE this!

Jan 11 2012
Check out these handwritten messages the guys sent to our friends at KISS KOMMUNIKATION Brazil!
Jan 10 2012

UPDATE: Wow! We cannot believe the incredible response to this contest!

Over 200 bands from around the world have already entered KISS and Monster Mini Golf's contest to find the world's best KISS tribute band! In addition to many entries from the United States and Canada, we've had entries from Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, France, Switzerland and many more! Submissions will continue to be accepted through January 15th, so there's still time to enter.

Due to the incredible number of entries, Monster Mini Golf will narrow the field down to the top 20 tribute bands. Fan voting will then begin on January 16th as scheduled.


Tommy Thayer of KISS will be the judge to find the world's best
KISS tribute band! Enter the KISS by Monster Mini Golf “KISS Off”!

KISS by Monster Mini Golf is searching for the ultimate KISS tribute band with its first ever “KISS OFF” (judged by Kiss' Tommy Thayer at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas). The “KISS OFF” winner will receive the opportunity to perform at the grand opening event of the KISS By Monster Mini Golf on Thursday, Mar. 15, 2012.

How To Enter

- Email us your YOUTUBE video link (or any other video link) and Band info to Submissions will be accepted now through Jan 15, 2012 (midnight PST deadline).

- Fans and KISS band members will have Jan. 16 - 17 to vote online for their favorite KISS Tribute band right here on this site.

- The top four KISS tribute bands will be announced on Wednesday, Jan. 18 at 12 noon and be invited to showcase their talents live in front of a crowd of KISS fans and KISS’s own Tommy Thayer! Who better to judge you than KISS!

The “KISS OFF”, ultimate battle of the bands finale will be on Sunday, Jan. 29 at Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino located at 4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109. No cover charge for this event. Free for fans!

Besides bragging rights, the “KISS OFF” winner will:

* Perform at the Grand Opening event of KISS By Monster Mini Golf.
* Receive a complete set of authentic KISS costumes and boots (Valued at $3,000)
* Meet and Greet with Tommy Thayer
* Appear on KISS by Monster Mini Golf website, social media, publicity and
advertising campaigns and collateral materials.
* Free “Lifetime Pass” KISS by Monster Mini Golf for each of the four band
members. (Valued at $1,000)
* Free framed 8x10 portrait of choice for KISS FAN PAPER featured in the KISS By
Monster Mini Golf Fan Wall (one for each band member, Valued at $1,000)
Jan 10 2012
The KISS Kruise presale is off to a smashing start! The Sixthman staff got into the spirit to answer the phones yesterday, donning KISS makeup to man the phone lines for KISS Navy members booking their vacations.

Alex at Sixthman sent this photo, writing, "Just another day at the Sixthman HQ with Lisa! Let the The KISS Kruise fun begin..."

KISS Kruise presale reservations continue today for 2011 Kruise alumni.
Jan 10 2012
KISS lead guitarist Tommy Thayer and former US Vice President Dan Quayle exchanged hellos at the opening night of the ChildHelp Celebrity Golf Invitational, hosted by Cheryl Ladd and John O'Hurley. The three-day event (Jan. 8th to 10th) in Palm Desert, CA is a fundraiser to help abused and neglected children.

Photo by Ned Redway
Jan 09 2012
Paul's segment on ABC's Nightline has been moved to Tuesday night.

After preaching the gospel of rock and roll for almost 40 years, legendary KISS front man Paul Stanley was ready for a surgical tune up. Paul shares his thought with ABC's Nightline.
Jan 09 2012
Jan. 9, 2012

For some of today's most powerful young singers, vocal cord issues have them "rolling in the deep."

Today's singers are suffering from polyps, nodules and even hemorrhaging, the kind of severe damage that can shut down any booming voice, according to Dr. Shawn Nasseri, an otolaryngologist in Beverly Hills who treats many of the biggest money-making singers in the music business today.

It takes the coordination of the lungs, diaphragm, neck, voice box, throat and mouth to produce a voice, but it's when the vocal cords are brought together and vibrate that a pitch and tone are produced. Nasseri said for a singer suffering from a hemorrhaging polyp on their vocal cords... the polyp can cause the two vocal cords from meeting and give the person "absolutely no voice." ... Problems are easily developed with such high demands placed on popular singers by the new realities of the music business, which is now so dependent on touring, traveling and keeping an active public profile.


Even superstar music legends like Paul Stanley of KISS believe it's never too late to look after your voice. With thousands of performances and over four decades of touring, Stanley said those years of hitting screeching notes and high-octane stage raps can take their toll.

"As soon as you hit the stage, you are a complete idiot," he said. "People are cheering for you, so you do the impossible and when you don't have enough time to recuperate afterwards, it just catches up with you. Literally speaking my voice was cracking. It was cracking quite a bit on stage."

Those years of strain is why the KISS vocalist had surgery on his vocal cords this year by the noted Dr. Steven Zietels, an otolaryngologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Center, who also operated on Adele.

"[Zietels] said my cords actually looked great for somebody who actually worked as much as I did and he did some minor things to mine," Stanley said. "It sounds way, way, way, way better."

It's good news for a nearly 60-year-old recording artist who is working on producing a new KISS album.

"I lead a pretty good healthy life and I think at some point that really plays into it. That whole cartoon lifestyle that some people think is key to being a rock star is your demise," Stanley said. "Treat your voice like an instrument. We take pretty good care of our guitars our violins and our pianos but we kind of take our voice for granted. You know, warm it up, warm it down and give it a chance to rest."
Jan 09 2012
On this day in KISSTORY - January 9, 2002, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons appear on the American Music Awards and present the Favorite Pop Rock Male Artist award to Lenny Kravitz. Kravitz thanks God for the experience and acknowledges KISS for turning him onto rock and roll music.

Jan 09 2012
If you Kruised with KISS in 2011, get ready to book your 2012 Kruise this week, because KISS Kruise alumni booking begins today!

If you were on the last Kruise, you received a booking date and time from Sixthman last week. Log onto at your specified booking time to select your cabin and make your reservation.

Then, once you're booked, on the same page as your reservation confirmation, you'll find a "I am Kruisin' with KISS Again!" profile photo that you can use on Facebook or other social media to tell the world you're ready to rock on the high seas again this year!

If you weren't on last year's KISS Kruise, but you want to Kruise with us this Halloween, there's still time to register for the pre-sale before the general public on-sale, which begins February 20, 2012. Sign up at this link by January 11th, and you'll get to book your Kruise reservation the week of January 17th... and then you can tell the world that you're Kruisin' with KISS too!
Jan 08 2012

Autographed ax donated by real rockers to local ones


Despite a shipping mix-up, a local KISS tribute band is continuing its effort to raise money for the children of Worcester Firefighter Jon D. Davies, who died Dec. 8 in a fire on Arlington Street.

Hundreds of items of memorabilia related to KISS, the longtime arena rockers, litter the pages of eBay. There are posters, plaques, and even a listing for a 34-year-old combination guitar pick/bloody towel thrown by lead singer Gene Simmons (“USED BLOODY TOWEL from DECEMBER 16TH at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN KISS ALIVE II TOUR,” the description reads). And among these is a brand-new Washburn guitar, signed by all four members of KISS: Mr. Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. Bidding had reached $5,400 as of tonight.

Keith Leroux, webmaster for the band's official website,, is an area native who attended Holy Name High School in Worcester, one year ahead of Firefighter Davies. He said he didn't know Firefighter Davies, but when he found out members of local tribute band KISS Forever were looking to have a fundraiser for the Jon Davies Children's Fund, he got in touch with KISS, whose members agreed to sign the guitar to be auctioned off for the fund.

The guitar was sent with expedited shipping to the band so it would arrive before the Dec. 16 fundraiser at J.J.'s Sports Bar & Grille in Northboro. But something went wrong, and the guitar got lost in transit.
Jan 08 2012
The KISS Coffeehouse was one of only 20 "Rocker Restaurants" featured in Rolling Stone Magazine!

KISS: KISS Coffeehouse

Coffee may not exactly be synonymous with KISS' music or image, but that hasn't stopped the band from opening a KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In addition to the usual coffeehouse fare, the establishment sells a signature drink called the Frozen Rockuccino.
Jan 08 2012
It's one of your biggest fans.."CJ"!....

As you know..I've been a KISS fan since I was three..(I'm now 7)....been to 2 KISS concerts..front row and backstage...met you and your family several times!....and of course the rest of the KISS family!......

In honor of the "KISS Monster Mini Golf " of Las Vegas ...My sister Corina and I wanted to share this photo of us at the Monster Mini Golf of Deer Park NY !!!.....Notice I'm wearing the "dragons"!!!!

I want to wish you the BEST of luck with your new album "Monster"...and of course KISS Monster Mini Golf .


"CJ" Mazzuca and sister Corina (new KISS Army recruit!)

Jan 07 2012
Paul checked in with KISSOnline this morning to give us the latest update on the new KISS album:

"Friday we officially completed work on the new album.

Listening to the tracks back to back is like sensory overload. Everyone who has heard any of it is completely blown away. Powerful, heavy, melodic and epic.

It makes us very proud. You all will be too.

Mixing starts next week."

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