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Mar 07 2012


My name is Todd, and I play "The Demon" in a KISS tribute band, SirKISS. We combined the spectacle of KISS, included a sprinkle of the movie, "Role Models", and invaded our local Ren Festival. Half of the folks there got the Role Models reference, but the vast majority of those in attendance loved the idea of KISS appearing in the middle ages, complete with over the top accents, and Phantom of the Park “themed” knight tunics.

We are card carrying members of the “KISSmyanthia” army!

Todd “Sir Gene” Menard

Mar 06 2012
The broken-down brown and cream-colored van that is covered in graffiti and has not been moved since 1998 is attracting the interest of grunge music fans after being listed for sale on eBay.

The "Melvan," one of the first touring vans of Seattle band The Melvins, features a sketch on the side of rock band KISS that was drawn by grunge rocker and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

Cobain was an acquaintance of the band.

By Monday night, the 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal had received 38 bids, pushing its price to $10,300 with a week to go in the online auction.

The seller described the van as "a very unique piece of Melvins/Nirvana history" and "truly one of a kind."

"The KISS mural on the side was hand drawn by Kurt Cobain using sharpie markers shoplifted from the Thriftway grocery store in Montesano, Washington," the listing claims.

"Kurt himself was often times known to drive this van to local shows."

The seller also said the van was last driven in 1998 on a "short trip around the block."

"I would not trust it on any sort of road trip, ironically, the license tabs expired April of 94, how crazy is that?" the seller added.

Cobain committed suicide on April 5, 1994, at the age of 27.
Mar 06 2012
By Ashley C. Woods

"Cadillac High," a feature film based on the KISS's 1975 celebratory tour to the city of Cadillac, has received conditional approval for incentives to shoot the movie in Michigan.

And since the movie turned in its application to the Michigan Film Office before last year's Dec. 31 deadline, incentives to locate filming of "Cadillac High" won't be subject to the 2012 cap of $25 million budgeted by the state.

"It was a project that we wanted to make sure to do everything possible to keep here in Michigan," says Michigan Film Office Communication Adviser Michelle Begnoche.

In 1974, the Cadillac High School Vikings, playing KISS albums in the locker room before and after games, won seven straight games and wound up conference co-champs. Word spread to the glitter-rockers of KISS, who visited Cadillac the next year for the most raucous Homecoming weekend on record.

June 27, 1996, Detroit News: "We always planned to turn this planet into Kiss World and Cadillac was the first proof that it was possible," says guitarist Paul Stanley, who will be playing Friday with his original bandmates -- bassist Gene Simmons, guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss. Simmons agrees. "It's one thing getting into a band and making some money," he explains. "It's another seeing that a band can change people's lives; that it can instill a better sense of self-esteem in people; that it can help a football team win games."

According to the Michigan Film Office's 2011 Annual Report, "Cadillac High" will film in the cities of Cadillac, Pontiac and Detroit. The movie says it will hire 205 Michigan residents and spend just over $27 million dollars to produce the film in the Mitten State; including almost $5.5 million on equipment and material rentals and purchasing, $700,000 on food and just over $534,000 on lodging.

Conditional incentive amounts offered to producer Philip Steuer total $8.2 million, though the Film Office is still waiting on some financial information from the film, says Begnoche. Steuer produced the "Chronicles of Narnia" films and "Oz the Great and Powerful, " which was shot last year at Raleigh Michigan Studios.

Begnoche said Steuer approached them after the success of shooting "Oz the Great and Powerful" in Michigan. "We're excited about the film's great Michigan locations and great story," she says.

Check out footage of the KISS visit to Cadillac below.

Mar 06 2012

Just wanted to send a cool picture of our hometown high school fans in Sackets Harbor, NY. We are undefeated and heading to the state basketball tournament!

Rick Fiaschetti
Sackets Harbor, NY

Mar 06 2012
Here are the front and back covers of the just-approved 2013 KISS Calendar!

Mar 05 2012
We are sad to announce that our friend Tony Whitfield lost his battle with cancer and passed away last night at the age of 44.

Tony was a very special and unique human being who lived life to the fullest. His passion for KISS was amazing. He loved talking all things KISS with anyone and everyone he met.

Tony was a wonderful person and we are blessed to have known him!
Mar 05 2012
Thanks to Arthur Coff for sharing his great new KISS Navy Tattoo with KISSOnline!
Mar 05 2012
Palm Springs' KESQ News has a video from yesterday's Second Annual Patrick Warburton Golf For Kids Celebrity Golf Tournament, which featured many well-known guests, including Tommy Thayer! Tommy discusses raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital through this tournament, which paired each celebrity with four local golf enthusiasts:

Mar 04 2012
Ronnie Montrose, a great guitarist and friend of the band has lost his battle with cancer and has sadly passed away. His first band album "Montrose" remains a classic and his influence can be heard in numerous contemporary guitarists. We will miss him and send our condolences to his family.

The following is from the Oakland Tribune

Ronnie Montrose, Bay Area guitar legend, dies at 64

By Jim Harrington / Oakland Tribune

Ronnie Montrose, who reigned as one of the Bay Area's great guitar gods for decades, died on Saturday after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer. The Millbrae resident -- perhaps best known for leading Montrose, the band that introduced Sammy Hagar to rock fans in the early '70s -- was 64.

The news spread quickly once a posting was made on Montrose's website ( on Saturday. The post provided few details about his death, saying that Montrose had "battled cancer and staved off old age for long enough," but it also provided some insight to the rock legend's mood in his final months.

"A few months ago, we held a surprise party for Ronnie Montrose's 64th birthday," the post read. "He gave an impromptu speech, and told us that after a long life, filled with joy and hardship, he didn't take any of our love for granted."

Memorial plans have not yet been announced.
Mar 04 2012
Check out these great KISS tattoos! Thanks to the KISS Army for sharing them with the band. Please keep sending KISSonline your KISS tattoos, artwork, letters and photos!
Mar 04 2012
I wanted to send a photo from a photo-shoot I did recently of four local models in my hometown of Knoxville TN. I've been a KISS Fan since I was 12 years old. My mom took me to see KISS in 1978 I think it was in Asheville NC and I've been a fan ever since. Love you guys!

More pics can be seen on my Facebook page at

Bob Franklin

Mar 03 2012
KISS hopes for new hit in Las Vegas miniature golf course

By John Corrigan

Few rock bands have marketed themselves like KISS. These guys have taken things way beyond posters and T-shirts. We’re talking KISS wine. A KISS Mr. Potato Head set. Even KISS urns and caskets.

Now, for those who can’t get enough of their favorite rockers, a KISS-themed miniature golf course and amusement park will open across from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on March 15.

“The 18th hole is my tongue,” bass player Gene Simmons said this week.

The project is a team effort between KISS and Monster Entertainment, which has franchised Monster Mini Golf locations around the country featuring glow-in-the-dark miniature golf and creepy creatures.

Of course, you can expect a few more attractions at this venue, including what’s billed as the world’s largest KISS gift shop, the Hotter than Hell wedding chapel and the Rock 'n' Roll All Nite Cafe.

The band is marking its 40th anniversary this year, and Simmons talks with pride on how KISS brought theatricality, showmanship and full-face makeup to the rock genre.

Indeed, KISS and Vegas seem like a match made in ... Hades. Just don’t tell Simmons that his band is "going Vegas." He says the band was way over the top before Sin City sprouted pirate ships and volcanoes.

"Vegas is just copying KISS," he insists. "Once they saw us, they knew how to do it the right way."

Mar 03 2012
By Eric Shirey, Yahoo! Contributor Network

IDW Publishing's Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief Tom Waltz and Senior Staff Writer Chris Ryall announced at Comic-Con last July that they are publishing a new comic book series for the iconic rock group KISS. Being a big fan of the band, I was immediately intrigued to find out what they had planned for the Starchild, the Demon, the Catman, and the Spaceman. Waltz and Ryall shared with me exclusively what sort of adventures fans can expect to accompany KISS on when the book hits shelves.

KISS has been the subject of several comic book series with several different publishers. Why did IDW pick the group to work with?

Chris Ryall: It pretty much follows the way we choose to pursue any license: we're fans of the material. Both Tom Waltz and I are lifelong KISS fans; and add to that the fact that we produced a line of Simmons Comic Group releases with Gene Simmons a few years back and it's just been something we've always wanted to do. Some of my earliest comic-reading moments are of enjoying the KISS Super Specials that Marvel produced in the '70s, and it's a personal thrill to not only be able to carry on with Kiss comics but to now write them myself, too.
Mar 03 2012
BY Eric Shirey, Yahoo! Contributor Network

IDW Publishing's Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall and Senior Staff Writer Tom Waltz announced at Comic-Con last July that they are publishing a new comic book series for the iconic rock group KISS. Being a big fan of the band, I was immediately intrigued to find out what they had planned for the Starchild, the Demon, the Catman, and the Spaceman.

Waltz and Ryall shared with me exclusively what sort of adventures fans can expect to accompany KISS when the book hits shelves.

Can you give us a brief synopsis of what the new KISS comic book series will be about?

Chris Ryall: Essentially, there are two cosmic deities, the Elder (a force for good) and the Destroyer (bad), who have this shaky co-existence. When the Destroyer finds berth into our universe, he sends his forces down to lay waste to our world. But that's really all the backdrop for the stories which focus more directly on the humans who inherit the KISS mantle. The stories will span eons: the first two issues are set in the 1920s, and then we jump to the Dark Ages, back to present day, and beyond. Every two issues will be a new setting inspired by a classic KISS album.
Mar 03 2012
I received this from my wife on my birthday. It was created by an artist named Tim Carrol. Just amazing! A great gift made from guitar picks... Enjoy...

Rich Vigorito

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