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Jun 30 2012
Here's KISS with the massive crowd in Oslo, Norway!

Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSOnline.
Jun 30 2012
Kiss played a set of well-selected songs, with a solid close to the first night of Kollen Sommervestival

By: Jørn Gjersøe
Photo by Jørn Gjersøe

For many years Kiss sat stuck in a mud of lack of creativity and originality. The band made a few less-impressive albums in the 1990s and 2000. But the turning point came in 2010. After a long wait, we got one of the best albums we'd heard in a long time – Sonic Boom was a breath of fresh air for KISS.

One can criticize Kiss for being cynical and just thinking about the money, but it can't be the money that is driving them anymore. They have enough to buy a tropical island and sit there for the rest of their lives But there's one thing they're always going to have: they always deliver on stage, and this Saturday was no exception. The band appeared even more inspired than I have seen them in the past and it's obvious that they are enjoying a new era as a group.

The concert in Oslo, Norway is not part of any major tour, but it can also be viewed as a warmup for this summer's planned United States tour along with Mötley Crüe. With an opportunity to warm up this summer, KISS opened with the classics "Detroit Rock City", "Shout It Out Loud" and "Deuce." With the crowd singing both during and between songs, the band glided effortlessly into "Making Love."

Kiss is never about only the show or just the music -- it's a synthesis. Fans must take both parts together. And, as long as KISS plays songs from three different decades, something "Crazy Nights" was a good example of tonight, KISS is impressive, undeniably impressive.

Also impressive, Kiss never attempts using prerecordings of any form or sampled, recorded backing vocal tracks. The band hammers it out trouble-free, blowing off off more pyro than a average Norwegian municipality on New Year's Eve.

"Are you getting what you came for?" asked Paul Stanley rhetorically, knowing the answer he'll receive. And it's good. The older crowd, mixed up with some of their offspring, got exactly what they had come for.

Tommy Thayer sang the vocal on "Shock Me" and his teaming with Eric Singer has been a good addition to this musical community.

We had all the usual ingredients with the blood-spitting Gene, Tommy's rocket-shooting, and even an extra bazooka blast from Eric. Paul could still throw the microphone too.

We ended in a sea of white confetti that made this site look like any other ski jump-on Saturday, before the accompanying smash of Paul's guitar.

All in all, it was a solid last blast, which set the tone for the first night of the Festival.
Jun 30 2012
The KISS Army Norway was out in full-force last night at KISS' Oslo show! Check out these photos of our Norwegian friends!

Photos by Keith Leroux for KISSOnline.
Jun 30 2012
Photos by Keith Leroux for KISSOnline.
Jun 30 2012
Here's the set list from tonight's show at Kollen Sommerfestival... this one was hanging on Paul Stanley's dressing room wall!

Jun 30 2012

Legendary Band’s 20th Studio Album, first single "Hell or Hallelujah" available July 2 Internationally and July 3 in North America

"The music is all hard-edged — they call it "thunderock" — and throughout their electrical storm solid craftsmanship prevails." – Rolling Stone, 1978

"Nice to hear some things never change." Spin, 2009

"We’re a real, flesh-and-blood rock and roll band with people who’ve spent 40 years doing what we believe in." – Paul Stanley, 2012

Rock legends KISS return with Monster, the 20th studio album in their historic career, set for release in October through Universal Music Enterprises. The 12-track, straight-ahead rock 'n' roll album features collaborations among all four members—including co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons and longtime members guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer—in an album that shows the band at the top of its game. And that’s saying something, considering their illustrious, 40-plus year history—28 U.S. gold albums, the most gold records for any American rock band, 40 million sales in the U.S., and a total exceeding 100 million worldwide.
Jun 30 2012

KISS will headline the 2nd night of the Kollen Summer Festival in Oslo, Norway tonight! The concert will take place at the Holmenkollen National Arena - the roof of Oslo - made world famous by its iconic ski jump that can be seen from all over the capital.

”KISS Saturday on the big stage at Kollen is a dream come true. To really experience a band like KISS you need a stage that justifies the greatness of the band, and Kollen is the only festival in Norway that can provide just that. It’s flat out extremely cool to be able to give Oslo an exclusive concert with the worlds largest rock ’n’ roll circus as the grand finale on the first edition of Kollen ever.” – Pål Jakobsen, head of booking Kollen.

Visit for more information on the show, or to purchase tickets.
Jun 30 2012
By Justin McLeod

Mike Rindorf will tell you he isn't the biggest KISS fan, he doesn't wear the makeup or anything. But he has loved the band since he was a kid.

"I remember in kindergarten we used to go to school and we all carried our lunch pails. Everybody had Starsky and Hutch and Dukes of Hazzard, always carried a KISS lunch box," Rindorf told WDBJ7.

Rindorf has been to an eleven KISS concerts, he even has tickets to the upcoming show in Bristow. Now, he has the chance to meet his icons.

Boomer magazine is holding a contest to allow a veteran to interview KISS.

There are just six finalists, and this Iraq War veteran from Roanoke County is one of them. He's hoping to win.

"It will be a dream come true obviously but they're going to have to pull out the smelling salts because I'm going to hit the floor and pass out," said Rindorf.

When he wakes up, he plans to ask the band veteran related questions. On its website, KISS encourages businesses to hire a vet. Rindorf is thankful and honored the band has taken up this cause.

"Out of the millions of members of KISS army I know they're reading it, you can't be touch not more than that anyways, for them to even think of me for one minute whoa, that's awesome," said Rindorf.

It will be even more awesome if he can win this contest. He needs you to "like" his story on the Boomer magazine Facebook page. Click here to see the page. Keep in mind, you must "like" his story for the vote to count.

The contest ends Monday. The winner will interview KISS in July.

Jun 30 2012
This is the actual art comp sheet for the KISS T-shirt being sold at tonight's KOLLENFEST show in Oslo, Norway.
Jun 30 2012
Here are some of the latest KISS tattoos sent to KISSonline by the KISS Army. Keep them coming...the band loves to see them.
Jun 30 2012

Last week I saw a German fan adapt Paul's makeup to his country's colors at Euro 2012. No doubt this is what helped Germany to a 2-1 win over Denmark! :)

Sylvain Dicaire

Jun 29 2012
UPDATE: Paul's segment has been postponed due to breaking news. We will update this story with a new air date as soon as it is made available.

Iconic KISS frontman and founder gives EXTRA! exclusive ‘ALL
ACCESS’ inside the Stanley residence and talks The Tour & MONSTER!

Paul Stanley, the legendary driving force behind the greatest band ever born on American soil, KISS, will take EXTRA! viewers on an exclusive “ALL ACCESS” tour of his home this evening. Paul also sits down with EXTRA! Correspondent Michael Corbett to talk about the much-anticipated concert event of the summer, The Tour with Motley Crue, and the equally-anticipated Paul Stanley-produced album, MONSTER.

Check your local listings or go to for show times in your area.

Jun 29 2012
On Tuesday of last week, my friend and I entered a Norwegian KISS contest. The prizes are 2 tickets to the concert and one meet and greet backstage pass. I walked around in Moss City in Ostfold as Paul Stanley with a boomblaster. My friend Robert took pictures and filmed the stunt. Also, we made it to the Moss-Avis Newspaper (pictured here). The article was also featured on KISS Army Norway's front page as well!

We also made a video for the stunt - I hope I'll see you in Holmenkollen the 30th of June!

Your greatest fan in Norway,
Erik Oskar!

Jun 28 2012

Yes, opening a miniature-golf course with the rock band KISS may seem like an unconventional move. But then again, owner Christina Vitagliano has never preferred going the traditional route. Take for example when she opened her first Monster Mini-Golf in Connecticut in 2004. The black-light course was indoors, which in and of itself made the facility stand out from the competition. In addition, she picked Memorial Day weekend for the grand opening.

“In most people’s heads, that’s a day you want to be outside,” she says. “My landlord said, ‘You’ll probably get eight people.’”

Vitagliano surpassed the landlord’s expectations many times over. In fact, that first insanely busy summer nearly 10 years ago culminated in regular conversations with the multiplatinum music act KISS, creation of a 14-foot-tall head of the group’s iconic singer/bassist Gene Simmons as a course obstacle, and the eventual completion of KISS by Monster Mini-Golf. Featuring the largest KISS gift shop in the world, a wedding chapel, and a VIP room, the Las Vegas facility debuted in March with a glitzy party (see sidebar). Just one month after opening, 10,000 guests had entered the front door, above which hangs a sign that reads, “We’ve put a whole lot of rock in our roll.” “It has not been a dull ride,” Vitagliano laughs.

Job Hopping and a Brainstorm
The 47-year-old took a long, roundabout career path to end up owner of Monster Mini-Golf and schmoozing with KISS, an internationally recognized rock band with a 30-year history of hit albums.
Jun 28 2012
KISS #1 Sells Out Of 24,000 Print Run For IDW

The new KISS comic published by IDW has sold out of its 24,000 print run. No doubt it will be going to a KISS-tastic second print in the KISS-able near future.

Here’s a look at the retailer incentive cover for issue 2, since we’re here.

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