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May 31 2013

BEHIND THE SCENES FROM KISSONLINE: Here's Tommy Thayer at Friends Arena Stadium in Stockholm, Sweden during production rehearsals last night. Tommy is working with KISS sound man James 'Trip' Khalaf on getting the right guitar sound in the venue. Tommy is actually at the sound board in the middle of the stadium.

Filmed by Keith Leroux for KISSONLINE.
May 31 2013
KISS is featured on the cover of Saturday's 'Aftonbladet Hard Rock Special Edition!' Aftonbladet is Sweden's largest newspaper. The issue also features an interview with KISS to celebrate their return to Sweden.

May 31 2013
Here's the full page KISS feature in today's Swedish newspaper 'Expressen.'
May 31 2013
Here's Aftonbladet's coverage of KISS' arrival in Sweden on Thursday.
May 31 2013
KISS will launch their European MONSTER Tour tomorrow at the massive Friends Arena Stadium in Stockholm, Sweden!


June 1 - Stockholm, Sweden
June 3 - Helsinki, Finland
June 6 - Solvesborg, Sweden
June 8 - Stavanger, Norway
June 11 - Copenhagen, Denmark
June 12 - Berlin, Germany
June 14 - Prague, Czech Republic
June 15 - Vienna, Austria
June 17 - Udine, Italy
June 18 - Milan, Italy
June 20 - Zurich, Switzerland
June 22 - Clisson, France

CLICK HERE to visit the KISS Tour page for venue information with links to tickets and Meet & Greet packages.
May 31 2013
Hello friends!!!

My name is Paulie and I'm from Buenos Aires Rock City, I wanna say THANK YOU to KISS for being part of my life since 1985!!! And this is my tribute to Paul because he's my idol since that time!!

Thanks KISSonline for all the news and all to keep the KISS Army informed day by day, Never Stop Rockin' !!!

May 30 2013
Tommy Thayer’s guitar tech Michael Berger strives to make the Spaceman’s sound soar.

This article was originally printed in the Official KISS Magazine last year.


For a band from which you want the best and you get the best, you have to have the best road crew to back you up. For each and every tour, KISS puts together a technical dream team, making sure they are in tune and sound good and that everything runs on time. One of the most important jobs for the ax-wielding band on stage is the guitar tech; Michael Berger has been Tommy Thayer’s for just over two years now, and gives us some insight into working with the Spaceman…

KISS MAGAZINE: Can you give us a bit of your history in the music business?

MICHAEL BERGER: Growing up in Germany, I was lucky enough that my parents listened to cool music such as Led Zeppelin, Boston, Bad Company, etc. At the age of 10, a friend gave me a cassette tape of KISS’ Double Platinum album, and in 1980 I saw KISS and Iron Maiden live, and from that moment I knew I needed to be working in this industry. In 1987, I started working with a local band called Destruction, who became well known on the international metal scene. When I was 17, they made me their personal roadie, so to speak. We toured throughout Europe with bands like Motörhead, King Diamond and Slayer’s first European tour. From then on, I pretty much stayed busy as a guitar tech, stage manager, tour manager, crew chief working for international acts such as Deep Purple, Dio, Dream Theater, Thin Lizzy, Sheryl Crow, Dave Stewart, Sarah McLachlan, Buckcherry, Doro, Wishbone Ash and many more.
May 30 2013
Tommy Thayer of KISS will make an exclusive in-store appearance at 4Sound Fridhemsplan in Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday, June 2. The autograph signing event, presented by 4Sound and Epiphone Guitars, will run from 14:00 to 16:00.

May 29 2013
By Jane Kwiatkowski

Dr. Eric Schroeder wanted to be a dentist since he was an 8-year-old boy growing up in Lancaster. He credited his family dentist for planting an interest that Schroeder could not shake. He worked for two years as a dental technician before entering the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, where today Schroeder teaches a course in gum assessment.

Schroeder was 13 when he discovered KISS, the white-faced metal band that formed in the '70s. It didn't take long before he became a passionate fan. Today, Schroeder is 51, and his dental office is a KISS shrine. So is his home behind it.

People Talk: Do they call you Dr. Love?

Eric Schroeder: They call me Dr. Kiss.

PT: Why did you turn your dental practice into a stage?

ES: Because I learned a lesson from the band KISS. They were told many times that their idea for a band was stupid, that it's never going to work and they were wasting their time. Their response was: "Nobody tells us what we should do. We will succeed." Thirty-six years later they're still cranking away.

PT: Do you treat people with your KISS makeup on?

ES: The makeup would be one thing but the full costume? I cannot sit down in a regular chair because the boots are 8 inches high I can't get up out of the chair. Plus I can't wear my dental mask.

PT: How do patients react to your passion for KISS?

ES: People like it. It's a nice way to bond with people because there is no pretension. I am not better than them; I am just a dentist, a normal guy who can fix teeth. I think it's an icebreaker, really. When the younger kids come in, they kind of get a taste of KISS and they get into it - maybe get some albums or watch Gene Simmons "Family Jewels" show.

PT: Have you ever talked to Gene Simmons?

ES: Oh yeah. I met them all. Gene Simmons has my office sign on his Website. I have a stack of tickets 6 inches thick from all the concerts I went to see.

PT: Does your KlSS obsession give the profession a bad name?

ES: Not in any way, shape or form. As a matter of fact, I am applying to be on the forensic dentistry staff at the Sheriff’s Department, I was an anthropology major and it fascinated me.
May 29 2013
Hi KISS & the KISS Army!

I was at the Amway Center in Orlando to see Paul McCartney... and here's what we saw everywhere in the arena! Can't wait for the show!

Jerry West

May 28 2013
Written by David Berman

CHILLICOTHE — They looked like something out of a comic book with their elaborate costumes and their faces painted to conceal their identities.

Marvin Chester, not yet 10 years old, had never seen or heard anything like Kiss when he listened to the band’s 1976 album “Destroyer.”

“My uncle told me, ‘There’s this band you have to hear,’” Chester said. “We sat and listened to the whole album. From that point on, I was a diehard Kiss fan.”

“They had the makeup and the costumes. They looked like superheroes. Plus their music was totally awesome,” he said.

ow 45, Chester’s obsession with the band has only intensified.

He owns thousands of pieces of Kiss memorabilia, many of them on display in a Kiss-themed room in his home near Chillicothe. His collection includes records, action figures, lunch boxes, belt buckles — even a toothbrush that plays their hit, “Rock and Roll All Nite.”

“It started with their bubble gum cards and before you knew it, Kiss’ name was on everything you can imagine,” Chester said. “This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg (of what’s available).”
May 28 2013

This Saturday is a big day in Sweden! My favorite band since 1980, KISS will start their European Tour in Stockholm . It's gonna be so awesome to see their new stage and hear all there great songs from 70's until today.

Here's the concert poster for KISS' show at Friends Arena, a massive new stadium in Stockholm!

Johan Carlén / KISS Army Sweden

May 27 2013
Here's Paul and Gene talking about the new KISS stage with the Swedish 'Aftonbladet TV.'

May 27 2013
As Americans we need to remember that the day we see as a holiday is actually a time to pay tribute and remember all the brave members of the Armed Forces fighting on our behalf, facing the ultimate sacrifice daily.

KISS remembers and honors all our brave soldiers lost in all wars and prays for the safe return of all those fighting now.

About the photo:

For the last few years, KISSONLINE has posted this photo with the band's Memorial Day message. A few years back, we received this wonderful letter from T.L. Carter-Valrie, Sgt., USMC '98-'06, who took the photo in 2003.

A fellow former Marine emailed me this morning and told me to check out your facebook page, he said he thought you had used my photo on your page. And yes, you did. I want to say thank you for doing that. It is even more special than you can imagine. I took that photo when I was deployed to the Iraq invasion in 2003. I was a Combat Correspondent for the USMC. The Marine you see saluting the flag in that photo is actually my husband, MSgt. James Valrie. I flew into a forward operating base where his unit was in Jalibah, Iraq, and they were doing evening colors and I snapped that photo of him. James and I were married two days before our deployment to Iraq, so in a sense, our tour in Iraq was our honeymoon. James always used to say, he gave me plenty of sun and sand for a honeymoon! James retired after 21 years of service to the USMC in 2004. I lost James to cancer June 12, 2009. So you can see, there is great meaning behind this photo. Thank you so much for your continued support of the service members and veterans. Thank you so much for your honor today, it has made my Memorial Day remembrance of James even that more special. And my kids as well, the first concert I ever took my kids to was your concert at the Irvine CA amphitheater in 2000, when I first got stationed at MCAS Miramar (where James and I met).
May 27 2013
Here's Gene on the cover of yesterday's Swedish newspaper 'Helsingborgs Dagblad.'

Thanks to Niklas Olsson for sending the image to KISSONLINE!
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