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Jul 08 2013

My name is Betina, and I'm a 21yo girl from Denmark.

I'd like to show you this picture I shot at Sweden Rock Festival on June 6th this year. I've always dreamt about being able to photograph at a KISS concert because KISS is my all-time favorite band. I was thrilled when it was announced that I could bring my camera to the concerts at Sweden Rock!

Then, the next week, I went to the concert in Copenhagen without my camera, and could enjoy the whole show from front row. Best night of my life.

I hope you enjoy!

Betina Lerche Johansen

Jul 08 2013
Photo and text by Tom Nugent

I didn’t grow up on KISS. I didn’t even really know a lot of their songs, aside from the huge hit singles that still play on classic rock radio daily. Those singles never really grabbed me in a way that warranted diving further into their catalogue. And when Gene Simmons branched out into reality television and overall public ridiculousness – well it contributed to a further loss of interest on my part.

I was still excited to see the show, though. I haven’t been to an arena-scale concert in ages and, aside from the expected pyrotechnics, huge platform shoes and face-paint, I was walking in there blind.

I only got to stay for the first two songs to take photos (“Psycho Circus” and “Shout it Out Loud”), but within that short period of time I had an uncontrollable smile from ear to ear the moment explosions were set off and the stage curtain dropped to reveal Simmons and bandmate Paul Stanley being lowered onto the stage on top of a gigantic metal spider that was shooting smoke from underneath its steel abdomen.

The following 10 minutes was non-stop rock arena excessiveness. Back-to-back explosions and fire. Constant action figure posing at the front of the stage. And the most surprising thing of all; a really energetic stage presence. If these guys weren’t world-famous and I happened to catch their show at a small bar playing as well as they did tonight I would have been astonished to find out they’re in their 60s. It was ridiculous.
Jul 08 2013
This is a Souvenir ticket from the very first KISS concert I went to! Thought you like to see it!


John R Phillips II

Jul 07 2013
KISS continues their Canadian Tour with four shows this week.

July 8 - Prospera Place - Kelowna
July 10 - Enmax Centre - Lethbridge
July 12 - Rexall Place - Edmonton
July 14 - Credit Union Centre - Saskatoon
Jul 07 2013
Check out 8-year-old drummer, Jonah Rocks performing "Detroit Rock City!"

Jul 07 2013
Here's Gene and his beautiful daughter Sophie yesterday in Vancouver. Sophie is celebrating her 21st birthday today! Happy birthday, Sophie!
Jul 07 2013

Edmonton KISS fan, who has one of the largest memorabilia collections in Canada, excited for Friday concert

'Of all of the collections out there, I think it’s probably one of the coolest collections'

By Claire Theobald / Edmonton Sun

Dale Kemp plans to “lick it up” Friday night.

And his love for the band KISS has endured 40 years, followed him around the globe, and is now filling his basement.

“It’s been this hobby that just hasn’t stopped for the last 40 years,” says Kemp who is extremely excited about the legendary band's massive concert at Rexall Place Friday.

Kemp, who co-runs KISS Army Canada, has been collecting KISS memorabilia for four decades, carefully organizing and storing thousands of rare and unique items valued at more than $100,000.

“Of all of the collections out there, I think it’s probably one of the coolest collections,” boasts Kemp, who even had his collection displayed at Capital EX last year.

But his most valued KISS collectable isn’t his 1978 KISS pinball machine, nor is it the autographed smashed guitar he received from the superstar “starchild” himself, Paul Stanley. His most prized KISS collectable is an autographed photo of himself and his two sons with the band.

“Everything else can be replaced,” Kemp says.
Jul 07 2013
Here's Paul Stanley just before he smashed his guitar at Rogers Arena in Vancouver last night.

Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSONLINE.
Jul 07 2013
Vancouver’s Rogers Arena was filled with fans sporting fanciful makeup and spangly boots to see rock legends KISS perform in Vancouver Saturday. Our photographer Gerry Kahrmann got all dressed up to blend with the crowd and take these shots.

CLICK HERE to view the Sun's KISS Army photos.
Jul 07 2013
Thanks to Laurie Vogstad for sharing this great photo that she took of KISS last night in Vancouver!
Jul 07 2013
Photo by Jamie Taylor / Concert Addicts

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Jul 07 2013
Photos by Jamie Taylor / Concert Addicts

CLICK HERE to view more of Jamie's KISS concert photos.
Jul 07 2013
Victoria teenager ‘earned his wings’ after KISS sent message of prayers

By Amy Smart / Times Colonist

At 17, Justin Plunkett was too young to have a bucket list.

But with brain cancer and a negative prognosis, the Victoria teen began listing his wishes: Visit Las Vegas, get a driver’s licence, meet rock band Kiss.

A coma prevented Justin from meeting band members when they played in town Friday night.

But his friends believe a tweet from frontman Gene Simmons, reading “Our prayers are with you,” made all the difference to the avid music fan.

Justin died Saturday morning, surrounded by loved ones.

The teen was diagnosed with cancer on Christmas Eve, 2010. After 30 sessions of radiation treatment and nine months of chemotherapy, doctors announced that he was cancer-free.

But on Oct. 29, 2012, an MRI showed the cancer had returned and spread. Justin was airlifted to B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. The prognosis was not good, and he began thinking about how he would like to spend his time.
Jul 06 2013
Dear Guitar Hero: Tommy Thayer of KISS Talks Makeup Sex, His Signature Epiphone "Spaceman" Guitar, Replacing Ace Frehley and More

by Brad Angle

Photo by Ross Halfin

His first brush with success came in the Eighties with rockers Black ’N Blue, and now he’s the lead guitarist in KISS. But what Guitar World readers really want to know is …

Is it true that you did manual labor tasks at Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley]’s houses before becoming a member of Kiss? — Tony Ratoni

[laughs] Those are kind of urban myths. Sure, I started working for those guys part time in the late Eighties, and my credo was that I’d do whatever needed to be done. And a lot of times when you’re in those situations you do all kinds of things. I think, somehow, through all the speculation on the internet, people started saying that I did all these strange jobs. But nothing was strange. I was just a go-getter that would do whatever task was at hand, which is normal if you wanna get somewhere in your life. I’m proof that persistence works.

Your new Epiphone “Spaceman” Les Paul looks awesome. Have you always wanted your own signature ax? — Bill Meister

I’m stoked to have a signature guitar! It’s something I’ve dreamed about ever since I was a kid. I put my heart and soul into it and made it something I’m really proud of. I think it’s a great guitar and package, with the custom guitar strap and silver case. I started using it on our South American tour. I literally took one out of the box, and my guitar tech and I set it up. That goes to show the quality of the guitar: I can take it right out of the box and straight to the stage.

Have you ever had sex while in full makeup and costume? — Missy Frommer

Yes. [laughs] And we’ll leave it at that, okay?
Jul 06 2013
Here's KISS with the SOLD-OUT crowd at Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre in Victoria last night.
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