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Sep 18 2013
KISS' "Nothin' To Lose" book entered the New York Times bestsellers list at #9!
Sep 18 2013
Legends 2013 Raises Historic Amount for Pacific University

Pacific University Legends Hosted by Tommy Thayer Grosses $500,000

With nearly 350 people attending, Pacific University Legends, hosted by Tommy Thayer, set a new record last month grossing almost half a million dollars during the annual fundraising event that supports the university’s student-athletes and the 24-sport NCAA Division III athletics program.

Seven years ago, Tommy Thayer, the lead guitarist for the legendary rock band KISS and a trustee of Pacific University, came up with the idea of hosting an event that would bring in sports celebrities and musicians to mingle with guests, participate in silent and live auctions, and play in unique all-star concerts. Fine dining is always a tradition at a Legends event, which took place this year at Waverley Country Club in Portland on Aug. 25.

“A truly historic and fun night for the university,” said Tommy Thayer. “From the support of our generous donors and trustees, to all my celebrity friends, to the organizing staff and volunteers, I appreciate how hard everyone worked to make this a success.”
Sep 18 2013
CLICK HERE to view more LA KISS Press Conference photos at LOS ANGELES DAILY.

By Vincent Bonsignore, Los Angeles Daily News

No seriously, I told my wife Tuesday morning. I really do have to go to the House of Blues on Sunset for a press conference announcing the newest football coach for L.A.’s newest professional football team.

“And Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from KISS figure into all this how, again?”

“They own the L.A. KISS the football team I was telling you about.” I told her.

The skepticism hanging in the air was stifling at this point.

“You know I have the Daily News app, right?” my wife reminded me. “If that story doesn’t show up on your site by tonight you’re in big trouble. I got my eye on you, buddy.”

Welcome to my world, where L.A.’s various entertainment boulevards sometimes cross at the most curious intersections.
Sep 18 2013
David Leon Moore, USA TODAY Sports

Arena football has been around for 26 years, building a small-but-loyal fan base even as it draws little mainstream attention.

That's about to change, according to Paul Stanley.

"We're known for being bombastic and bringing a lot of artillery and firepower," Stanley says. "Now let's see if we can bring that to a football game. And we will."

The name Paul Stanley not ringing a bell? How about Gene Simmons?

How about Starchild and The Demon?

Stanley is Starchild and Simmons The Demon in the iconic rock group KISS -- known for their costumes and showmanship -- and they are among the co-owners of the new Arena Football League team that will start play in Los Angeles in 2014.

The name of the team?

"Well, let's see, we have built a brand that for 40 years has been synonymous with spectacle," Stanley says. "What shall we call ourselves, the L.A. Hamburgers?"
Sep 18 2013
KISS versus Jaguars? It should be a no-brainer for Tebow

By Rick Johnston

So by now, a lot of the sports and media world are aware of Gene Simmons' push to sign NFL free agent and apple of ESPN's eye Tim Tebow to be the quarterback and centerpiece of the soon-to-be Arena Football League team, the Los Angeles Kiss.

The effort caught the eye of my colleague John Burr of the Jacksonville Business Journal, who is pining for Tebow to sign with his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars -- even though owner Shahid Khan and general manager David Caldwell have said such a signing won't happen.

If I was Tebow, I'd rather play for the Kiss in Los Angeles. Why?

First -- the obvious. Jacksonville is a fine town. But, it's not Los Angeles. Being a one-time 26-year-old male, I know where I would've rather have lived.

Next, imagine the corporate wedding of these two. Kiss plans on performing a concert for its season-ticket holders as a perk. Imagine Tebow walking on stage to, I don't know, "War Machine" or "Calling Dr. Love."
Sep 18 2013
30 Years Ago: KISS Complete a Hail Mary Named ‘Lick It Up’

On Sept. 18, 1978, Kiss were on top of the world. On that day, all four members of the famously face-painted group released solo albums in one of the most extravagant displays of marketing power in rock history.

Exactly five years later, the band’s original lineup was reduced by half, and their commercial standing had suffered an incredibly sharp decline. So they decided to make a drastic, previously unthinkable change in order to save their careers: They took off their trademark makeup and revealed their real faces on the cover of their 1983 comeback album ‘Lick It Up.’

How did things get so dire so quickly? Here’s the quick roundup: The solo albums didn’t sell to expectations, and together with a live album and a best-of released right around the same time, Kiss overloaded the market.

Then the band attempted to reach a broader audience with a pair of albums — 1979′s ‘Dynasty‘ and 1980′s ‘Unmasked‘ — that drifted too far into pop and disco for those who loved its original hard-rock sound. To make matters worse, the records didn’t connect with new fans. After original drummer Peter Criss left, the band’s attempt to return to its roots somehow got derailed and turned into the disastrous 1981 concept album ‘Music From the Elder.’ Lead guitarist Ace Frehley checked out somewhere in the middle of making the record, and it seemed like remaining founding members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons had hit bottom.

Amazingly, they recovered — at least creatively — with 1982′s ‘Creatures of the Night,’ a defiant, backs-to-the-wall masterpiece that added new levels of grit, drama and shading to their repertoire. It should have returned Kiss to the top of the mountain. Instead, it went largely ignored by an audience that had either moved on or grown tired of the band’s recent stylistic wanderings.
Sep 18 2013
35th Anniversary of the KISS Solo Albums

On this day in KISSTORY - September 18, 1978, the KISS Solo Albums: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley were released. The Solo Albums represented the first time ever that all the members of a band released solo works on the same day. All 4 albums shipped platinum!

Sep 18 2013
K’NEX Announces New Addition to the KISS Line of Building Sets
Officially licensed sets by K’NEX will be available exclusively at Toys ‘R Us.

K’NEX, the only US construction toy company focused on Building Worlds Kids Love®, is pleased to introduce an addition to its monstrously successful line of KISS building sets. The new set, based upon the band’s latest album, Monster, allows KISS collectors, rock fans and building enthusiasts to continue building and playing with characters from their favorite iconic rock band.

KISS is one of America’s top gold-record champions who recorded 37 albums over 36 years and sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. The KISS legacy continues to grow, generation after generation. By combining the legendary KISS with the award-winning K’NEX building system, the KISS building set line appeals to music and building fans of all ages. KISS building sets bring the fun of the stage show to the child and cement the band’s appeal through a rewarding, age-appropriate K’NEX building experience.

KISS Rock Stage Big Rig Building Set™

Take the show on the road with this awesome KISS building set. This set, which includes over 250 pieces, allows you to build your own KISS rig. Big enough to haul all the band’s instruments and gear, this set also doubles as a concert stage, includes all four KISS band members in their latest Monster outfits, and 2 buildable roadie figures for an authentic rock show experience! Suggested retail price $29.99. Ages 7+.
Sep 17 2013
2013 Coach of the Year to become team’s first head coach

McMillen to Bring His Football Expertise and AFL Knowledge to Los Angeles

Today, LA KISS Co-Owners Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Doc McGhee and Brett Bouchy have announced the inaugural Head Coach of the team as AFL veteran, Bob McMillen.

Before joining LA KISS as their new head coach, McMillen had a lengthy playing career in the AFL and retired in 2007 as the league’s second all-time leading rusher for both career yards and rushing attempts. After retiring as a player, McMillen was hired by the Chicago Rush and served as Head Coach for the team for three years. In 2013 McMillen was also elected into the AFL Hall of Fame for his services to the game.

Brett Bouchy, co-owner of LA KISS said “During our search for the first-ever head coach of LA KISS, we knew we had to get a coach with relevant AFL playing and coaching experience – someone well respected around the league and beyond”

In 2013, McMillen received Head Coach of the Year honors from the Arena Football League and was elected into the Arena Football Hall of Fame.
Sep 17 2013
Gene Simmons, Doc McGhee, Brett Bouchy, coach Bob McMillen and Paul Stanley at today's Head Coach announcement at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California.

Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSONLINE.
Sep 17 2013
Here's Paul and Gene with a group of Los Angeles firefighters outside the House of Blues in LA following today's big LA KISS press conference.

Photo by Matt Varley for KISSONLINE.
Sep 17 2013
Here's a photo from today's LA KISS press conference, where Bob McMillen was introduced as the team's first head coach.

Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSONLINE.
Sep 17 2013
KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley: Peter Criss and Ace Frehley got what they deserved

By Nicki Gostin

Legendary KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have collaborated on the memoir ‘Nothin’ To Lose,’ an oral history of their rock band’s genesis. “It’s an overview of the band,” explained Stanley. “How it came about from its inception, almost from the time the sperm fertilized the egg really.” Indeed. FOX411 spoke to both Stanley and Simmons about the book, their football plans, and what went wrong with original KISS members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley.

FOX411: Ace Frehley and Peter Criss both have memoirs out that paint pretty harsh portraits of both of you. Was that upsetting?

Simmons: Ace took me to lunch before his book came out and he read me a chapter about how he almost drowned in a pool and I saved him by diving in and pulling him out. He asked if it was accurate. I said, '95 percent of it was accurate, except it wasn't you; it was Peter Criss who was drowning. You've been a f**king drug addict all of your life. Both Peter and Ace were at one point pure, innocent, believed all for one, one for all, and then they succumbed to the clichés of rock. So neither Ace nor Peter were fully conscious when any of those things happened. It's up to you if you want to believe them. We wish them the best, but those books, to my estimation, they're closer to fiction.
Sep 17 2013
Here are some of the many great fan photos sent to KISSOnline recently!

Keep them coming, KISS Army...we love seeing them!
Sep 17 2013

Thanks to Felipe Jacques ‏for sharing this "KISS sighting" photo from Monterrey, Mexico!
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