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Oct 12 2013
KISS' October 24 Budokan concert will be broadcast on Japan's TV WOWOW (pay per view) that same night. Here is a flyer for the TV program.

Thanks to Naokiss for sending us the flyer!
Oct 12 2013

Check out this great Gene Simmons tattoo that was spotted in a Tattoo magazine.

Thanks to Dean Clark ‏for sending us the photo!
Oct 11 2013
Oct 11 2013
KISS rehearsals are now complete! The band just wrapped up rehearsing for Japan, The KISS Kruise, and the makeup Calgary show.

October 19 - Makuhari Messe Arena - Tokyo, Japan
October 21 - Osaka Castle Hall - Osaka
October 23 - Budokan - Tokyo. Japan
October 24 - Budokan - Tokyo, Japan
October 28 – November 1 - The KISS Kruise III
November 8 -Scotiabank Saddledome - Calgary, Canada

Photo by Paul Bassett
Oct 11 2013
By Mary Forgione

KISS frontmen Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley appeared at Los Angeles International Airport for a limited engagement Thursday: the opening of a Rock & Brews Concert Bar & Grill in Terminal 5. "We're like the 'Sunshine Boys' of rock," Simmons said at one point amid the sliders and shots being served. And yes, they will rock you -- while you grab a bite and a brew on your way to your flight. The two schmoozed and speechified (no makeup, no music, all business) at the first airport location for the restaurant brand they co-created. It's all part of the $30-million makeover of the terminal helmed by Delta Air Lines. Here's a look at the bar's opening day.

CLICK HERE to view LA TIMES Rock & Brews LAX Grand Opening photo gallery
Oct 11 2013
By Cody "The Thorverine" Ferrell

You wanted the youngest, you got the youngest. KISS Kids are back for an encore this month with the release of KISS Kids #2. The stories are written by Chris Ryall and Tom Waltz with art from Jose Holder. Jeremy Colwell handles colors with Gilberto Lazcano tackling lettering. The first issue was a surprise hit, but can the four tiny terrors keep rocking?

This issue features seven shorts varying between one and five pages. The gang head back to school, do a little homework, participate in the science fair, prepare for the battle of the bands, and hire some roadies to name just a few adventures. Science (Not) Fair and Rowdy Roadies are this issue’s standout shorts. The two longer stories in the issue are chocked full of all-ages humor and a few jokes and nods to KISS, Gene Simmons, and classic rock in general. I did a double take when little Ronnie J.’s science fair project was about how he was the first to throw up the devil horns. When KISS stops by the school’s Rock and Roll Wall of Fame when they hear about the battle of the bands, they hope they can get into the illustrious club like a previous band called Crush.

Ryall and Waltz write a fantastic issue. Last time I mentioned that the book lacked a little bit of a bite for older readers, but this time there are plenty of classic rock jokes and a few more completely innocent jokes that can be taken a different way by more experienced readers. Ryall and Waltz really rock out this month. Holder’s art is top notch. Holder gives you a perfect cartoony pint-sized version of the band. This one is a lot more action-packed than the previous entry, and Holder has a lot of fun presenting the hijinks the kids get into. Colwell’s colors are stunning. He keeps things bright, cheery, but also pretty well grounded. It’s bright and vibrant just as it should be.

Bottom Line: KISS Kids proves it is more than a one-hit wonder. Ryall and Waltz present a fun issue that rockers of all ages should enjoy. 4.5/5
Oct 11 2013

I became a fan of the band early on, and I was inspired to purchase a guitar for myself out of the Sears catalog and taught myself how to play. In short order I was attempting to write my own songs and play with friends in the neighborhood with similar interests.

My dad had a 2 track reel to reel player/recorder & we recorded some music onto it. At the same time I made KISS compilations on it from my KISS records. I didn’t understand how the 2 separate tracks worked yet, and one time we ended up recording one of our original songs over a KISS recording. When I played it back one channel was us and one was KISS. I asked my dad about this and he said at first he thought we wanted to be playing along with KISS. This sparked the tribute band idea and “KISS II” was born. At first we made guitars out of cardboard and plywood and air jammed but did sing along, until we upgraded our own equipment as we got better at playing real instruments. We made flyers and held our own concerts in my parents’ living room. Later on we played at parties and then we rented community centers and sold tickets.

So at 1st KISS II was done where I recorded compilations of the KISS songs we wanted to perform on the reel to reel. Of course many songs were from Alive & Alive II, however when we wanted to play newer songs as they came out or different songs in the set, I would record extended cheering onto the beginning and ending of the songs fading them in and out to sound as if they are live. So really the full stereo song only kicked in after the cheering was faded out on one channel. We sang through microphones through our guitar amps & such and I wrote and timed the song intros and did that myself over the audience track. So there were no Paul raps only my versions of the Paul raps. This allowed us to do things from side 4 of Alive II, solo album songs, plus Dynasty & Unmasked as they came out.

Along the way, we imitated the real band by making & selling our own magazines and comic books, plus tickets, flyers, posters, and merchandise. We even did our own “studio recordings” where the respective band members sang over the KISS songs and tried to sell those tapes, naming them things like, “Golden Platinum.” Our action figures were comprised of Star Trek and super hero dolls which we painted & dressed ourselves. We made our own T-shirts also by hand. Needless to say it was all a lot of fun!

Neil Gido

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Oct 10 2013
Grand Opening - Rock & Brews Concert Bar And Grill

Rock & Brews had its official grand opening today in Terminal 5 with co-founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the band KISS, where guitars and rock music were part of the celebration! The first-ever Rock & Brews Concert Bar And Grill at any airport features dine-in or "Grab & Go" American cuisine plus 24 beers on tap! Stop by the rock-themed Rock and Brews for great eats and drinks. Rock on!

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the Rock & Brews LAX Grand Opening.
Oct 10 2013
Crews of California Opens Rock & Brews’ First Airport Location

Restaurant Concept Co-Founded By Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS Lands At Terminal 5 At Los Angeles International Airport

Today, Crews of California, a premier airport retailer and food and beverage operator at top airports, opened the first Rock & Brews airport location at Terminal 5 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The emerging rock-themed dining and entertainment brand, co-founded by rock legends Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, introduces an exciting new respite for airport customers, and marks the beginning of the brand’s expansion into airport locations.

Officiated by Deborah Crews, Chief Operating Officer of Crews of California, and attended by Los Angeles’ city officials; airport officials; Rock & Brews founding partners Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Michael Zislis and Dave and Dell Furano; media; and, friends and family, the opening was a result of a four year effort on the part of Crews of California.
Oct 10 2013
Here's Paul Stanley at the the Honda Center tonight. The home of LA KISS!

Go to for info on the upcoming season!.
Oct 10 2013
Rock & Brews Concert Bar & Grill at LAX has officially landed! Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and the Crews family cut the ribbon on our newest location. Congrats to all who made it possible! For those about to rock, we salute you!

CLICK HERE to view a clip of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons cutting the ribbon at today's Grand Opening ceremony.
Oct 10 2013
On this day in KISSTORY - October 10, 2012 - KISS rocked "LIVE ON LETTERMAN!" to celebrate the 50th webcast of CBS Interactive’s award-winning live webcast concert series. The band tore through a scorching 10 song set at the legendary Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. The concert was streamed live and on demand on and VEVO.

The image to the left is the promotional poster made for the event.

Oct 10 2013
Here's the cover and first page of the upcoming KISS KIDS Issue #2

Back to School time for the KISS Kids! The Kids try to navigate new school clothes, science fairs, and evil doppelganger robots, among other hurdles to rockin’ all night and partyin’ (after nap-time) all day…

CLICK HERE to view an eight page KISS KIDS #2 preview
Oct 10 2013
On this day in KISSTORY - October 10, 2012, KISS performed "Hell Or Hallelujah" on the Late Show with David Letterman. The band was promoting their new album "MONSTER."

Oct 10 2013
KISS by Monster mini golf is hosting a big Rock & Roll Swap meet and festival on Sunday, October 20th in Las Vegas. The event includes a Pumpkin Carving contest, with the winner getting a pair of season tickets to LA KISS Football! Kids from the School of Rock will be here performing a KISS show too :)
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