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Oct 17 2013
By Brian Ives

When we recently sat down with KISS frontman Gene Simmons, the topic of conversation at hand was the band’s new oral history, Nothin’ To Lose. As is often the case with Simmons, the conversation veered toward an array of colorful topics, as you can see in the video below.

You may have heard about his comments to us about Tim Tebow, whom Simmons was interested in signing to KISS’s new arena football team, L.A. KISS. He talked a bit Tebow’s faith, and more generally about faith: “I think religion is terrific, religion is good for mankind. Without the Ten Commandments,” he pauses to stress, “Jews gave you that,” and continues, “Without that, there’d be chaos. Here’s some good ideas, don’t steal and don’t kill. Those are good ideas. That’s called ‘civilization.’ Honor thy father and thy mother. That’s a good idea!”

Simmons fancies himself something of an expert in several religions and discusses a moment in his family’s TV show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, where he schooled a priest who thought he wasn’t qualified to be a godfather to a child, because he is Jewish.

“The preacher was incorrect, he was baptizing and didn’t know that it all comes from the mikveh (a Jewish bathing ritual) and he, unfortunately, didn’t know the name of his savior, his Lord. He thought his name was ‘Jesus Christ.’ I said, ‘That’s incorrect.’ There was never a human being called ‘Jesus Christ.’ His mom and dad were not called Mr. and Mrs. Christ. Jesus, the Son of Joseph, that’s his name. ‘Christ’ was a title. So the preacher didn’t even know the name of the god he worshipped.”

Other than that, Gene courted controversy with a rather different crowd: his own bandmate — and one he’s actually on good terms with, at that. In Nothin’ To Lose, he says that guitarist Paul Stanley ripped off his idea for the classic “Detroit Rock City.”

“I wrote a song called ‘Too Young,’ which begat a song called ‘Acrobat.’ Our producer Richie Wise cut it down, it was a seven-minute song. Paul heard it, and took it and went out and wrote ‘Detroit Rock City.’” He goes on to tell that Paul also took his ideas for “Psycho Circus” and “Black Diamond.”
Oct 17 2013
KISS will make a special appearance at Tower Records in Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan on Friday, October 18th at 1 PM.

Check out these pictures of the KISS Monster Japanese Tour Edition CD at Tower Records Shibuya.

Thanks to Naoki for the pictures!

Oct 17 2013

Here's KISS rocking the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in Tokyo.


Photo by Hab Haddad for KISSONLINE.

Oct 17 2013
Here's KISS with Designer Christian Dada backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo, Japan.

Photo by Hab Haddad for KISSONLINE.
Oct 17 2013
Here's Paul Stanley backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion show in Tokyo.

Photo by Hab Haddad for KISSONLINE.
Oct 17 2013
Here's Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed-Simmons sharing a moment backstage at the Merceded-Benz Fashion show yesterday.

Photo by Hab Haddad for KISSONLINE.
Oct 17 2013
Chinese style steamed dumplings are a staple of convenience stores all over Japan. Known as nikuman in Japan (or other name ending in “–man” depending on the fillings) their round shape allows for a lot of cross marketing creativity. In the past we’ve seen Spiderman, Monsters Inc., the Dragon Quest Slime, Hatsune Miku, and random cute animals all rendered in dumpling form.

What better way for the hard rocking and hard merchandising titans of Kiss to commemorate their Japan tour in the latter half of this month than with the Kiss Super-Spicy Chili Tomatoman? But can a steamed dumpling capture the rock and roll spirit of Kiss? Mr. Sato went on the day of their release to find out.

On 15 October Mr. Sato woke up and put the final “X” on his calendar. Today was the day Circle K Sunkus convenience stores would begin selling the Kiss Super-Spicy Chili Tomatoman. He fastened his Love Gun belt buckle and headed out to get one on the way to work.

However, upon arriving at the Sunkus the nikuman showcase was empty. Mr. Sato had arrived too early. The dumplings were delivered but still needed two hours to be thawed out and then they still needed to be adequately warmed in the steamer. The store clerk told him that they’d be ready early in the afternoon. “Dammit! I waited so long.” shouted Mr. Sato, stomping his studded platform boot into the sidewalk.
Oct 17 2013
Here's Gene Simmons in KISS' dressing room, where the band got ready for their appearance at Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Tokyo.

Oct 17 2013
KISS spent over five hours doing interviews for Japanese TV, radio and magazines last night in Tokyo.
Oct 16 2013
What the press is saying today:


KISS: Instantly recognized for their flashy attire and black-and-white face paint, these iconic heavy-metal rockers are best known for their Alive!, Love Gun and Destroyer albums, as well as their reputation for putting on dazzling, pyrotechnic-laden performances.


Rock fans may be particularly invested in the fates of Nirvana, which kicked off the grunge era with its classic 1991 album "Nevermind," and KISS, which -- despite mixed critical notices during its 1970s heyday -- built a roaring fan base called the "KISS Army" on the backs of incessant touring, pyrotechnic stage shows and several hit albums.


KISS. Prior nomination: 2010. Do you want to "Rock and Roll All Nite?'' If so, you're probably a KISS fan, even if you don't know it. The Rock Hall's bio says, "Few bands short of the Beatles inspired more kids to pick up the guitar than KISS.'' They also inspired some serious makeup purchases. Offering theatricality with a bit of shock rock -- what other description fits Gene Simmons' bloody tongue? -- the band turned pyrotechnics into a rock 'n' roll art form.


KISS – Hall of Fame founder Jann Wenner has never made his disdain for the group a secret, and nominating committee member Dave Marsh has gone on the record saying, “KISS is not a great band, KISS was never a great band, KISS never will be a great band, and I have done my share to keep them off the ballot.” Could this be their year, or is this just a tease?
Oct 16 2013
Sixteen nominees make the first cut on the road to induction in 2014

KISS has been nominated for the 29th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, to be held in April in New York, the hall announced.

Other nominees include Nirvana, the Replacements, Hall and Oates, Deep Purple, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel and Yes are among the 16 nominees for the

From the Rock Hall's press release: Few bands short of the Beatles inspired more kids to pick up the guitar than KISS. With their signature make-up, explosive stage show and anthems like “Rock And Roll All Nite” and “Detroit Rock City,” they are the very personification of rock stars.

For a second year, the public will be given a chance to participate in the selection process, and can cast votes through Dec. 10 at USA TODAY, Rolling Stone, and the official Rock Hall site.The top five artists, as selected by the masses, will make up a fans' ballot, a single vote in choosing the 2014 inductees.

CLICK HERE to vote for KISS at the official Rock Hall site.

The final inductees -- anywhere from five to seven names from the above list -- will be announced in December.

Inductees will be determined by the hall's voting body of roughly 600 artists, historians and music industry professionals. The performers who receive the highest number of votes will be inducted April 10 in New York. The ceremony will be broadcast on HBO at a later date.
Oct 16 2013
Here's Paul Stanley in Tokyo with my good friend Masaki, 2 champion boxers and Eric at Masaki's jewelry store Justin Davis in Harajuku!

Oct 16 2013
Candy Hys is ready to rock with KISS Saturday in Tokyo! Check out her awesome KISS nails.

Oct 15 2013
KISS steamed buns are now available at Circle K Sunkus convenience stores throughout Japan during KISS' MONSTER Japanese Tour!
Oct 15 2013
By Dave Ling

If there really is no rest for the wicked, then Gene Simmons must be a very bad man. The pyro from Kiss’s last tour has barely fizzled out, but Simmons is already gearing up for 2014. Among the many things on the band’s agenda for the next 12 months are an official Kiss movie, a UK tour, Paul Stanley’s autobiography and even the band’s own American Football team. Gene recently dropped by the Classic Rock office to talk about the band’s plans, his never-ending quest to make money – and those ‘wig’ rumours.

The new official Kiss biography film, You Wanted The Best You Got The Best, is currently being made with director Alan G Parker of Hello Quo! fame. Why has it taken until now to make it?

It’s all about the filmmaker. We wanted to find someone with an honest voice, because what you’re doing is placing your child into someone else’s hands. Alan not only has a Kiss tattoo on his body, he also has an authentic vibe about him. His approach was that the movie had to include everything, and not just what Paul and Gene wanted. It certainly won’t be sugar-coated. We will not interfere – at all.

You’re saying he has one hundred per cent artistic freedom?

Absolutely. We don’t get the right to edit anything. He has the freedom to present us the way he sees fit, and if that makes us look like capitalist pigs then so be it. It’s exactly what I am – I will charge you for everything I do. Kiss is not a charity. Never, ever mix commerce and charity. Personally I support 14,000 kids in Zambia – I feed and clothe them – but I don’t hold press conferences about it. I don’t do it so you’ll think what a nice person I am, it’s private.

You obviously don’t care that people think of you as a greedy bastard.

No, I think that’s good. Listen, I work for everything I’ve got. I started off as a very poor kid. I want to get paid. People that tell you: “I don’t want a lot of money, all I need is enough to get by” are liars. Anything those people have left over, send it to me.

Isn’t it all about proportion, though? Some would consider your attitude indecent.

Proportion to whom? When I was a child a dollar was a lot of money, but as you grow up it means less. I don’t do bling. What you do with money isn’t important. You can give it to charity or shove it up your asshole. But while you are alive your job is to continue to make more money and keep on feeding the economy.
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