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May 10 2014


Spotted both the John Varvatos KISS Taxi ad and Paul's Face The Music book in the Varvatos store in Miami!

Alex Fedotov
May 09 2014
Paul Stanley takes us beneath the greasepaint with glam rock icons KISS

By James McNair

By October 31, 1998, Paul Stanley’s band Kiss had already spent a quarter of a century in make-up. “Clown White” greasepaint was the foundation upon which they painted their comic-book alter-egos. Stanley was The Starchild, his fire-eating, blood-capsule chomping co-­frontman Gene Simmons was The Demon, and lead guitarist Ace Frehley was The Spaceman. Drummer Peter Criss – clearly trading his sticks for the short straw – had the risible whiskers and dinky little nose of The Catman.

After their show at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles that night, Kiss planned to decamp to the Sunset Marquis in Hollywood. They wanted to remove the make-up and outlandish stage outfits that had taken each of them the best part of two hours to put on. When their vehicle encountered the crowds forming the Hollywood Halloween parade, however, gridlock ensued.

“We were about seven blocks away when it dawned on me we could get out and walk,” recalls Stanley of the night the simple backdrop of Halloween enabled Kiss to stroll with the masses incognito. “Wow, man, great costumes!” commented one reveller at the time. “You really look like them!”

Stanley’s 462-page memoir is an eminently readable book. Jimmy Page and Dave Grohl big him up in the accompanying blurb, while, inside, a photograph of Lady Gaga wearing Stanley’s 7-inch, silver star-encrusted heels reminds us that the daft majesty of Kiss still has resonance for younger A-­listers.
May 09 2014
Here's Gene Simmons at the Godzilla premiere in Hollywood last night.
May 09 2014
On this day in KISStory - May 9, 2008, KISS kicked off their massive Alive 35 European tour ever with a SOLD OUT show at König Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany. The KISS Alive 35 European Tour stopped in 30 cities, drawing over 500,000 fans!


Deuce, Strutter, Got To Choose, Hotter Than Hell, Firehouse, Nothin' To Lose (Eric lead vocals), C'Mon And Love Me, Parasite, She, Watchin' You, Rock Bottom, 100,000 Years, Cold Gin, Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll, Black Diamond (Eric lead vocals), and Rock And Roll All Nite


Shout It Out Loud, Lick It Up, I Love It Loud (Gene split blood and flew to rafters), I Was Made For Lovin' You, Love Gun (Paul flew to back of arena), and Detroit Rock City

Here's an interview with the band from Oberhausen 2008:

Check out this great fan-filmed compilation clip from the Vienna, Austria stop on the KISS Alive 35 European Tour:

May 08 2014
PAUL STANLEY Face The Music: A Life Exposed

By Damian J. Cousins

So, nearly a month after it was released I FINALLY had the chance to sit and finish Face the Music: A Life Exposed, the autobiography from the one and only Paul Stanley, my hero, my idol, my inspiration, my GOD. I’m not usually big on these because, quite frankly, most rockers’ bios tend to be very similar: Have it all, lose it all, get some type of spiritual awakening, mount a comeback, stir, repeat, stir, repeat. And while no one loves a good comeback more than me, I would more often than not find myself screaming, “If you’d just made better decisions in the first place you never would have fucked yourself!!” as I read. So I kind of stayed away from them for a while. Plus, running my own site, working, and having a ball of energy like Mini-Amps around doesn’t exactly offer many opportunities to sit and read.

Obviously in this case, there was a HUGE exception to be made. You all know how much I live, breathe, and eat KISS above all the other bands in the world combined. You also know the deep admiration and utmost respect I have for Paul due to the way he has always conducted himself with class and never done anything to tarnish the legacy of the band. Even when members of AEROSMITH fired some shots across the bow in 2012, Paul, ever the gentleman, took the high road. And we all saw those bozos from Boston release an album that would sink like a stone in a bit of Rock & Roll Karmic Justice, much to my delight. But I digress.
May 08 2014
May 08 2014
On this day in KISSTORY - May 8, 2004, KISS opened their Rock The Nation Tour in Perth, Australia.

Here's "Love Gun" from the Washington, DC Rock The Nation Tour show.

May 07 2014
How many LA KISS Girls can you fit into a Fiat 500 L?

Click the video to find out!

May 07 2014
By Justin Constantine

Almost eight years ago, I deployed to Iraq, at a time when the insurgency was at its most powerful level. Although the mission of my Civil Affairs team was to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure, we were attached to a Marine infantry battalion that saw intense fighting practically every day. During one of our combat patrols, I was shot in the back of the head by an enemy sniper.

Thanks to the courage and skill of Navy Corpsman George Grant, I survived, and then began the long process of reconstructive surgeries, recovery, adjustment, and ultimately, a sustainable career where once again I was a productive member of society.

Of course, I have faced significant challenges along the way, but a recent New York experience reminded me that in this next stage of my life and career, I have the opportunity to support a new mission: helping other service members make a smooth, successful transition into civilian life. And it’s a mission that’s drawing some awesome allies.

May 07 2014
Limited Edition LA KISS Bobblehead Series Is Coming!
May 07 2014
Here are some of the many great fan photos sent to KISSOnline recently!

Keep them coming, KISS Army...we love seeing them!
May 07 2014
I say HI to all KISS members and fans. As a fan myself from 1977 till now, I finally finished my own KISS pinball project, and wanna share it to the KISS Army. It can play all kind of pinball tables and on the back-glass screen I can play console arcade games as well. Here are 2 YouTube clips to see how it looks like and how it's played - & I'm very pleased with the outcome of my dream machine and hope you all like it to. Now, I go back and play some KISS pinball ;)

Greetings from Holland,
Wilbert Lensen

ps: Hope to see KISS soon over here ...!!
May 07 2014
Diehard KISS fan and reporter: How I survived meeting my boyhood hero, Paul Stanley

By Adrian Dater

What do you say when a rock god, when one of the three biggest boyhood heroes of your entire life, calls your phone and asks to speak with you?

In my case Sunday, when Paul Stanley called my phone — that’s the Paul Stanley from Kiss, a little rock ‘n’ roll band you might have heard of — what I said was: “Oh hi, Paul. Thanks for calling.”

Why did he call me? More on that later.

I’ve never been the type of person to scream and jump up and down at seeing a famous person. I’ve been in some situations before – Ethan Hawke right behind me at a rental car line in Vancouver, Martin Sheen right behind me at an airport security line, Dave Thomas from SCTV right ahead of me at a security line in, I think, Toronto, once.

Hawke was in one of my favorite movies ever “Reality Bites”, Sheen was in another of mine — “Wall Street” — and Thomas kept me howling as a teenager watching SCTV late on Friday nights, especially when he did Bob and Doug McKenzie skits. (“Goood-loook-gooo-gooo-gooo-goo-goo-goooo, gooood-look-goooo-gooo-goo-goo-goo-gooooooo.”) All three times, I never once made any eye contact, never tried to strike up a “hey, big fan, really loved you in…” No, I never wanted to be THAT guy.

But there have been times when I’ve met some real boyhood heroes, or talked to them over the phone. Those were the times I got pretty damn scared. The first time was around 1997 or, when Larry Bird came to Denver as coach of the Pacers, and I got assigned to cover that night’s game for The Post, filling in for Mike Monroe, I believe.
May 06 2014
Thank you to Fiat and Desert Wraps - vehicle wraps for LA KISS'ing our Official Game Vehicle! Thank you also to the great folks at HGI ( Hydro Graphics, Inc. ) for laying out the design work for the #FIAT500L graphics! Great work!
May 06 2014
KISS is Everywhere!!! Even on XBOX 360!!!

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