August 07, 2009
The new KISS 360 Trading cards will be released next week!

Discover 360 degrees of KISS. From the exhilarating live shows to the crazy stories from the road, KISS 360 uncovers all aspects of the KISS legacy.

The 90-CARD BASE SET includes subsets such as The Demon Speaks, Unmasked, Behind Starry Eyes, Welcome to the Show, and Road Stories.

ROCK STAR RELICS features authentic memorabilia cards featuring items from Gene (autographed leather pants), Paul (autographed vests and a jumpsuit), and Eric Carr (autographed drumheads). Also look for dual Gene/Paul memorabilia cards (Pictured).

KISSignatures features cut signatures from Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace, including a quad cut signature card featuring autographs from all four original members.

TRANSFORMATION - a 6-card lenticular motion card insert

SNAPSHOTS - a unique plastic card insert featuring classic photos of the band

Also look for "BLOOD-SPITTING", "$" (hobby-only), "Dr. Love" (Wal-Mart), and "Kissed" (Target) base set parallels

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Each box will include 24 packs of five cards with a suggested retail price of $1.99 a pack with autographed and memorabilia cards from the band’s four original members — Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss – included.

The 360 set follows on the heels of the popular KISS Ikons set that Press Pass released earlier this year.

There will be a 90-card base set, made up of several subsets — nine Unmasked cards, nine The Demon Speaks cards where Simmons "reveals the secrets to his success," nine 2009 cards with highlights from this year, 18 Behind the Curtain cards, 12 Road Stories cards, nine Behind Starry Eyes cards, six Welcome to the Show cards and 18 Albums cards focusing on, well, their albums.

The insert card lineup will include Snapshots, a 12-card plastic insert (1:6 packs), and Transformation a six-card lenticular insert featuring mask on/mask off transformations that will be found one per hobby box. Also returning will be the Blood-spitting parallel cards as well as a few other surprises.