August 13, 2009
What do you get when you combine Washburn Guitars, Boogie Street and Rock's FINEST frontman ever? Well... you could get a lot of things!! But, in this case - you get the FINEST electric guitar deal on the market today!

That's right, KISS legend Paul Stanley is working with Washburn Guitars and Boogie Street to bring you the Paul Stanley PS7000 Preacher Guitar Promotion! EXCLUSIVE to BSG!

So - why is this Guitar Promo the market's finest?

Well, how about this. The Beautiful Paul Stanley designed Washburn PS7000 Preacher guitar finished in Honeyburst. A final inspection and set up by one of the industry’s finest guitar tech's, Fred Kowalo. A Washburn USA hardshell Preacher case. A Washburn Paul Stanley thickly padded 'gig bag'. A custom metal etched PS7000 truss rod cover. A large Washburn/BSG Paul Stanley vinyl dealer banner. A Boogie Street Guitars T-shirt. Free UPS Ground/Insured shipping anywhere in the cont. 48 states.

Oh about we throw in a Certificate of Authenticity...hand signed by Paul!

And what may be the coolest part of this deal, for every guitar sold in this promotion, BSG is going to donate $25 to the Alaska Shriners in support of their work with children with mobility issues and children suffering from severe burns.

All this for 750 US Dollars.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's the REAL DEAL!

Now think about it. Heck, shop around. You can't beat this deal. Period. Epiphone Les Paul? Come on. Paul's Preacher is sexier and Washburn's imports are simply better made. Plus - add in the hard case, gig bag, custom truss rod cover, UPS...and Paul's hand signed certificate... you just can't touch this deal!

Come on! Step up to the Washburn Preacher! Enjoy Paul's vision for taking the single-cut guitar into the future. Own and play a better guitar and certainly step into the Boogie Street experience! BSG is Washburn's finest dealer - for a reason!

We have the guitars - in stock - ready to go! Let's make this Promotion a win for everyone and at the same time, let's help the Shriners of Alaska continue to do what they do so well, help children in need.

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