August 20, 2009
It's always great to get a nice review but so much more important when it comes from the fans!! Here are some of the thousands of wonderful comments that were sent to KOL or posted on our Facebook and Myspace pages after we posted "Modern Day Delilah".

Peter R Nowfel:

I've just spent the last hour playing Modern Day Delilah and am already in love with it. Paul's vocals are outstanding and Tommy's solo is absolutely magnificent. I've tasted boom and I like it. I crave boom, I need boom, give me more boom Delilah!! Boom baby boom!!!

Raymond Carr:

"Modern Day Delilah" KICKS ASS!! This is a straight blast! if this song is any indication of how Sonic Boom is going to sound...this will be an instant classic!!

Rob Hodge:

This track ROCKS! I like it a lot, Paul's vocals are powerful, Tommy's solo is excellent, and the rhythm section sounds tighter than ever! KISS rocks, this lineup is awesome and this album is going to prove that once and for all!

Iain Hutchison:

Just listened to the new single...Rock and Roll is alive and well & it's name is KISS!

Phillip Northern:

Modern Day Delilah" kicks ass!!! Can't wait to here the rest of the album. It does have a 70's meets 80's with a tough of Revenge in there. It's about time the Gods Of Rock show these crappy other bands out there how it's done!

Chris Carnaghi:

Man just hearing the little snipet of "Modern Day Delilah" has all of us salivating. This will be awesome!!. I am going to Cobo. ! Thank you Paul for kicking ass as always. You met and exceeded the high bar you set !

Blaine Martino:

Really impressed with this track. Paul's voice is great love the rough screams not over produced real raw and I have to tip my hat to Tommy he finally won me over.

K. Ripper Broughton:


Steven Kohler:

The first single sounds friggin great I couldn't believe my ears strong solid song awesome! Tommy's lead is great it sounds like Ace a bit but with his own touch,again I'm one of their greatest fans and didn't want to let go of the Peter and Ace thing but if the rest of the album sound this good, well I guess its time to let go!

Greg LeMaster:

Finally! They grabbed a-hold of their ballsack and delivered big time! About time....Listening to this, I'm traveling back in time to the LA Forum in August 1977!!!!! Sick....

Steven Adamson:

I Love it!!! Can't wait for the album! RELEASE IT ON VINYL!!

Don Krouskop:

Love it! I hear the 70s and influences in it.

David Gaines :

Sounds really great guys!! Thayer's solo is solid. Counting the days...


Cover is simple but GREAT ! Love it ! Modern Day Delilah rocks!


The new Modern Day Delilah is intense and is what the Kiss Army deserves! Way to go guys! I know the rest of the cd will be just as good or better....We got the Best!

Miguel Angel Santomé:

Modern Day Delilah sounds great!!! Song is killer....can't wait.

Nicholas Buckland:

Great song guys. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Roll on Oct 6.

Doug Maneth

KISS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta have the new CD,just wish it was already out!

Kevin Everhart :

This kicks ass!!! To my ears, it's Dressed To Kill, Love Gun, and Revenge, nuclear-fused together and time-warped into 2009. Well done, KISS!!

Joshua Philip Brogdon :

Great track and am look forward to the rest as well.

Pete Stark:

Thanks for the heads up. That song is absolutely f**king awesome!!!

Riccardo Batori:

Awesome song........great job.

JR Schultz:T

They sound TIGHT!

Adrian Ferreyra :


Roy Adkins:

Love it. Its the best new song I have heard in a VERY LONG TIME. I am talking since Revenge have we wanted something that was this awesome! Its very old skool Kiss meets kinda 80s sounding Kiss. A great mix of the 2. Definitely what us Kiss fans needed after not only a long break but something really kicked us in the ass!!!

Larry Maher:

I just listened to the song and I've got to say it's a true rockin' Kiss song, can't wait for the new album to come out.

Dominique Degre:

Damn KISS, you guys are better than ever! Keep on showing the kids how its done because they don't seem to understand!

Julien Boisvenu:

F**kin' great song, man!

Patrik Hanson:

I´m actually going to buy this one. First for me since 1977 ( ! ).

Kissteen Lyn Connell:


Kev Curtis:

Killer single!!!!!!! Tommy's solo is very impressive! Cant wait until oct 6th :)

Jason Hlinka:

I dig it. Overall, really excellent job! And great solo from Tommy as well.

Michael Champagne:

Song sounds great! Can't wait for sonic boom.

Bosse Vaara:

I f**king love it!!!!!

Silver Hammer:

AMAZING SONG! The Chorus Reminds me Heart of Chrome. Tommy Kicks asses, amazing guitar player.

Christopher Tate:

Modern Day Delilah sounds amazing!

Charles L Clark Jr:

Love the new song.KISS is the best and will always be the best!

Christopher Layne:

I'm really digging this song. Tommy's solo is the best part. Very cool.

Ed Keller:

It ROCKS! I can't wait to buy this album!

Steve Mitchell:

I LOVE this song!!!!!

Buddy Hayes:

Kick ass!

Diego Javier Debais:

I want the CD nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

Tom Cicchitti:


Randy Ferguson:

Listened to it a few times and it is a great track, very well done.

Andy Issik:

Sounds awesome totally classic KISS!!!

Clint McCollum:

Great Song! Simple the Best!

Alexis Komodikis:

Perfection. This is as good as anything off Creatures or Lick It Up. Incredible....and THAT solo....Wow..!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Coscino:

That song ABSOLUTELY F**KING ROCKS!!!! Love it........CANNOT wait to hear the entire CD!!!!!!

Mike Rose:

Outstanding song, everything I expected. Just one problem: I WANT THIS RECORD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I DON'T WANT TO WAIT!!!!!! Great job, great playing, I haven't gotten this song out of my head since the sample first came up. I think I can say honestly, we have a winner on our hands here!!!!!. And now, the wait begins until 10/6/2009.....hurry.....hurry....hurry...

Abraham Elías Miranda:

KISS IS BACK !!! Modern Day Delilah is a great song !!! I can't wait anymore to get KISS - Sonic Boom.

Darren Dubuisson:

The new song sounds awesome!!!!

Eli Boley:

Kick-ass song, KISS is back!

Mike Sanchez:

This song ROCKS!

Michael E. Johnston:

Uh, ooooh, YEAH!!

Michael Walsh:

Oh band can top KISS!!

Kelly King:

Great song!!! Great solo... Can't wait to hear the rest.

Sylvie Roy :

You are back on track, wow, amazing song! Great music, I can't wait to hear the rest of the CD. Rock on!

Tim Birkett:

Sounds great!

Rob Davis:

Excellent. We FINALLY get a return to kick-ass Kiss. No watered-down tracks, nothing slow and plodding when it should be played quicker. Just good rock music. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Rockgodess Susie:


Trygve Johan Solheim:

Kick ass song! Love the solo, the sound, the song. This will be a great album!

Vincent Russo:

Just listend to the full version of MODERN DAY DELILAH from the new cd sonic boom. aces man...if all the other songs are like this one, this album will be a hit.