October 26, 2009
By Doug Cataldo

October has been a tremendous month for classic rock icons KISS. Their brand-new CD Sonic Boom hit the rock charts at #1 and they continue on a trek across America, unleashing their unparalleled rock and roll spectacle on the ears of the KISS Army. The CD was part of a huge merchandise blitz at Walmart Superstores across the United States. Stores nationwide received KISS Korners that were full of t-shirts, blankets, KISS M&Ms, KISS Mr. Potato Heads and KISS action figures. Those KISS Korners also include a special 33-card box set from Press Pass. Priced moderately at $10, there are three different collector boxes you can collect and each includes the complete trading card set AND a mini concert poster.

These collector boxes come on the heels of two extremely successful Press Pass releases - KISS Ikons and KISS 360. Both sets sold through, appealing to KISS fans and trading card collectors. They delivered the first ever KISS memorabilia cards and autographed cards to the hobby and secondary market prices on some of those limited edition autographed cards rival today's most popular athletes in price.

The cards present a look at KISS on tour from as far back as 1973 to the current Alive 35 endeavor. Fantastic matte photos are framed with a glossy black border with vivid color highlights. The card backs include pertinent information about each tour. You'll find the set list, the years the tour took place, along with the number of shows played. Whoever put together the information did their homework, even going as far as to list the first and last show dates. Each band member also has an individual card featuring personal data and vital stats.

Few bands can boast the accolades of KISS. Selling millions of records, 35 years of live performances, multiple gold and platinum albums and videos, and more memorabilia than you could possibly ever collect. They continue to thrive and succeed when over the years many predicted they'd fail. 2009 has been a banner year and 2010 could be even bigger with the band being nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Could the success of Sonic Boom notch the band a Grammy for best rock Album? Only time will tell, but you can count on Press Pass documenting it all with a KISS trading card set!