November 01, 2009
Editor by day... "Paul Stanley" by night

By Daile Pepper

By day he cracks the whip as a team of journalists produce the city's biggest free entertainment newspaper, Xpress.

By night - on occasion - he throws on a wig, five inch heels, masses of make-up and a body-hugging suit and hits the stage.

Bob Gordon, the editor of Xpress Magazine, fronts KISS tribute band KISStake.

Hidden under the outfit made famous by Paul Stanley, Gordon has played in this fun band with various West Australian musicians from bands including End of Fashion for years.

They let loose and put on a big show, all under the cover of costume. It allows Gordon to take on the persona of a mega rock star and let loose.

"It's hard to be shy when you put all that on," he says.

"You become a bit larger than life.

"It's a bit like girls when they go out, there is some ritual - doing the hair, putting the heels on. You just adopt a character. You are bullet proof when you have got all that stuff on."

No matter if he's playing solo KISS-style to a small pub crowd, it always feels like a mob of 20,000 fans are watching when he dons the get-up, Gordon admits.

As editor of Xpress, interviewing countless musicians all year round and attending all manner of gigs, you'd assume that Gordon would have an amazing taste in music.

His long-term loves KISS (of course), The Rolling Stones, The Police, The Doors and Led Zepplin are perennial favourites, a list to which he adds whichever bands take his weekly fancy.

"They're my foundation," he says. "Ever since then my favourites are whatever I am listening to that week."

On Thursday night KISStake will perform at the Mustang Bar in Northbridge to celebrate the real band's release of new album Sonic Boom.

It's a somewhat rare outing for KISStake, who are aiming to put the X back into Sex.

"You wanted the best, well, you have got the rest," Gordon will be sure to tell the audience as he and band members heat up the stage.

"The nottest band in the world!"