November 15, 2009
Friday night, November 6, was marked on my calander as "The Dream Concert." My favorite band, KISS was headlining Chicago at The United Center. One of my other favorite bands, Buckcherry was opening. This would mark the 12th time I'd see KISS, and the 9th time I see Buckcherry! Those stats alone would give one the reason why it was my dream concert.

I went to the show with my best friend, my brother, Todd. We both took half a day's vacation and left for Chicago from St. Louis around 11:00. We made it to the United Center at about 4:30 in the afternoon. With about three hours to spare, we decided to get something to eat and have a drink or two before the show. We found a bar called Crossroads on Madison Ave that had a sign that read, "97.9 The Loop welcomes KISS." We decided that looked like a good place, so we searched for a place to park, and backtracked our way to the bar. The radio station was giving away KISS tickets every 10 minutes, but being setup in 5th row, we were set.

The DJ announced they were giving away backstage passes to the person with the most KISS items on them in the next 15 minutes. I scrambled up to where the radiostation was set up, and asked if tattoos counted. "Absolutley," they told me. From there, I started displaying my 13 KISS tattoos, then my shirt, necklace, underwear, iphone background, and KISS Visa card, giving me 18 items. however, there was another craxed KISS fan in attendance, who had 22 items in his possesion. I sat back down disapointed. Todd told me not to worry about it, cause I just met them a few months ago.

I sat and sulked for a moment, and decided that I was woried about it! I told Todd I was goint to run to the car and get mor KISS merchandise. Despite Todd calling me crazy several times, I sprinted out of the bar and down the streets of Chicago. We parked a good five blocks away, but i sprinted the whole way, cutting through alleys, and j-walking when needed. I got to my car, and franticly searched for any KISS merchandise I could find. I grabbed my KISS jean jacket, a sweatshirt, a KISS shirt, a cd, a KISS cd wallet, my camera, which I knew had two KISS guitar picks in the case, another pair of KISS underwear, my KISS messenger bag, and more. I ran back to the bar with my arms full of KISS gear, looking like a Chicago KISS looter. I made it back to the bar just in time, and won the contest with a total of 29 KISS items! I was beside myself. I just won the opportunity to meet my idols!!

Todd and I scarfed down the rest of our dinner,and made our way to the United Center for the show. We arrived and received our backstage passes! We met KISS, had our picture taken with them, and got a few autographs. Not planning on meeting the band that night, I had to buy a poster at a merchandise stand in order to have something for the band to sign. It was a sureal experience. I kept waiting to wake up all night. It really was like a dream. We only caught Buckcherry's last song, due to the meet 'n' greet, and awaited for KISS to take the stage.

KISS took the stage at 9:00, and blew up the United Center for two straight hours, playing classics both old and new. They proved that KISS is timeless. They destroyed the audience, and reminded them what a concert is suppose to be like. It was mind blowing! It was my 12th KISS concert, and they were as good as they ever were. It's no wonder why they are the hottest band in the world!! Thank you KISS, and thank you 97.9, the Loop, for turning my dream concert into a concert dream!!