December 10, 2009
Story and Photo by Kelly Crawford / Dallas Concerts Examiner

American Airlines Center in Dallas was packed to the roof last night when legendary rockers KISS - supported by multi-platinum BUCKCHERRY -invaded Big D and proved, without a doubt, that they can still 'rock and roll all night'. And to keep the legend going they even had a protester outside waving a cross and telling people not to go in there because they're doomed.

BUCKCHERRY opened with a strong set, playing tunes off their newest album "Black Butterfly" and pushing their live CD, "Live and Loud". Naturally they wrapped up with "Crazy Bitch" and the stadium was singing along. But it was obvious everyone was there to see one band. KISS.

And what a show! I've never had the chance to see KISS live until now and I was blown away. Almost literally what with the pyro and all. Opening up with "Deuce", KISS played it up for the crowd and the photographers in the pit for the first two songs and threw out guitar picks to the crowd all night long. This is one band that knows how important their fans are and they showed that all night long. Gene Simmons even pulled a little ten year old girl up on stage to take a few pictures at one point and officially winning him 'rock star of the decade' in my book.

The set was a great mix of classic KISS - such as Dr. Love - as well as some tunes from their newest album "Sonic Boom". If you haven't gotten it yet I highly suggest, as Paul Stanley said, that you get yourself to Walmart and buy it. One of the most famous KISS songs, Rock and Roll All Night, wrapped up the first part of the set with the crowd singing along and confetti flying through the air. Cold Gin had an amazing guitar solo in which Tommy Thayer shot sparks from his guitar into the lighting rigs above the stage - causing a piece to come crashing to the stage. Planned? I don't know but it was awesome either way! 100,000 Years saw an incredible drum solo from Eric Singer as his drum platform raised into the air and rotated. Of course Gene Simmons had his bass solo as well during I Love It Loud. And if his playing wasn't enough you got the always loved blood dripping from his mouth only to be topped by Gene being pulled straight up a good 40 feet into the air to continue the song from a platform atop the lighting rig. Not to be outdone, Paul Stanley took to a rope and metal ring and flew out across the crowd to land on a second stage on the opposite side of the arena for Love Gun.

The show ended with the famous Detroit Rock City and pyro that shook American Airlines Center. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that KISS still has it and will for a long time coming. Check out their website and get their latest album "Sonic Boom" at a Walmart near you and keep the KISS Army alive!

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