January 08, 2010
Hi Guys,

My 14-year-old son and I would love to tell you about the bonding of a father and son that took place on 12-13-09 in Pittsburgh. This story actually starts way back in 1975, when I was six. My uncle introduced me to the song "Firehouse" on Alive, and by the time the song ended I was hooked for the rest of my life. You see, my father was a well-respected firefighter and I emulated everything he did... so of course "Firehouse" fit together two things I've come to love!

Fast forward 21 years later. My AWESOME son was born. As soon as I held him, I knew that I wanted him to be a KISS fan too, but I wanted him to come into it on his own with a little bit of pushing him in the right direction.

Well, now the story gets sad. Atom has what's called a congenital heart defect which threatens his life. This July he had to have emergency open heart surgery. The doctor told me that he had a 20% chance to live due to complications during surgery. My world was falling apart!

When they put him in his hospital room, I made it a point to play KISS videos non-stop so he could hear his favorite band! Well, he made a turn-around and woke up 14 days later. I feel that KISS pulled him though! When he first opened his eyes, he said to me, "Dad, will you take me to see KISS?" I made a promise that day that we would go see the hottest band in the land. He found that you were going to be in Pittsburgh on my 40th birthday and we got tickets.

We drove 197 miles in really bad weather, but the show was well worth the drive! We painted our faces and sang along with every song. And before you knew it, it was over! But, I felt that the night will last forever in our hearts and minds! And when Paul rapped that KISS was there for the parents and will be there for the kids too... I must admit I was moved to tears. That's the tone I wanted him to walk out of the arena with...and he did!

Thanks for being there for us! We will follow you to the ends of time!

Scott & Atom Hasson