May 04, 2010

The Fans Speak! Check out these comments from the KISS Army on YouTube... the fans tell it like it is...And like it was!

Wyldecard62 - Wasn't just a gig, it was a complete experience. There are vids on here from their City Hall show on 29 Sept 88, I was at that show too, and they may be 22 years older but they are as tight musically as ever. Simply the best show for a looong time...

rich7579 - Was never a huge Kiss fan.......UNTIL LAST NIGHT! Best gig I've ever been to by any band. Absolutely outstanding.

jamieworldhero @BlackDiamond351 - Ya, considering how well their perfoming now, they will last a long time.

PlasterCaster94 - I was there! Seen them twice before and it was definitely the best I've seen them! Seeing them again on the 5th in Birmingham. I lost my voice too! Hahaha

wayneschlaegal @mibon1984 - They were brilliant, I liked the joint drum/guitar solo with Tommy and Eric.

kissdrumr - Kiss continues to rule 37 yrs & still kicking ass!!!!!!!!!

gafferphone - what a great evening.... will be with me forever an ever! I'm 13 which makes it even more speacial

BeccaBasilisk - I was there man! T'was the most amazing of night of my life without a shadow of a doubt!

spacedmadman - omg I was there and it was amazing!

dezzerr - I went to this :D i was stood right at the front against the barrier. it was incredible!

DICKENS81 - Great show loved the way they mixed wont get fooled again into the set we wont see the like in the steel city for some time to come

DanceNation1 - Good to see this again. It was an amazing show last night in Sheffield! Incredible.

deni222 - Was there last night, that was one hell of a show kiss rocked the arena!

nashk8o - People can say what they want about it NOT being Ace and Peter, but PLEASE!!! Thayer does a magnificent homage to Ace! Sonic Boom is the Album that SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED Alive 2!! KISS STILL DELIVERS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! Cheers to Thayer and Singer!

lilawesomerocker - That was amazing! I cant believe at the end when they walked off to the dressing rooms I managed to wave at Gene - he waved back :D best concert ever!

mrdjotter91 - went last night and it was the best thing i have ever seen

xNEONAMPHAROSx - absolutely amazing show best I've ever seen caught one of Stanley's pics :D

mockery28 - I was there - fantastic. Going to see them in London next week

ohsanjay - It was the best show I've seen so much going on I hope they come back to Newcastle

biggingergit - BEST gig in Newcastle for years!! AWESOME !!!

Vincent6556 - What a show they put on like. KISS ARMY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lufcjohn88 - I was nearly toast last night, was a F**KING awesome night, can't wait till Glasgow

danzaman123 Amazing performance and Gene is awesome.

elheadless - They were awesome, BEST CONCERT EVER! Still can't hear properly and it's Sunday night.
Ellis (Sheffield)

RCM3871 - He is singing it here more like the original version from 1979. Sounds very cool ! KISS are on fire at the moment !!!

jakemyers2 - I was at this they were brilliant!

metalmickey07 - Kiss NEVER disappoint, this time it looks like they EXCELLED themselves!Roll in Manchester on the 10th!