May 04, 2010
Thanks to the KISS Army UK for these great letters about KISS' Sheffield and Newcastle shows. Keep them coming! We love to hear what you think.

Subject: The greatest night of my life
From: Sarah, Northumberland on 05/03/2010

Just wanted to say thank you a million times over for the best night I've ever had last night in Newcastle. It was soooo worth the wait of 21 years - I cried tears of happiness and my ears are still ringing with the sound of the greatest songs ever! Please come back again soon I'd give anything to see you again! Even my other half who I dragged along was wanting to see you again. Now he believes what I have believed all my life - we wanted the best & we damn sure got the best!! xxxx

Subject: We wanted the best, we got the best, we got the hottest band in the world...KISS!
From: Liam on 05/02/2010

Just thought I'd say that you were totally awesome tonight at the metro radio arena. the best night of my life...until I see you again. hope you come back soon...NEWCASTLE LOVES YOU KISS

Subject: Sheffield Blown Apart
From: Richard Corry on 05/03/2010

Just like to say I've been a Kiss fan for nearly 20 years and the gig at sheffield was my fifth or sixth time of seeing them, This was the first time of the Eric and Tommy line up, I've never seen anything like it in all of my life, Best line up, best show, best everything, Still speechless, Roll on Birmingham And Manchester. Richard Corry

Subject: Newcastle show
From: Andrew Halliday on 05/02/2010

This was my first time seeing KISS and I admit I'm a rather new fan. One of my friends who started the same college course as me (music) is a huuuuuge fan and has gotten me into your music. We've covered some of your songs at college too! I really enjoy your music and tonight's show, I was blown away. The music, the performance, the energy. Wow, you truly have delivered the best show I've ever seen and I've been to a good few gigs for someone as young as I am, well young to you I'm 20. I've seen Iron Maiden, Heaven and Hell, Saxon, Wishbone Ash, Scorpions, UFO, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Metallica and Motorhead within the last 5 years and you guys, wow. It takes a lot for me to say this but you have shown me the best show I've ever seen and I would really like to thank all of you for your music, influence and tonight's show. I hope to continue rocking and I hope you do too. I can't wait til you return here!

Subject: Josh meets the Kiss army!
From: Jonathan Carlin on 05/03/2010

Thanks KISS for making memories! This is a photo of my nephew Josh, turning 5 this month and seeing his first show in Newcastle (02.05.2010). Loved every minute... He now wants to know when your gonna be back so he can do it all over again? Thanks again for the great night. Jonathan

Subject: Sheffield Arena
From: Bret Hughes on 05/03/2010

I waited my whole life to see KISS, and on 1st May in Sheffield my dream came true. You guys are my heroes, and you exceeded my expectations, you were absolutely amazing! When the curtain came down, that was the best feeling in the world. The effects, fireworks etc were spot on, especially Tommy's rockets! The set list was perfect, especially with the inclusion of 'Let Me Go Rock and Roll', and the show BLEW ME AWAY! What made the gig the stuff of dreams was I was RIGHT AT THE FRONT, leaning on the barriers, on Gene's side, and he pointed at me. It really made my night when he did, knowing I was so close to my heroes. I need to see you guys again, the show was unbelievable, I am lost for words on how to describe it. It'd make my day again if you published this on the web site! KISS YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! From one of your biggest fans, Bret Hughes

Subject: Newcastle Arena 2nd May
From: Susan on 05/03/2010

Thanks for an amazing gig at Newcastle! It was great to see the full show after years of trying to squash the BIG Kiss experience into the tiny City Hall. Don't leave it so long to come back again - please! P.S. You're right to be proud of Sonic Boom - best album for years!

Subject: Newcastle Concert
From: Harry Grigg. on 05/03/2010

That was the first time I've been to see you guys perform and it was the best night of my life. It is something I'll remember forever. I cant wait until you next come here! Keep up the great work, Harry Grigg,Newcastle.

Subject: 30 years of Kiss!
From: David Teague on 05/03/2010

Hi guys, This is my family and me at the Sheffield Arena on the first night of the Sonic Boom tour, and what a night! I first saw Kiss at Stafford Bingley Hall in 1980 when I was 17; 30 years later I finally got the chance to bring my family with me - my youngest daughter is herself now 17 - and so the circle is complete. Could a father be any more proud? We had a great time, loads of people asked us for photographs, and as always, Kiss put on an amazing show. Thanks for everything guys, we love you! David

Subject: My 4 year old son at Sheffield
From: Gavin Smith on 05/03/2010

Hi Guys, I just wanted to say thanks for the best concert that my family has ever been to, and for making my 4 year old son a celebrity for the night. My boy Tommy is a huge Kiss fan, and happily sings along to all your biggest hits, and has almost nailed all of the words to the Sonic Boom album. We all had a fantastic time the other night, and Tommy (who had a full Gene costume on) must have had his photograph taken by everyone we met. He loved the attention, and more importantly loved your show, which he hasn't stopped talking about yet. I think he spent his next ten years worth of allowance at the merchandise stand. The attached pic is of Tommy and my wife in full make up. Thanks once again, and please hurry back. Cheers Gav

Subject: Sonic Boom hits Newcastle
From: Stephen Jerrome on 05/03/2010

Hi there, Just wanted to thank Kiss for their amazing show in Newcastle. It was a spectacular event even for Kiss & what made it more special was that my two nieces Cerys (aged 11) & Kirsten (aged 10) got to attend their first ever concert. This was topped off when Doc McGhee came over and handed them Paul and Tommy's guitar picks. It is awesome to know that a band with one of the biggest fan bases in the world still looks out for it's younger fans. I know they will never forget the night they went to see Kiss. I would like to thank everyone in the Kiss crew who worked so hard to make this amazing show happen & especially Doc who made a special night for two new Kiss Army recruits even more memorable. I hope Kiss won't delay in heading back to Newcastle sometime in the near future. Stephen

Subject: may 2nd
From: kyle age 4yrs on 05/03/2010

Just like to say I and my 4 yr old son Kyle went to see you at Newcastle on the 2nd of May and the show was just out of this world my son loved every minute of it .lots of the kiss fans were asking to have a photo taken with my son who was dressed up like gene the little guy loved it being a little rock star for the night. A big thank you from me and the little rock star Kyle age 4

Subject: Sheffield UK
From: Christine on 05/03/2010

"You're sitting in your seat, then you stand and clutch your breast.... our music drives you wild, along with the rest". It doesn't matter that you didn't do Great Expectations or Strutter. Guys, thank you SSOOO much for Saturday night - opening night of your Sonic Boom tour on 1st May at Sheffield Arena. WOT a night! I've waited 33 years for this and managed to get premier seats NEXT to the stage - unbelievable! Got cracking pics of Paul - who I've adored since I was 14, way back in '77 - and Tommy but was so stunned when Gene came to the edge of the stage, making very rude suggestions with that incredible tongue, I just stood there smiling, because I could not believe it was me he was looking at - I was close enough to see his eyes. And now I'm kicking myself because neither me or husband filmed you. What a prize idiot. Gene Simmons, THE man, THE God of rock, comes to town with his band, the one and only KISS who are idolized by millions of fans worldwide, and I don't take a pic of you looking at me. I will never live this down. But I do have a plec. that Paul threw and my husband caught. And chuffed to bits that I've got these mint pics of Tommy posing for us as well. Sonic Boom? Freakin' AWESOME! luv 2 u all and very best wishes, Christine (not 16 any more!)

Subject: KISS Sheffield
From: Michelle Millington on 05/03/2010

Hi Kiss, Sheffield was fantastic! Thought I'd send in this photo for your gallery...see you in Birmingham and Wembley!!! Michelle, Rob, Mark and Kathryn Millington

Subject: KISS picks with Sheffield printed on them
From: Craig King on 05/03/2010

Hi, I was at the opening night of the European tour on Saturday night in Sheffield. I've seen KISS several times in the last 30 years and I can honestly say you've never been better. The merchandise selection was extensive however I noticed the guitar picks with 'Sheffield' printed on them that were on the mic stands were not for sale. Is there any chance of these being made available either as a set from the UK venues or separately as individual items to buy as I would love one from my home city? Cheers Craig.

Subject: Kiss: sheffield 1st May 2010
From: Andy Hill on 05/03/2010

Dear Kiss, It seems third time lucky....seen Kiss in 84/92 but Saturday night was by far the most amazing experience of a gig I have ever seen. The music, the spectacle, the full Kiss arena stage set! I am still buzzing, thanks very much to Kiss!