May 06, 2010
The Fans Speak! Check out these great comments from the KISS Army... the fans tell it like it is...And like it was!

Thanks to the KISS Army UK for these great letters! Keep them coming! We love to hear what you think.

Subject: THANKS
From: David on 05/05/2010

Hi Kiss I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the amazing show you put on in the NEC Birmingham. Simply fantastic, Download 2008 was amazing but this was by far the best gig I've ever been too. Its convinced me to go the Manchester concert on the 10th. I cant wait to see the show again, loved both Eric & Tommy the bazooka Eric was packing genius. Cya @ Manchester guys

From: GREEK KISS ARMY on 05/05/2010 The Greek KISS Army was in the UK for many of the KISS shows... we were there in BIRMINGHAM!!! KISS has invaded Europe for sure. If someone thinks that he has seen KISS before... he must consider that thought again. KISS is reborn!!! Enjoy the video from the first song and the opening

Subject: AWESOME!!!!!
From: Rix Speed on 05/05/2010

Guys and Demon just watched u at Birmingham UK May 5th and the show was absolutely 110% awesome thanks for your supreme talent. we wanted the best and we got the best. Please don't leave it so long till you come back.

Subject: Birmingham Show
From: Louise Danks on 05/05/2010

Hey All. Thank you so much !! Just got back from the Birmingham show this was the first concert I have ever been too and what a show. You are all awesome in fact I think I will say that you are all the kings of awesomeness. From the pyros to the music it was all done so well. You all look as good as ever and can still work the stage sooooo well I do hope you do another Europe tour so that I can relive the amazing experience. Thank you KISS for giving me one of the most amazing experiences of my LIFE!!!!! I love you all. xx Louise xx P.S. Paul Stanley you are awesome I love you !!!!
I LUV U !!

Subject: My daughter's first ever gig!
From: Neil Priddey on 05/04/2010

Thank you KISS for a wonderful 1st night of your UK tour! I brought my 11 year old daughter to her first ever gig. Georgia has been a KISS fan for quite a few years and this show was one of her 11th birthday presents. Thank you for making it a wonderful show for her, myself and my partner, Lisa. I cannot begin to tell you how excited Georgia was during the day, but when you guys hit the stage, she was hysterical with joy! She was actually crying with happiness during the first few songs. You played all her favourites and made it an awesome first ever rock concert. I don't think she will ever see anything better! Needless to say, she hasn't stopped wearing her KISS t-shirt I bought at the gig. Thanks again, you guys are AWESOME!!! Cheers, Neil.

Subject: A Childs Dream Come True
From: Gavin Smith on 05/04/2010

A huge thank you for putting my son Tommy's picture on the front page of your website, he was so excited to see himself in the middle of the page. I've attached another pic of him in full make up, doing his "Demon" face, before we set off for the concert. Once again, thanks for an awesome night, Tommy will still be talking about this when he is my age, and is thoroughly convinced that Kiss are now his friends. You guys have replaced Batman and Superman as his heroes.

Subject: Sonic Booming in Shiny Sheff
From: Scott on 05/05/2010

Hi there KISS, We came to see y'all at Sheffield on Saturday and it was by far the greatest gig of my life. Me and my little brother got my other brother (who wasn't a fan of the band) the ticket for his birthday and we are pleased to say we converted him. He was as blown away as we were. My little sister and her partner came too. As you can see we got dressed to kill at my mum's house before we set off and are pleased we did because we kept popping up on your massive video screens. It was an awesome setlist with one great surprises so I'm coming again to see you at Manchester with my partner because it was so bloody good it would be a sin to miss. Worth every penny spent. Don't leave it so long next time. Long live KISS - thanks for a truly unforgettable night Scott x

Subject: Sheffield Arena
From: Richard Arnold on 05/04/2010

Just wanted to say that this was my first Kiss concert experience. I had quite high expectations (which I don't usually go to a concert with, just in case) and every one was met, and more. This was an awesome concert, and a fantastic experience. For any of the pretender bands out there, Kiss showed what a real rock 'n' roll show is all about. Easily the best way to spend a Saturday night. Thanks guys.

Subject: Sheffield 1/5/10
From: Shaz, Tasha,Elliott on 05/04/2010

Hi Guys just to say thanks for a fantastic nite at Sheffield Arena on Saturday 1st May 2010 on your opening Tour. My daughter and nephew thought it was fantastic. good luck with rest of your tour. Can't wait for next one BRILLIANT.

From: Paul Pearson on 05/05/2010

I would like to thank KISS for their great show last night in Liverpool! It was the best concert I've been to and KISS still remain the best live band ever they put on one hell of a show!

Subject: A massive THANKYOU!
From: Marie Brown on 05/05/2010

I came to see you at Sheffield on the 1st of may with my dad,step mum and brother and was absolutely blown away .I have grew up with your music and I was overwhelmed and amazed when you made that unforgettable entrance and made the experience that night so amazing! This was the first time I have seen you and hope one day I will come and see you again the ticket was a present from my dad and the best present ever. I wanted to say Thank you so so much for making that night one to always remember! Thanks again. love Marie xxx

Subject: KISS Liverpool - Thanks for a Great Meet and Greet
From: Richard and Ella Burnett on 05/05/2010

Just wanted to say thanks to KISS and Doc McGhee for an amazing experience at Liverpool. It was a really special night as my daughter Ella got to see her first concert at the age of 9 and meet the band as well, something I could only have dreamed of when I first saw KISS in 1980 at Deeside. The show was an awesome spectacle and I can't wait to do it all again in Manchester on Monday! Keep on Rocking! Richard

Subject: Sonic Boom concert at Sheffield
From: Irene on 05/05/2010

Fantastic concert on May 1st - first time been to see KISS concert - truly amazing performance - To be honest I've not been a KISS fan for long (only since Gene appeared on British TV in Rock School)and then I was hooked - I bought all your albums and lots of films and realized what a fantastic rock group you are. The gig was fantastic - still warm from the fire displays! - KISS are such professional musicians and play awesome live. Please, please, please play Sheffield again SOON!!!! Lots of luv from Irene x x x x

Subject: sheffield 2010
From: fletch on 05/05/2010

just a line to say thanks for the best show I've ever seen you guys play. caught you live first back in 83 and a few times since but this was by far the best show I've ever seen. my sister is immigrating and this was her going away present to the family, thanks for making it special.

Subject: Liverpool Wanted The Best.. Liverpool Got The Best!!!
From: Jen Mearns on 05/04/2010

Just got home from an absolutely amazing gig in Liverpool!! We queued for 7 hours to make sure that we got front row and it was so worth it. From the moment the show started the whole arena was rocking and it was amazing to be so close to the guys. We didn't think that anything would be better than the Islington gig but really, I have never had so much fun in my life. We took the same KISS ARMY UK banner that we took to Islington and threw it on the stage - here is a picture of Tommy and Paul holding it up which was amazing!!!!!! Hope you had a great time in Liverpool and hope to see you there again soon. Thank you for the best show ever, can't wait for Birmingham tomorrow. - Jen!

Subject: Liverpool 4th May 2010
From: Keith and Sue Smith on 05/04/2010

Just like to say thanks to all, one of the best concerts I have seen for a long time. KISS they are the ultimate performers and know how to put on a show, and most of all my wife enjoyed it too ! Regards, Keith and Sue ( Liverpool)

Subject: rocked and boomed Newcastle
From: Andy Fordham on 05/04/2010

30 years in the waiting. At long last I finally got to see, experience and live the dream and see the hottest show in the world (A KISS CONCERT). I have been in the British Army for many years but I have been in the KISS ARMY all my life, and will be till the day I die. For 30 years I never seemed to time it right to see KISS I was always on tours or out the country but that all changed on Sunday night in Newcastle. My dream and life time ambition came true, I can now say I was there. KISS I can't thank you enough for making that night so amazing I'm struggling to put into words how I feel and felt. the show just blew my away,From the first drum beat from Modern Day Delilah to that final power A chord of Rock and Roll All Nite I was captured. The stage show was out of this world, Paul Stanley just controlled, directed and had the audience eating out the palm of his hand. Gene Simmons dominated the stage ensuring nobody was missed, the guitar, singing and production enthralled everybody there, but for me I'll remember that night for the rest of my life. Make no doubt, all four members of KISS just played and made the best show anybody will ever see, and all I can say with a humble heart is THANK YOU KISS

Subject: Kiss at Sheffield!
From: Richard Booth on 05/04/2010

Fantastic show as always and the band seem to be tighter on stage than ever! Can't wait for the rest of the shows on this UK run! Brilliant!