May 07, 2010
Check out these great fan reviews from KISS' Birmingham show.


36 years down the line and KISS produce their umpteenth killer show.
One of life's great certainties is that they always give 100% to please the Kiss Army. A great set-list, great staging and a great performance always equals a great show.

Absolutely stunning, as expected.
We wanted the best..and we got the best... the hottest band in the world...



I've been lucky enough to see Kiss on a couple of occasions but let me tell you last night at the LG was not only better than the others but will go down as one of the best gigs I've seen in the last 28 years, A great set full of special effects performed by the ultimate showmen.

Thank you Kiss

Steve & Jay

AWESOME! That's the only word to describe the Kiss Experience. Not so much a concert, more of an event. I've seen them live before at the Monsters of Rock bash but without the full theatre, make-up and stage show. So what better way to introduce my partner to Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric, and the full-on, in-your-face spectacle we saw last night.

A 130 minute adrenaline rush, covering new material and classics in equal measure. The pyrotechnics were scarily superb, the stage show dazzling and the stunts amazing for a couple of 58/60 year-olds, Gene's party piece gore fest from 60 feet in the air being the highlight.

I also have to hold my hand up and say I was wrong. When Peter and Ace left, I thought Kiss would struggle to replace them. I WAS SO WRONG! Tommy's guitar work leaves Ace trailing with some diehards around us referring to Ace Who! And Eric's drum work was impeccable, although being a short guy, the crew might think to lower his high-hats for future gigs LOL!

All in all, the most spectacular concert I've ever seen with music to match. And thatís high praise indeed, coming from a self-confessed NEC hater!!!


Can't agree more with the previous comments - I've seen Kiss twice before many years ago and this show was the BEST took my 2 kids(aged 7 and 9)along to this their 1st concert - I figured they may as well experience the best! and Kiss delivered in shed loads - especially with Paul in touching distance during I Was Made for Loving You.

We're all massive KISS fans, we love the new album as well as the old stuff so the set list did not disappoint (I would have liked them to play Strutter but I can't complain)

We all went home very happy indeed and can't wait to see them again!

Phil Lawrence

I was not a Kiss fan but was invited to the LG at the last minute to see what all the fuss was about. I left the Arena truly converted with only one thing to say "Awesome". Paul Stanley really played the crowd and they had almost as many fireworks as Weston Park on bonfire night . The Finale was probably the the best I have ever witnessed.

This one will be hard act to top.


I wasn't a massive Kiss fan before last night, just a band I'd always wanted to see. Now I'm a BIG Kiss fan - perhaps the best live band I've ever seen.

The intro as the band were lowered into the stage was amazing, but even that was outdone by the finale - if you left early to beat the rush, you're a chump because I'd have happily sat in the car park for twice as long to see that.

Now I'm booking tickets for the Wimble show - absolutely superb!


WOW !!!!!!! Took the wife who as many 26 yr old females who have never had a penchant for rock tend to watch Boy zone. After last night she is now a member of KISS ARMY, stood right at the front amongst all the animals, she had a fantastic night and introduction to KISS.

Has to be the best gig I have ever watched, loved KISS for over 30 years and I thank you Paul, Gene, Tommy & Eric for coming back to the Midlands to give us more of what we love.

I wanted the best last night and well and truly got it :)



I have never seen Kiss before, but last night's concert at the NEC was truly amazing! The stage and pyrotechnics were awesome. I would definitely recommend anyone to go and see them wether they are fans or not, they will not be disappointed. Real showmen. The old glam rockers certainly still ROCK!!!!


Paid a thundered £ each for two tickets to last night, and drove down from Leeds and Manchester respectively. worth it, all the way. no words can describe just how much energy, hum our, vigor and fun went into Kiss' performance. again, any day!


I cant believe I have waited so long before seeing Kiss. It really upsets me at what I have missed. Having said that, last night just blew me away. It was everything I could of expected and a whole lot more, from the opening bars of Modern Day Delilah to the final notes of Rock & Roll All Nite it was over two hours of pure magic. I feel proud to have seen one of Rock & Rolls greatest ever live acts, as my son said "Its more than just a performance, its a life experience".

John and Scott Barnes

Only one word AWESOME

Rock n Wolves

First saw them in 1980 at Bingley Hall and that was an amazing show, seen them a further 5 times but this show was out of this world!
This was the "Premier League" of shows and the pyrotechnics,staging,performance just cant be beaten.
After seeing hundreds of different bands over the years, the announcer was right when he said You wanted the best you got the best. They are the best band in the world....